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  1. 5 days until I pull this for sale ad for good.
  2. yamaha_man

    currently drinking

    Bought this lot at Costco yesterday. Wooden box and 6 wine glasses for $120.00 Any good??
  3. @Krell_audio with a name like yours........
  4. I had them in a room with a pair of Wilson Sasha’s. Long story short, I had a gtg and someone with a golden ear came over and remarked how good the Wilson’s were sounding. It was the NS-1000’s playing at the time. When set up properly nothing can touch them in their price range or even at triple the price.
  5. Twist of evil or twist of “Cain”?? 🤘🏻🤘🏻
  6. One week @ current price to go.
  7. Or continuously exclaiming “SATAN”! 🤘🤘
  8. Where’s my bacon and eggs ****face!?
  9. I don’t eat **** food, had enough of that Saturday night.
  10. I’m hungry! Bacon and eggs Cretin.
  11. Oh, ok, would only drop it to Marc’s place you sniveling prick???
  12. Let me know when you can drop it over as stated above. 👊🏻