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  1. I think the design of the new Mazda 3 is fantastic, interior is very nice too - haven't driven one but guessing they are pretty nice to drive, just make sure the wheels are securely fastened before take-off.. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jul/05/wheels-could-fall-off-safety-fears-prompt-mazda-3-recall-in-australia
  2. I'd recommend going active then you can tweak the sound to what YOU like and you room, spend some money on treating your room too - something most people overlook but as important as the speaker itself
  3. The new ford focus is worth considering, it's good to drive, the engine has character and it handles nicely, roomy inside.
  4. That would have been fun, the Mazda RX2 & RX3 were great, they are expensive to buy now though!
  5. That design is just not good, BMW need a new design direction, their car designs just aren't inspiring The original 1 design is a classic, unique and has character, the N52 engine is a great NA engine also, not sure whats going on with BMW at the moment..
  6. I was going to say - standards...they've slipped
  7. I'm sure you don't miss parking or paying for the petrol .. or floating like an omelette on oil
  8. Thanks @Chemout2 It seems to be a problem on friday and saturday nights for me, will give it a go..drives me nuts
  9. So was/is the original hatchback , I actually think the design is better and less generic than the new ones that all seem to conform and look like everything else. Destined to be a future classic - it's pretty unique and that N/A 3L-i6 is a great engine too ..
  10. I tried these at a sound booth they had promo in the QVB.. they had them running off an iPhone, so not sure how they scale with an amp.. They sounded decent, clean tight bass was the stand out - The sound quality benefited from the dsp more than the drivers imho.. without the dsp profile they sounded pretty ordinary. I really didn't like the iem feeling pressing in my earholes and headphones together and in hotter weather not sure how they would feel being silicon. It just felt weird having things sticking in your ears with headphones on . Perhaps you'd get used to it.. I think the dsp tech is impressive and worked for me - if they could use a single driver in traditional headphone or IEM design i'd consider it, I'm sold on the DSP..
  11. I suspect buying cars will become a thing of the past.. Car ownership is overrated, spending 20-30k on a depreciating liability, let alone 60-90k is ludicrous when you can have any vehicle type you like on demand..., vw get it..they understand that their future lies in vehicle as Operating System and connectivity, not selling units https://www.volkswagenag.com/en/news/stories/2018/04/volkswagen-we-the-digital-ecosystem.html http://www.urban-mobility.io/
  12. What a car but, - how do you keep your license with such a machine ???
  13. Yes what is with that, ?? I roast my own beans too, highly recommend it. Nice machine @rocl444
  14. Tend to agree, perhaps it's worth getting someone to modify the dsp settings before launching into another build. drivers and cabinet are pretty solid.
  15. With a 84db efficient speaker you will need 512watts to get 112 db which is probably 102-106db at listening position - all depends how loud you like to listen,
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