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  1. Both sold pending payment.
  2. 860a on hold, 760a is available again.
  3. Obviously prices have risen. lots of pms regarding splitting up, first in best dressed.
  4. Item: Moon 760a and 860a power amplifiers Location: Perth Price: SOLD. 760a/RRP $11000 860a/RRP $25000 Item Condition: used for 6 hours, as close to new as you can get Reason for selling: getting out of the hobby Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: RRP for the package is $36000, asking price of $9000 represents a 75% saving on new price. Original owner, Can and will ship in original packaging. For Price Reference https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis8i1df-simaudio-moon-evolution-860a-price-reduced-solid-state Google is your friend if you want more info. listing these amps for a friend. Pictures:
  5. Absolute bargain mate! I would never sell them for the asking price.
  6. $9000 for both, the RRP of both these amps is $36000. This is a 75% discount off new price. The amps present as new (6 hours use from new) with all packaging included. Original owner. For reference... https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis8i1df-simaudio-moon-evolution-860a-price-reduced-solid-state
  7. yamaha_man

    Hi from Hamilton Vic.

    Welcome! Hamilton country Victoria or Hamilton Brisbane?
  8. yamaha_man

    SW Vic GTG

  9. yamaha_man

    New to stereonet

    You met Marc and still joined up???? You have it bad!!!!!! 😂
  10. @Butcho these with a decent sub and boom!
  11. yamaha_man

    SW Vic GTG

    5 weeks and I’m back in! Start counting!
  12. yamaha_man

    FS: Wilson Audio Watchdog 2, controller and amp.

    Still available
  13. yamaha_man

    Yamaha Mans' system.

    5 weeks and I’m back in! 👊🏻
  14. yamaha_man

    Have I finally found my people?

    Welcome! I reside in Port half the time. looking forward to a local to catch up with.