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  1. Sold my one for $450 so yes a bargain, only sold it at the time as I had a high end all in one DAC with inbuilt headphone amp costing a couple of $1000. This headphone amp was a very good match with HD600/650.
  2. If anyone is interested I have a couple of Dspeaker anti-nodes 2.0s, thinking of selling one and keeping the other. Will eventually get around to advertising it or wait for someone to post another want to buy add !!! JDH
  3. Have a look at the following link which provides some connection examples. http://www.dspeaker.com/en/technology/anti-mode-technology/anti-mode-20-dual-core-connection-examples.shtml The way I did it with a 2ch system with a subwoofer and the Dspeaker 2.0 was to either connect the sub passively off the speaker or amp terminals or actively via the RCA connections on the Dspeaker 2.0, as others have said the Dspeaker treats the 2ch left and right and sub as a combined left and right channel. You just need to ensure the level matches your 2ch speakers. JDH
  4. You should try and sell the s2s and c3 then together as a good match. JDH
  5. I’ve got the same setup minus the Sub1, also purchased my setup from Eastwood HiFi. If you get to the point of splitting up the system, I might be interested in the Sub1 only, I’m in Sydney so would be a long drive to pickup though!!! JDH
  6. Yes, tossed as per my last post JDH
  7. I had an earlier model Yamaha AVR that had a 5V trigger out, it worked fine triggering both a Rotel and Elektra Audio Power amp to turn on and off even though these amps were design to accept 12V input. JDH
  8. I think you would be happy with any of those options in real world usage, I’d probably still stick with an AV processor over an AV Receiver if cost is not your main driver. I’m currently using a Marantz AV 8802a with a couple of Elektra Power amps (2ch Reference and 7ch Theatre). My other alternative prior to buying the AV8802a was to sell off the multi Channel power amp and keep the Reference 2ch Power amp and use it with a Marantz Flagship AV receiver. I think I would of been just as happy with either option. JDH,
  9. The original like this one was made in the USA rather than China. JDH
  10. I use the backbeat fit mostly when riding my bike. Not fantastic but still ok, can also use them to make and receive mobile call when needed. Also own some apple air pods an a pair of Logitech UE9000 Bluetooth and noise cancelling headphone when on long plane trips. JDH
  11. I’ve seen them both with and without the mark 2 on the back and still being a mark 2. JDH
  12. That’s the combination I also purchased 3 years ago as an upgrade to the earlier series of Elektra amps I’d owned for 10 years without issue. I have my amps connected to Paradigm Signiture series speakers with a Marantz AV8802a AV pre-Amp and Oppo 205, very happy with the combination. JDH
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