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  1. Item: a stack of magazines as per pictures Location: Kensington WA Price: free Condition: used Reason for selling: having a clean-out *Pick-up only* A bit of a stroll down memory lane, most from the noughties, a few from the nineties. Seems a waste to throw them out so if anyone wants and can pick-up, then all yours.
  2. GSLCR and GSFX now gone, updated to GS60 only - be quick!
  3. Me either, but judging by the quick offers to buy I’m thinking might have priced it a little low! Never mind. Now Sold pending payment. Thanks for the interest.
  4. Item: Monitor Audio GS60 (L&R), GSLCR (centre), GSFX (surround), all Piano Black Location: South Perth Condition: excellent, I’d say 8-9/10 depending how picky you are Price: $4,000 (RRP was $9,100) $2,400 Comes with: original packaging, cleaning and accessory kit, receipts Payment: cash on pickup or bank deposit (must clear first) Postage: local pickup only Reason for selling: too much speaker for my current small lounge room and I want to go in/on wall speakers I am the original and only owner, I purchased the GS60 and LCR from Carlton Audio Visual, the GSFX I bought from a shop in Sydney. These are incredible speakers but don’t take my word for it, check out the many online reviews. The GSFX were only used for around a year before being packed up and put in storage, where they have been for the last 8 years (awaiting a new theatre room that never happened due to kids). The LCR is not currently in use but has been used a bit more than he GSFX. Contact me via PM to arrange a time for a listen and inspection.
  5. Items: Sony SLV-X822AS and Sony SLV-X810 Location: South Perth Price: $25 each Condition: refer photos, I’d say good for the age, but certainly not perfect. Neither have been used in a long time and could no doubt use a service. Reason for selling: haven’t been used in years and am no longer collecting Postage: can do, buyer to cover all costs including packaging. Both are early 90’s vintage and were Sony’s top of the line offerings. I purchased the 822 new (from Brashs Balcatta) and am the only owner, the 810 was purchased new by my brother. Would suit someone wanting to add to their vintage Sony collection.
  6. Item: Sony CDP-101 CD player Location: South Perth Condition: Excellent (its around 34 years old!), everything works Comes with: original remote Payment: cash in pickup, direct deposit or PayPal (buyer to cover fees) Postage: can post, buyer to cover pack and send fees including packaging and to accept transport risk / cover insurance. I do not have the original packaging. Reason for selling: I bought this years ago as a collectors item, took a while to track down a fully operational one in good condition. Have only used it a couple of times in the last 7 or so years I’ve had it, selling as I’m not collecting this sort of stuff anymore. Price: $300 Fun to listen to every now and again and always a talking point with guests. This is a genuine piece of Hi-Fi history!
  7. One more price drop before I give eBay/gumtree a try, now $1700 - a bargain!
  8. Item: PrimaLuna Prologue Premium Integrated Amplifier (KT88) Location: Perth Price: $1700 (RRP $3499) Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: change in set-up Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer covers fees) Extra Info: Here we go, another item destined for my long list of HT/HiFi gear I regret selling... I love this amp, the sound is brilliant and it's damn sexy to look at. But, reality is it never gets used as it no longer suits my current integrated AV/HiFi set-up and listening habits, basically I don't have it wired in via the HT bypass feature as I don't want to waste the valves on TV watching and am too lazy to swap the speaker plugs over for impromptu/casual music streaming. As such, I'm moving back to a solid state integrated. About the unit, I am the original owner and purchased it from challenger hifi in March 15. It comes with the original Prima Luna KT88 and 12AU7 valves, I'd estimate use around 50-100hrs (I think I've used it twice this year). Comes with original box, instructions, remote (never used), gloves and the metal grate/cover. Condition is excellent, no scratches etc. I have noticed a little bit of play/movement in the input knob vs the volume, but am not sure if it supposed to be like that, as it's been like that since I've had it. Function of the dial is not impacted and works fine. Inspection and audition is welcome in South Perth, strongly prefer local buyer due to size, weight and fragile nature. However, would post with buyers full acceptance/awareness of postage risk. Link to stereophile review: http://www.stereophile.com/content/primaluna-prologue-premium-integrated-amplifier#xspbBGesAZc2cvXH.97 Pictures:
  9. hmmm, tempted..... Out of interest (I have the same speakers), what are you replacing it with?
  10. Just had a look at the manual (pages 182 and 28), you certainly can assign the SB channels for bi-amping the fronts, but it doesn't say if that applies to the SB pre-outs too. I'm sure if you ask in the Denon thread someone will know for sure.
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