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  1. While most car manufacturers are making appliances, Porsche have remembered that some people enjoy the experience of driving ... and listened to their audience - firstly the new Cayman & Boxter having a great 4litre flat 6 N/A boxer engine with manual.. and now this https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1127118_porsche-design-boss-it-s-time-for-a-puristic-porsche-back-to-our-roots Like turntables, I think they are onto something..
  2. the B58, N54,N55 are all good too, any BMW i6 is actually; RWD 1 series will be future classics there's nothing quite like them..the new 135 is good no doubt but sought after future classic by drivers probably not.. Perhaps BMW will do an M155 with the S55 engine and M3 bits, can only hope it's on the drawing board..
  3. I am sure they will sell lots, they know what most consumers want... awd helps with 0-60 times that means everything right? For me if I had 50k to spend on a car, I'd stick with the original and do what BMW should have done .. S65 goodness just can't e beat.. Love the power curve too...
  4. Does it sound good enough for you without the subs? ported and sealed?
  5. I guess they want a piece of the luxury market, https://www.motor1.com/news/348831/mazda-inline-six-new-platform-confirmed/ Seems like they want to tap into the upper end of the market and primed to do really, great design inside and out just need something worthy under the hood. it seems In-line 6's are coming back in style, or never went out of style really. Next best thing to a rotary being relatively simple & having the smoothness and as long as it revs to 7000rpm
  6. yes that would be interesting 😁
  7. how low does the 15 go sealed? are you boosting the low end to compensate or rolling off to sub?
  8. amps make subtle differences, speakers big differences and room acoustics start there and work backwards
  9. So the replacement for displacement is....engineering? + getting the basic ingredients right - i.e weight distribution + RWD + unadulterated FWS + less FAT...
  10. How does the PHL 15" ported compare to your PHL18 sealed sonically ?
  11. If it's out of warranty get a good obd2 scanner e.g https://www.mycarly.com/product/obd/ specific to your car type and look after it yourself, it will give you access to all error codes specific to your brand/vehicle Also depends on the car type, there's a ton of information out there for some cars, some are easier to work on than others - as long as it's not core engine or transmission work i would go for it. Does depend somewhat on the car and how much research/time you are willing to invest..
  12. tend to agree, The Sigma fp will be my next camera,
  13. SUVs and trucks should have a 'BLOAT' tax, people should just eat less and carry less stuff so they fit into regular sized cars...
  14. That's extremely dangerous and irresponsible. Opposite lock will fix it, there's nothing dangerous or irresponsible about that as long as you keep your right foot down!😁
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