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  1. There are some relatively cheap but good quality ones sold on ebay with good cable and connectors., range from about $30 to $60, thats where I ourchased my one. JDH
  2. Further information: Message me with any questions, purchased locally from Sydney HiFi dealer, comes supplied with original packaging, remote, power cord and user manual. Designed and Manufactured in the USA. This is roon tested, works perfectly with all digital sources upto 24/192, also has a 24/96 usb input, true analogue input that can be set as a handy HT bypass to allow seamless integration with Home theatre receivers for better 2ch music, comes equiped with optical Tos link, 2x coax digital inputs, AES xlr style digital input and usb and analogue input.
  3. What if your family only uses there own 4g service on a phone? Ie. seperate IP. JDH
  4. So no breeches then, comply with all of those, where is the clause that says the family members need to reside under the one household, (if this was an issue with Tidal they would spell it out clearly) similar to what I also pay for Apple music family account ? We have 6 seperate and independent Tidal user accounts and passwords, ie. nether utilise the same user name or password. There would be a point if multiple users were sharing and using the same account ie. same username and password logging in together or even at different times which we are not, I do not use another users acco
  5. Where just maximising the plan offered by Tidal, if this was a loss making exercise for Tidal they should either bump up the plan price or remove it as an offering and only offer a single user plan. JDH
  6. Pricing on a used Elektra HD reference will be more like $2700 to $2900, I would not offload my one for any less. Would only sell it if I can pickup a good price on a set of Bel canto REF600’s mono blocks. JDH
  7. There pretty cheap to buy new on ebay, amazon, however you may pickup a better bargain on a used one if your lucky. JDH
  8. Pretty much agree, you need to spend similar money on a 2ch pre to make meaningful improvements. JDH
  9. Here is an example of the 2ch Elektra power amp that shows the internal construction. I also have the 7ch version too. JDH
  10. I manage the same thing, the members split the family hifi plan 6 ways !!!! JDH
  11. I agree, this rule also applies for the majority of top shelf AV pre/pros too, thats why I use a dedicated 2ch pre with HT bypass connected directly to a power amp. JDH
  12. Two extremes, the AVM70 looks overall good value while the AVM90 way overpriced for the differences. whats with the Red circuit boards, why not use green or blue like everyone else? I assume with the future hdmi upgrade the entire top hdmi board gets swapped out? JDH
  13. One of the drivers is to go from a 5.2.4 to 5.2.6 setup, as you can see from the location of the sliding door a 7.2.6 setup was not really practical. I’d actually installed 6 x atmos ceiling speakers but currently only have amplification and processing power in the AV-8802a for 4 x atmos speakers, not the end of the world but would be happy to try it out, especially after installing the extra atmos speakers, also within 2 to 3 years I’ll upgrade my TV and/or projector to be 8k capable but again 4k is still fine for 2 to 3 years. Also I will re-building another house up the road in about 5
  14. Thanks, Still not bad in the real world, the centre and surrounds still get 140w and the atmos speakers get 60W which are very efficient 8ohm speakers, clearly the AVM-70 paired with a couple of Elektra Power amps would provide better overall HT performance, but as my main focus is still 2ch music which is still 100% bypassing the AVR through the HT bypass feature and directed through my dedicated Bel canto 2ch setup including quality 2ch seperate power amp anyway, my concern regarding atmos speaker rating would not bother me I suspect. JDH
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