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  1. Should be more like 1000kg given the size and a 1.6 3 cylinder... I'd want to know where those 'extensive' carbon and alu bits are, or where the lead is:)
  2. I quite like the way it looks, but despite it's power I have a feeling it will be more of a bloated GT type of thing..
  3. Another GTI beater option if this sort of thing is your thing,
  4. Indeed, and the things keep getting heavier and heavier.. I'm with you on the less weight, less power more fun formula...
  5. Also with tyres get wider and stickier, you have to be in license losing territory to have any fun.. I get the SUV thing but don't like them..
  6. Gawd, I absolutely hate this move to SUVs. There's going to be no other option by the look of things the way car companies are withdrawing cars from the market. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/ng-interactive/2019/oct/25/suvs-second-biggest-cause-of-emissions-rise-figures-reveal#:~:text=SUVs were the second largest,emissions from 2010 to 2018&text=No energy sector except power,aluminium)%2C aviation and shipping. Need to tax them like cigarettes...they're bad for everybody's health
  7. Spot on for any sports orientated car, I don't understand why cars keep getting heavier when engines keep getting smaller and more powerful, with more nannies, ..what about less weight, less nannies more engagement more fun ???
  8. subtle enough? unless you’re driving it.. https://www.bmwblog.com/2016/01/22/e61-bmw-m5-touring-one-of-the-best-m-cars-of-all-time/ might be hard getting hold of one but evidently a m3 wagon is in the works
  9. If you're driving it properly the torque dip shouldn't matter keep it on the boil..it's right where it counts i.e flat torque meets power peak The turbo will help in everyday driving though ,
  10. The engines themselves are pretty much bulletproof there's nothing to be concerned about mileage, the bits that break are sometimes labour intensive but not that difficult to do. It could get expensive otherwise..if you're prepared to spin a spanner they're pretty cheap to maintain relatively speaking
  11. It's a slippery slope...but fun
  12. Agree with that, it also seems to carry more speed though the final turns than other cars and clips that middle end cone on the way out,
  13. Old vs New - progress??
  14. + springs and dampers/coilovers these 3 things, and ditching the runflats if you have them.. really transforms the car ime. Worth holding on to, after that's been done doubt there really is anything close OOTB unless you have the funds for an M2, Cayman/Boxter 100k+ is way out of my pocket range too though...
  15. it’s well known all the 1series have a great engine and chassis, but there are a few bits that hold them back - here’s some ideas https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/bmw/1-series/first-drives/birds-bmw-1-series-m140i-2020-uk-review?fbclid=IwAR05sgBEs2EJkLxe6fAMeBFs9hjhD_fD_NTWlu3CwrIGDwRGtGYYuAONkws
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