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  1. Rally inspired B road blaster no doubt the Yaris is a ton of fun probably even better on dirt roads- not sure about the full body kit track style ; but probably you want to be better equipped coming back up the hill, with all that body kit going into limp mode won’t be a good look ..shedding 500kg will help but something like this may be better suited for precision hill work,
  2. +1 A powerful amp say 250 w with a big power supply will control the mid/bass driver much better, but if you want to listen to complex music at reasonable levels without compression you'll be better off moving on from standmounts ..
  3. Are you bridging 125ASX2 From my experience a bridged 125 has pretty solid output,
  4. I did contemplate it, If I still had the Yamaha amps I would have them sealed, my current amplification won't cut it. I would go sealed with suitable amplification behind them. Easy enough to plug the ports up and try though.
  5. Went HI-FI initially modelled up the cabinets utilising polygon and hexagon shapes; (no internal bracing needed) due to superior geometry. 3d cutting is doable but then there's the assembly logistics also. Not something you want to attempt without CNC.. Then decided it was going to get a bit expensive and construction without a workshop might be tricky for an unknown outcome, so decided to go Lo-fi in true DIY style!. I don't have access to a workshop so I had to get creative in true DIY spirit with only a jigsaw, orbital sander and trimmer (small router) power tools at hand.
  6. W36xD47xH72cm used phl 1120+raal ribbon could use Audax pr170mo SS tweeter 9500 or Seas excel t29 or similar or other ribbons
  7. all those bloated fridge SUVs should all be getting slugged the 29,070 + weight tax Not sure why they're picking on performance cars, there's not that many of them. you'll be able to pick up a used Megane in France for a packet of peanuts after 2022 then..
  8. Further information: 2x Midbass 12" PHL drivers in cabinets, can extract but prefer to sell with cabinets. Cabinets are 90L tuned to 40hz driver specs below. use up to 800hz. I used them in an active setup so no passive xover in them. https://en.toutlehautparleur.com/media/catalog/product/datasheet/phl/4530-8.pdf One dust cap has a superficial hairline crack see pic. No effect on sound. Cabinets are very well constructed and suitably damped plywood construction. pick up locally or could post drivers if cabinets not wanted. Pick up/
  9. Semi completed my updated 3ways Christmas project from 12 to 15in bass modules -sounding good
  10. http://www.eminencedesigner.com/EDTopic14.html This article helped, as always it's a compromise between a multitude of variables..
  11. Yes, I have specs and working to recommended volume&fs; and can determine port diameter & length, based on the volume and fs Thats all fine, easy. But, there is nothing that specifies the number of ports - this seems to be arbitrary.. given the size of the driver i understand 100mm diameter port is better than a 30mm to minimise port noise. And having (diameter) a big port over multiple small ports to minimise port noise. There's speakers with 15inch drivers that use 1,2 or 3 ports of the same size 100mm, my question is that the number of ports isn't related
  12. I am currently planning my next speaker box build, and trying to decide on number of ports. Its a 15 inch driver (32-350HZ) approx so will be using 10cm diameter ports. Question is, is there any reason why you would use a specific number of ports. E.g you could use 1 port at x length, 2 ports at x length, 3 ports at x length. Given nothing else changes, volumeL, target fs, port diameter (so only port length and number of ports change) - is there any logical reason why you would want to use multiple ports vs a single port? for example if I use 1 port it will be 12cm, 2 po
  13. Fantastic cars but £198k ? true, weight reduction is an expensive business as is hand building with high end parts but if raw intensity is what you're after you just ain't going to get it in todays appliances no matter what the cost..
  14. Looks like it's on it's way.. https://www.caradvice.com.au/902510/2022-subaru-brz-officially-unveiled-australian-launch-confirmed/
  15. Agree the E30 is cool; Well I hope you've got an i6 in there, probably the closest thing you'll get to the smoothness and RPMs of a rotary without being a rotary.. If you haven't check these guys out E30 makes a good track car https://www.brintechcustoms.com.au/conversions
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