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  1. And when you get bored of your gti .. this is what to do to make it right
  2. Lovely car but no manual 🤯 french people...
  3. The design is just so good, Ferrari and Aston Martin are influences, look out Euro brands Mazda is looking dangerous...the rev counter takes centre stage, just hope the i6 engine is a good one;
  4. I agree, it's a kids thing but there is something about a sweet NA V8 engine at 8500 rpm...music kinda
  5. Not really, just catering to the masses.. at least they're not a whitegood...yet. Re clubsport S, specially designed for the purpose of doing 1 lap of the berg ring all the same pretty impressive...at least it's manual but good luck getting one of those there's only 400 of them, good luck getting a manual fullstop.. and at the price you might as well get a real 2 seater sports car ...or an awesome 20 year old one; You don’t need to have the latest, greatest, most expensive supercar technology to go fast, even on the Nürburgring. You just need lightness, some willingness to tinker and big ol’ huevos of steel. Let’s ride along with it on the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife, where it laid down a ridiculously quick 7:16.927 lap time.
  6. In your opinion, others beg to differ...
  7. sounds like an upgrade to a v6 Camry is in your future, 0-100 in 5.8 wow..you'll get to Aldi the same time the golf does woohoo remember it's the last lap that counts not the first, when you ask too much of the tyres...
  8. Most of these appliances are computer driven
  9. That golf driver looks like he's pushing a shopping cart around Aldi, unlike this guy
  10. There's only one benefit to FWD it's cheaper to make for the manufacturer, more space inside the cabin, fuel efficiency, the average driver doesn't know the difference anyway, win-win for sales.. If you understand anything about physics you will understand why FWD is suboptimal, not to mention the front wheels doing everything, weight front biased sitting on the front axle etc. Where are you going to need AWD exactly? I'm not convinced its worth the extra weight, complexity and cost, ...as AL mentioned most AWDs aren't AWD's anyway just marketed as such 90% they're FWD, another sales gimmick to sell more cars... Engineer, we can build a fwd car with 300kw, but it will be ugly to drive, sales guy great just make it awd and solve the problem of the wrong wheels been driven in the first place..we'll pitch it as our 'top of the line'..we'll get better 0-100k times that consumer seem to love too;)
  11. Maybe try something a little more sports orientated, you may change your mind.. Toy86, MX5, Supra, Lotus, Porsche, (M)BMW', any sports car really.. They'll be a revelation after a tank... I can see if you're driving fast on dirt roads with slow corners AWD or FWD would be advantageous..or for the average punter taking off from traffic lights, flicking lanes in a torque orientated car AWD, FWD might just be the thing, on the road, Corner entry and corner exit in RWD feeling just can't be beat...anyway you cut it I'd always prefer a sushi knife to a meat cleaver,
  12. Thats why F1 cars are FWD or AWD right?
  13. Hi Hatless, will have to look into courier costs as these are 100L approx cabinets - so heavy I expect..
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