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  1. Probably pay to edit these two posts and remove the personal details before the gear is sold and the thread is locked...
  2. As Dale mentioned, I'm only looking at one. But it's a bit of an impulse buy, so if anyone wants to jump in and grab both, then please do so. I'd rather the OP get the sale he's after. (I'll be paying / picking up next weekend so there's a few days for someone to jump in, if they want...)
  3. G'day Dave, I've got a Harman Kardon AVR 255 boxed up and unused for the last 6 or 7 years. The HDMI out doesn't work as I tripped over the cable running to the TV when I was playing around with equipment positioning. I used a 4x2 matrix switcher which you can also have, if HDMI switching is needed. Both items haven't been used for all this time, so you can have them both for free, just in case they are DOA. Cheers. MM
  4. @Nevyn72 (Hey Pete, I can't remember if you got one of these in the end. I can drop off the box from mine to use for shipping if you want - just send the empty box back please...)
  5. I have a Casio sitting unused, bought from JB Hifi maybe 3 or 4 years ago. Can't remember the model number, but it looks like (and might well be) a CDP-S100. I fly home tomorrow night, so PM me if interested and we'll work something out over the weekend if that's okay.
  6. If you're going DIY, try Spotlight before Clark Rubber.
  7. I remember lugging my Paradigms to your place as part of a comparison between your Marantz / Elektra combo and Lyle's Denon / Elektra combo. My speakers actually spent a few weeks at Lyle's while I was looking for a place to live. I also vaguely recall we'd almost crossed paths previously with a common employer. Normandy rings a bell for some reason... Sounds impressive, but I'm buggered if I can remember important stuff, like birthdays and anniversaries etc. 😂
  8. Hope you get it sorted Felix. Been a long time since we had our speaker shootout in your living room! Your name came up in an email exchange with Lyle from DTV Forum about a year ago. I'll tap him on the shoulder and let him know that you've popped your head up in here.
  9. I’ll assume you’re taking the piss (no offence taken), but for those doubting the simplicity of it: If there is an audible difference between what should otherwise be two identical speakers (which speakers purchased together in a pair should be!!), then you will hear the difference as they are alternated between left and right hand stereo positions. I think this would be easier and clearer than doing a mono A/B comparison. If there is no (discernible) difference out of the box when testing this way, then one can seek to create a difference by burning in only one of the
  10. Buy a set of speakers. Set them up in your room, and optimise their position such that you are happiest with the sound. Listen for an hour or so. Swap the speakers around (not the speaker cables; the actual speakers) ensuring they are in exactly the same position. Confirm it sounds the same (all else being equal, there's a big problem if it doesn't...). Disconnect one speaker. Burn the other one in. Reconnect the speaker. Listen for an hour or so. Swap the speakers around again and listen some more. If the burn in has audib
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