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  1. I had heard there is a Centurion in Swifts Creek.
  2. Cold Chiseal Jimmy Barnes U2 Pink Floyd Any Reggae music Dire Straits
  3. Had 2 Weeks in London So visited Brooklands Museum in Weybridge a great day out.
  4. My wife has iPhone 6+ and I have an iPad both are nearly 3 years old and work with no problems what so ever. About 2 years ago my son dropped his nearly 2 year old iPad and damaged the screen so it could not be used.We went into a Apple shop to see what could be done and, the very helpful staff member took it out the back to have a look and then returned to say no problems were swap it for the latest new version I only have good things to say about Apple customer service.
  5. Lake King part of the Gippsland Lakes on a rescue boat for the International Cadet National Regatta.A fantastic day to be part off this event.
  6. kevanp

    Sydney to Hobart

    Comanche is now Australian owned and crewed. There was no need for Wild Oats to do such a monover especialy in a long distance race and WO had boat speed on Comanche in the Harbour. Lot of speculation about right or wrong,so just wait and see what the jury decide.
  7. I checked speed several times last night between about 6pm and 9pm always a good result. I use Telstra for all my phones and internet,they are the only provides that give good coverage for mobiles in country areas.
  8. Fibre to node then about 100m of copper to house.
  9. Had NBN connected to day,so just got home and connected new box thing easy done did speed test. Download 94.07mbps Upload 37.67mbps Should i be happy?
  10. I get connected to the NBN next Monday so will be interesting how it all pans out.But i am amazed that in the small holiday/retirement village i live in that the cost can be justfied.
  11. Hi I will look into this,may take a couple of days.
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