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  1. I have one too, the hdmi arc feature is handy in getting sound out of the TV too. JDH
  2. I generally went the Raspberry pi4 path after moving on from logitech Squeezebox Touch, I also use a Bel Canto Stream as a Roon endpoint and Bluesound powernode 2i. As others have said, it will come down to how much you want to spend, features and build quality etc. look at a Bluesound node 2i or Lumin D2 too. JDH
  3. Further information: This is a new old stock in box Logitech Squeezebox Touch, comes supplied as shown in photos, with original box, manual, remote, Australian power supply, cables, cleaning cloth etc. I’ve have however removed the old alkaline AA batteries that were loose in the packaging and done a quick test to make sure it starts up as-new. i’ve also included a spare used simple logitech boom remote I have no further use for that is fully compatible with the Squeezebox touch. I sold 2 of these recently also new on ebay for $285 each plus postage so tho
  4. Further information: This Beatles collection was the first official complete collection of 'The Beatles' released on CD, this set is long out of print. It is in a unique Roll Top presentation box, complete with the comprehensive (usually missing) booklet and original outer box. Set contains 15 CD’s (16 if you class The White Album as 2). Sergeant Peppers and The White Album both include additional booklets. The Roll Top Box is in mint condition, it even has the packet with the set of small rubber feet. It spent most of its time in the bo
  5. I found this. https://www.power-grid.com/der-grid-edge/abb-supplying-sces-class-8-truck-ev-charger/ JDH
  6. I owned a used Marantz SR-18 many years ago, I currently using a Marantz AV-8802a, this is a good AV pre but no where near the build quality of the older units. JDH
  7. I’d say as battery technology and electric motor output increases over time all these heavy vehicles will be replaced EV, not as fast as other light vehicles but it will happen. JDH
  8. I own a Marantz AV-8802a that has an identical dual display, I assume you checked the setting as you can dim and turn on and off the displays, however if that was not the issue, I’d still take it back for a replacement as it still be harder to have it fixed later without inconveniencing you with long repair or worst, out of warranty repair. JDH
  9. Me too, I had a very good run with LMS but moved to Roon due to hit and mis compatibility with streaming services. JDH
  10. Seems like a bargain for a well made and sounding integrated amp, I don’t think I’ve seen one advertised under $1000 in the past. JDH
  11. The Bluesound node 2i is very capable streamer in terms of overall features and sound quality for the price, never tried the analog outputs but did try the digital out to my Bel Canto C5i integrated DAC and Bel canto DAC 2.5 with no complaints, never bothered to do a detailed side by side comparison, The streamer I use the most is my Bel canto stream followed by my Raspberry Pi4 Touch using the DAC hat on the Pi4. I ended up selling off my two bluesound Node 2i streamers but kept the Bluesound powernode 2i for its built in amplification and hdmi input. Nothing wrong with the node
  12. You could either buy a streamer commercially or roll your own such as a raspberry Pi4, I own a Bel Canto Stream which retails for about $2700 but also have a number of Raspberry Pi4 based streamers that either emulate a Squeezebox Touch or Roon Endpoint, two of my favourite DYI streamers are shown in the photos, ie.. basic Pi4 in simple case (about $150) with usb out to a decent DAC and another called a Raspberry Touch that Audiophonics in France sell as either a kit or ready to go for about $700 to $900 depending on the configuration. Also consider a bluesound Node 2i etc. JDH
  13. Looks like this one has been withdrawn, If interested I have an unused Squeezebox Touch in box, only pulled it out to test it works after being in storage for years. My one being new would be more than $100, will place a formal listing when I get a chance. JDH
  14. If you have the money to spend go the Elektra HD2 its hands down better over the Rotel. I’m currently using a Marantz AV-8802a with both the Elektra HD Reference for front speakers and HD2 for surround speakers, I started off with various Rotel power amps, they are good power amps for the price but the Elektra is substantially better but will cost more, I think the Elektra still comes out on top for overall price vs performance. JDH
  15. Looks like a pretty good quality repair !,, JDH
  16. Do you have a photo to share of the final repair ? JDH
  17. Both sold pending pickup of second unit over the weekend. Thanks to all that sent me a PM. JDH
  18. Something like a Bel canto C5i or used C7R might work for you, has HT bypass etc, if you can find one. Also Bel canto are working on a replacement to the C5i with upgraded power, digital and network streaming capability ie. Roon ready, I assume it won’t be cheap but will likely consider it as an upgrade to my existing Bel canto C5i. JDH
  19. 1 down and 1 to go, send me a message if interested.before I decide to keep the second one :). JDH
  20. Further information: Hello everyone, These black Bluesound Node 2i’s were purchased new locally in October and are only 1 month old, they were only really used a few times to test and load the latest firmware which I believe now offers Tidal Connect. Both unit are 'as new' with all original packaging and accessories, only used the power cord all other accessories are unused, manual etc. I’ve decided to sell either one or both at the price offered for each plus $25 each for registered post if needed. I have a lifetime Roon account, use a higher end Bel canto
  21. The Elektra HD reference can drive pretty much any speaker without compromise such as the S8’s , ie. will drive a hard to drive speaker without sounding strained etc. I needed 9 channels for all my speakers so firstly a single Elektra HD2 would not power all my speakers, the HD2 is still a great amp but the HD 2ch Reference is simply better again hence dedicated to driving my best and hardest to drive speakers mostly for music. The Elektra HD2 drives the centre, surrounds and atmos in ceiling speakers. JDH
  22. The Elektra Amps are used for all my speakers for my HT setup ? JDH
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