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  1. As that by Legacy Recordings or reprise?
  2. Mauro

    New from Melb

    Now leave it like that otherwise your headed down a rabbit warren!!!!
  3. Any info(images) on the transport used by Panasonic. I hope it's something special and not some of the shelf rubbish.
  4. Mauro

    Yamaha RX-A3060 v RX-A3070

    It should also contain a digital tuner from this model.
  5. The Osborns are one speaker you could purchase blind and be very happy with the sound when they arrive.
  6. Went on Friday somewhat early as I prefer to cool down excitement wise and view the surroundings. Nice Hotel, like the internal architecture. My likes in no order. The first surprise was the Melody JBL room. I was amazed at the quality of their product. Super uniform craftsmanship, built to a very top standard indeed and beautiful to look at. The JBL speakers sounded impressive although felt they needed a bit more space width wise, just a tad. The Mega amp 212 Everest was truly colossal in size and I mean colossal. The Avantgarde duo XD’s were very surprising although if the room was more accommodating the sound would follow suite I believe. They were stuffed in the corners of the room nevertheless very exciting and nicely rich in the upper spectrum, my bias. When I found their price to be around 35K I took a step backwards though. The SGR Cx4F MII speakers delighted to no end. Amazing bass and active powered as you know. I enjoyed and appreciated their articulation and superb separation of instruments in the sound. I would seriously consider this speaker when the time comes for me to visit my next purchase. The Osborn room never disappoints as his Grand Monument this time had right of place. Massive scale of sound and as others have pointed out, unbelievable value for money. He has finally been able to 'remove' those ugly focal emblems on the (Grand Monuments') large woofers now. He has spray painted them black and they now look fantastic. When inspected closely they look like Focal logo engravings in the plastic cone. The finish on his speakers are so beautiful and just about perfect. Another speaker to good to pass up considering what you are able to get for the money. Lacquered Sassafras finish for me. Another joy for me was the Mcintosh/Sonus Faber room. I have always liked the Mcintosh gear and have now decided to add it my short list of amplification come purchase time even if it is quite expensive. I'm a sucker for over engineered gear. The Amp and associated gear though needed larger speakers than the Sonus Faber model on hand. Don't get me wrong they sounded wonderful although you could sense the gear had this larger offering and this necessitated a larger speaker. One side note was the opposite room was played a surround sound setup quite loudly and the noise bleed was excessive and annoying. The Jaben audio room was absolutely packed with gear that I had to more on very quickly. You could easily spend an entire day there listening to all those headphones and other gear on offer. Thanks to all for organizing this event and as others have spelled out, we do make some incredible gear here in OZ and have no real need to purchase from that mythical greener pasture that's not any greener than on our patch. My only regret was not seeing the Line Magnetic range of amps. I read here that they where to make a show alas no presence. Hopefully next year.
  7. Don't be fooled. This guy is simply replacing some door.
  8. Mauro

    2017 Bigger and Better

    Line Magnetic will be there...........finally I get to see(and hear) these amps..Thank you.
  9. Mauro

    2016 Melb AV Show

    I took it as Redgum when I made my post. They should stick to making those very good amps. Their speakers sounded very ordinary and certainly not high end IMO. The A2A room is where I could have stayed in easily for half a day. Headphone gear has evolved tremendously over the last few short years and once was thought that if you spent say 1K on headphones and amp, this would equate to say 10K in a floor-stander setup. That now still stands although Sony for example will shortly be selling their TOTL DAP. the 1Z in Oz for over 4k!
  10. Mauro

    2016 Melb AV Show

    Was this today or yesterday because when I was there a gentleman who was an old version of the chap you mentioned kept coming back with his wife playing track after track.
  11. Mauro

    2016 Melb AV Show

    "There were the Osborne, Klipsch, Ecilipse, Whatmore, Redgum, Vivid, AND those ultra expensive B&Os that I would rate as good rather than exceptional! Nothing wrong with them, would not even call them average, thought they were much better than average in their way, its just that they were not fantastically great!!! Yes, you are right about the Krix. They certainly were big room speakers (and my own listen room is very small rather than big), but they come from a movie theatre heritage. I had a really good chat to one of the Krix guys and this is their first step in making stereo horns. I reckon that this was a good first step! I am an electrostatic guy rather than a horn guy, but I think I know a good mid range when I hear it!! These Krix horns are something to keep an eye on. Wonder if they will have prototype number two at Marcs show next year!!!??? Glad to hear that others are agreeing with me regarding those speakers from the amp maker!! Bruce" Regarding the amp makers speakers, I walked in and immediately lost interest in what I was hearing. I didn't want to appear rude so I sat there for two minutes then left. The vivid room had some problem with their setup so I decided to call back and when I did they were still at it so I left and never returned. Ah well. To each their own, although I still fail to understand what people see in the Whatmore speaker on show. I've read fantastic reviews over time and to me at least it was a let down. Very average and certainly not worth the asking price. I'm sure Krix will release a smaller 'Home friendly' horn version when done.
  12. Mauro

    2016 Melb AV Show

    Hello Bruce, Agree with most of what you said except: The krix horns as you said were very good although as pointed out by someone else, the sound is just too big for the average living room which removes about 99+% of people. If your situation is different then Kudos to you. Yes the attitudes of most of the people manning the rooms was very pleasant and delightful. Very helpful in answering questions to the fullest. The German physics room was also very good although at that price I'll pass (too expensive). The show person there kept talking about the film Interstellar with some friend of his who sat behind me and it was very annoying so I left. "Was hugely disappointed with the speakers the the famous amp company now makes. Underwhelming might be the word I might use!" I agree 100% with this statement. What did you think of the Osborn setup, I'll be interested in your thoughts.
  13. Mauro

    2016 Melb AV Show

    Hello Luc, At this early stage I'm considering the Consonance Cyber 880i to power them or this: http://www.stereophile.com/content/line-magnetic-audio-lm-518ia-integrated-amplifier Another point is, if the Grand Monuments are worth the extra 10K over the Epitomes. Your thoughts.............
  14. Mauro

    2016 Melb AV Show

    I really enjoyed the Epitomes, for me the best sound at the show. I went back twice to hear some more. His taste in music is unique though, I regret not bringing in my own. I did want to hear the grand monuments raw away, they where absent this time around, pity. Greg did invite me to his house to hear them as he does. The sound was dynamic, large and when that bass hit, OMG. I think I will get a set of these although have not made up my mind between the Epitomes or Monuments. His wife told me there is no comparison. I think I will visit Greg at his home and decide for myself. I also heard the Yamaha NS 5000 and there is no frigging way I would pay their 20K asking price, not even 5K, sorry. The show to some extent was a let down, as others have said, no Ferraris or very few to be seen or heard. It seems to get smaller and smaller each time around. I did enjoy the headphone/DAP area, lot's of good gear to try out. To me the stand out was as said the Osborn room, fantastic.