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  1. I also have the Elektra REF HD plus the Theatre HD2, all connected by balanced connections to a Marantz 8802a. I have no hum on my units, if you haven’t already tried, disconnect other appliances to see if any are faulty that are resulting in a hum from your Elektra, you could also try plugging it into a friends or relatives house to see if it still does it. JDH
  2. These were the top notch well made and featured av amp in the late 1990’s, and has the wood paneling too !!! I owned it smaller brother 2095 at one point. all the best with its sale.
  3. Owned on of these in the past, great little CD player.
  4. I’d buy the used Rotel as you basically know what your getting that has been successfully used for music and HT purposes. The other amp you have the link to does not have any real detail on distortion levels, also looks that it uses a couple of noisy fans to achieve the high power rating claimed. The Rotel uses a linear power supply, no fans and is a traditional class AB amp rather than class D. I’d probably use the Rotel for LCR and also the 2 Surrounds and use the AV receiver for ATMOS ceiling speakers and maybe an external zone 2 area if used. JDH
  5. Do you have the original wall brackets that come with it from new, there not shown in any of the photos ?
  6. I still have a couple of unused Squeezebox Touch sitting in a box as backups so still using it, I did however sell off a Logitech Transporter, also use a combination of Apple Music and a Pro-ject Stream DS+ and DSA model and sometimes my Oppo 205 or direct from my Marantz AV8802a, also Toying with the idea of eventually buying an over priced Bel Canto Stream player one day. JDH
  7. A used bel canto CD2 with upgrade external LNS1 power supply is what I use. JDH
  8. I owned the original reference and currently own the same version in this add with the older speaker posts and have to say it sounds better than the Elektra 7 ch HD, great price for the quality of this amp. JDH
  9. Considering you own the Marantz AV8805, you may as well buy the ub9000 just to match the overall build quality. JDH
  10. If you read through the link about warranty it’s non-transferable anyway to the 2nd owner. JDH
  11. What does the Panasonic UB 9000 bring to the table as extra features or quality that is missing in the OPPO 205, sorry but I haven’t been able to figure it out from some of the earlier posts, just interested in knowing? JDH
  12. Ok, I guess time will tell, for those interested in this unit, I’ve had my 8802a for a year now, 100% reliable, easy to setup and use and sounds great. JDH
  13. I wouldn’t get to excited about the 15% off, this eBay seller Is a regularly part of a group of sellers that have 20% off sales anyway, more than likely would be even cheaper later in the month. JDH
  14. Thanks for the reply, I thought you may want to split it to be able to make it easier to sell the 8802a at a slightly lower price to someone that does not want to use the kit. Good luck with the sale. JDH
  15. Let me no if you want to sell the Audyssey pro kit and licence separately, I already have a Marantz AV8802a and was thinking of buying the kit used. JDH
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