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  1. At least it wasn't so bad that you had to go back to Adelaide! Good to see you're still around.
  2. C'mon Owen, Sydney isn't that bad. There are worse places to live.
  3. Even that's a BS excuse. Just have a provision in the anti-siphoning laws that marquee events must be simulcast on both the highest quality channel, and the most widely available channel. In time, they will become one and the same, and the networks can free up an SD channel for funniest reality arse scratching.
  4. If it's not written into anti-siphoning laws that marquee events on FTA TV must be broadcast live and in high bitrate HD, then it won't happen by the hand of the networks.
  5. Well aware of that. The context of my content was with respect to people worrying about the welfare of horses in the racing industry. Leave the industry as is. Let them race to their hearts content. Just remove the gambling, and let's see who really gives a sh!t about the outcome or the methods.
  6. I was thinking along the same lines. But if people want to go to a casino, play the pokies or buy a lottery ticket, then let them. How about just banning gambling on sporting events instead? It would be interesting to see the remaining interest in the racing industry once gambling was removed. We might not have to worry about horse welfare for very long at all.
  7. Wouldn't have been the first race horse acquired through the proceeds of crime.
  8. Definitely! Was my quaffer of choice a few years back. Went away from it, for no real reason. Must head back to DM for a box or two!
  9. Just finished a bottle (not just now; I'm at work... a couple of weeks ago when I was at home) of the same Lagavulin 16 hiding in the back corner of Jake's pic. Really enjoyed it, although there was a Talisker a couple of bottles before that I preferred. I grabbed a bottle of Sullivan's Cove at the airport last month on the way to Adelaide for my father-in-law's 70th, which was superb. Maybe I'll grab another one for me. There's two bottles at home I could open, but one of them was a gift bribe from a supplier and deserves no mention in this thread, regardless of its blue label. The other is a 1975 Glenmorangie which a mate picked up for me, not realising he was one year out. I have unrealistic hopes that someone born in 1975 has a mate who accidentally bought them a 1974 of something equally nice...
  10. Redford knew how to use Demi (as well)? Or Demi knew how to use the TT (as well)?
  11. Isn't there a tasty pair of Focal Electra 1027be available at the moment? Grab the centre as well, for Justin (Case).
  12. Let's play "what if", Al. Care to elaborate on what the eyes and ears have wandered to?
  13. My 2 channel system is very similar, with gloss black mains paired with an REL off a 2 channel amp. Integration of the REL using the high level input is a pain in the backside, once. But magic once you're happy. I use an anti-static duster (vileda brand) over the speaker enclosures every couple of weeks, and that's about it. A few times a year I might also hit the speakers with a polishing cloth and Mr Sheen, but only after going over with the anti-static duster first.
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