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  1. -- Show Us Ya VU Meters --

    I forgot about these ones @cheekyboy 🤣
  2. -- Show Us Ya VU Meters --

    I have those ones too Keith. l think I showed you that SBT feature from memory, good to see you still utilize one of hifi’s greatest bargains.
  3. -- Show Us Ya VU Meters --

    I can look at mine all day long!!!
  4. Melody Valve Ltd

    Probably be playing classical music for the whole demonstration. Last two shows I walked in, looked at the eye candy then left. Thete was nothing to gather my interest music wise in that room.
  5. Sharing/ selling music on file.

    Iive got no problem with it. ’ve got **** loads of files! Anyone wants them? Send me a HDD and I’ll copy them for you. Genuine offer. @joz I think you already have them.
  6. FS Audeze LCD-XC

    Item: Audeze LCD-XC Location: Port Melbourne Price: $1000 which is what I paid with shipping a week ago Item Condition: 9/10 or 7/10 depending on your point of view (see below) Reason for selling: Raising funds for @Marcs EMM DAC2X Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, , COD Only Will not accept PayPal unless I know/of you. Extra Info: No trades please. Pick up preferred,, can be shipped at buyers expense. the ear pads show sign of wear but it’s honesty minimal. Apart from this they are immaculate. Purchased these a week ago and literally used them once before heading offshore for work. price is firm, if my price can’t be met I’m happy to keep them but @Marc has to wait a little longer for his $$$$ 😂. Balanced cable isn’t included.. There is also an Chord Mojo which presents as new available.
  7. Hello Everyone...

  8. SOLD: Meitner MA-1 DAC v2(upgrade)

    Deposit taken.
  9. I have the MM1 RCA’s, they are killer. Care to trade??? Lol,
  10. Slow Response

    Can you wait a few hours mate.
  11. New member from Melbourne - tape enthusiast

    Welcome, I’ve got this old thing laying about.
  12. SOLD: Meitner MA-1 DAC v2(upgrade)

    For those procrastinating the purchase of this DAC. If this one sells before you purchase, It will be withdrawn from sale. Act quick to avoid disappointment.
  13. Record Cleaning Service in Melb

    Happy with the result @barn door??