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  1. If you intend to keep the car for nearly 20 years again I would go for the Camry, because i have a friend who owns 2 including a hybrid and he intends to keep both for 20 years and have possible 500k (like his previous cars) on each and knowing how tight he is with money he makes sure that his cars last and how much they will cost over that period. The Mazda i have had two 3 series and a CX7 in the past and currently have a BT50, can’t fault any of them.But never kept them more than 4 years and high 100k. Subaru i see is just plane quirky but never owned one. Wife currently has a Nissan X Trail which is 3 and half years old and just over 100k with no problems and would highly recommend it.Having owned 4 different Nissans with not one problem.
  2. Living in a small town 3 half hours drive from Melbourne I just checked my NBN speed download 94.77mbps upload 36.66mbps. I was quit surprised when we got the NBN to were i live,I could have just excepted that i would not get it. I would rather monies be spent on our roads the condition of some is just not up to scratch by a long way. If NBN is really that important for some people then they should look at or move to an area were the speed is at a level that meets their needs. People all ready move to be closer to better health facilitys. The NBN is for all of Australia not just individuals needs, so like most things the best will generally in the more populated areas.
  3. Big Picture Fountain Gate have N7 in one of their rooms.
  4. Thanks for the above, like a lot of things in life you all ways hear the negative and never the positive.
  5. I am interested to know if any one has purchased a JVC N5 or N7 and not having any problems with theme. I am considering purchasing a new projector to replace my 9 year JVC HD550.The 550 has an purple band down the left side about 6 inches wide so after putting up with this for over a year it is time to replace it. I am also considering Sony 570 but JVC would be my first choice.
  6. I had heard there is a Centurion in Swifts Creek.
  7. Cold Chiseal Jimmy Barnes U2 Pink Floyd Any Reggae music Dire Straits
  8. Had 2 Weeks in London So visited Brooklands Museum in Weybridge a great day out.
  9. My wife has iPhone 6+ and I have an iPad both are nearly 3 years old and work with no problems what so ever. About 2 years ago my son dropped his nearly 2 year old iPad and damaged the screen so it could not be used.We went into a Apple shop to see what could be done and, the very helpful staff member took it out the back to have a look and then returned to say no problems were swap it for the latest new version I only have good things to say about Apple customer service.
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