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  1. I thought this was known already in the shows thread of last year. I contacted Greg via email after the show telling of my disappointment with his implementation of new drivers. He told me that everybody else was happy and the show was a success. OK, then.............a week later he contacts me and said that his brand new amps at the show were not biased properly. This explained to me why the bass was terrible and boomy although one has to ask, why use brand new not run in equipment in such an environment.
  2. Please elaborate, are you saying you would never buy a Yamaha again or a refurbished amp again?
  3. The amp has the same specs as the 3000 and weighs 200g more. For that you are expected to pay an extra 1K, am I missing something here? I read the review and took away the belief that the amp is so so in SQ terms. The reviewer was most diplomatic in his choice of words. I do love the look though and the lack of 'extras', an amp and only an amp.
  4. I had been very critical of his sound this year from his show offerings in this thread to the point were I contacted him over email there after. He responded that many people were very happy with his speakers and made it vocal to him. He concluded that the show was very positive and a complete success for the brand. I had put it down to the new drivers and the crossovers needing further work. One week down the track and he emails me telling that he discovered his AM amp had the wrong bias setting and this was the cause (possibly) for my disappointment. I was happy that the error had been found and that the speakers are not the issue.
  5. Not angry merely dissatisfied. One always compares the current meal at a restaurant with the last time visited, in the past we dined at the Steakhouse66, this time around I feel like I went to Maccas. Hoping next year's dinner will be superior.
  6. Are you seriously suggesting that this year's show was on par with last year(s). You say you had the most exhibitors so far although as we know not all exhibitors are equal. There are quite a few people here (that posted) that are disagreeing with you and what's wrong with expecting more of the same as a base line every year?
  7. I was planning on getting the AS3000 with black piano sides although this model is not available in Australia.
  8. I found this show rather lackluster this year, very disappointing. I was in and out in under 3 hours. This has never happened before to me. I guess you can put it down to the economic times (I fear for next years fare). Some small observations: All the rooms should be ready at the bell no tuning going on up until Saturday and beyond. I always arrive on Friday @ 12.00 and expect everything finalised. This could not be their fault due to entry time limitations placed by the organiser. The Carlton Audio room was displaying the very desirable Yamaha M5000 setup. The owner of said outfit should learn not to insult when talking to people and also be less brash. He made a comment regarding if you don't understand something then you need to go to JB hifi. The Yamaha's are built very well are are very beautiful in person. VAF should have not bothered, displayed very little in that tiny room and some free standers in the Park room. The "Mr speakers" headphone setup and others was superb. The EGM Audio room (Lenehan) was nice, had a pleasant chat with the head man. My favs was the Linn setup in the Lake 1 room which sounded nice although track dependent and the Kii setup was good as well. I found Osborn surprisingly weak this year, I usually spend a lot of time there. He or rather Focal has finally ditched him so this calamity has forced him to replace the midrange on his 3 way setups and the Bass drivers on the mighty Grand Monument. I found the sound on the Monument is now flat and lacked the dynamism of previous models (could have been my appointment of the show which affected my ears). I hope next year will be better and the economy too.
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