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  1. That's extremely dangerous and irresponsible. Opposite lock will fix it, there's nothing dangerous or irresponsible about that as long as you keep your right foot down!😁
  2. Not for long... But that price difference is going away, and sooner than you think. A Bloomberg analyst reported last week that the "crossover point" at which electric vehicles will become less expensive to buy than gas ones will come in three years, in 2022. A couple of years ago, analysts thought that day wouldn't come until 2026. What's changed since then is battery technology--batteries are getting smaller and less expensive all the time. If that trend continues, the crossover point could come even sooner.
  3. Have to say it would be an interesting experience being driven somewhere , I'd give it a go ... https://venturebeat.com/2019/10/28/waymo-begins-offering-robot-taxi-trips-sans-safety-driver-in-phoenix/?utm_source=Dev+Diner&utm_campaign=14255b5305-Issue_218&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8d1f6c80aa-14255b5305-255765678
  4. I'd be flicking in on before the sun disappears to some wannabe p plater with no idea (or financial commitments)..that seems to be the general approach with these vws@100k...
  5. Wow thats serious depreciation - mind you buying a performance Renault out of warranty is one for the brave ..
  6. true...the 2 best hot hatches ever and 2 of the best bmw engines too..imho
  7. I guess that means naturally aspirated goodness, instant power response and linear power delivery, manual with RWD... preferably with a soundtrack that comes from the engine not the speakers Mind you an electric BMW could well be my next car in a few years time..
  8. I think the design of the new Mazda 3 is fantastic, interior is very nice too - haven't driven one but guessing they are pretty nice to drive, just make sure the wheels are securely fastened before take-off.. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jul/05/wheels-could-fall-off-safety-fears-prompt-mazda-3-recall-in-australia
  9. I'd recommend going active then you can tweak the sound to what YOU like and you room, spend some money on treating your room too - something most people overlook but as important as the speaker itself
  10. The new ford focus is worth considering, it's good to drive, the engine has character and it handles nicely, roomy inside.
  11. That would have been fun, the Mazda RX2 & RX3 were great, they are expensive to buy now though!
  12. That design is just not good, BMW need a new design direction, their car designs just aren't inspiring The original 1 design is a classic, unique and has character, the N52 engine is a great NA engine also, not sure whats going on with BMW at the moment..
  13. I was going to say - standards...they've slipped
  14. I'm sure you don't miss parking or paying for the petrol .. or floating like an omelette on oil
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