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  1. yamaha_man

    Yamaha Mans' system.

    So when's the gathering of reprobates?? As soon as I get my insurance contract sorted and work out the admission fee. 👊🏻
  2. 😃🍿🍿🍿
  3. yamaha_man

    Yamaha Mans' system.

    Dave was the person who delivered the KAS to me from Ballarat where they have been for the last 2 years. Whilst he was doing the critical listening I was busy cleaning the house so he is the bloke who need to comment as I’m still undecided and away for the weekend.
  4. yamaha_man


    I was just looking at your profile today wondering where you have been, good to see you still active mate 👊🏻
  5. yamaha_man

    Special Bargain TVs

    Essential or best?
  6. yamaha_man

    Special Bargain TVs

    It's being delivered to Port Melbourne but it will be living in Warrnambool. Hey Micheal, when I transport it is it able to be payed down or does it have to be upright? TIA.
  7. yamaha_man

    Yamaha Mans' system.

    @Chickenism currently having an amp shootout with the Krell KAS and the Vitus SM-101’s. The result may surprise you.
  8. yamaha_man

    Special Bargain TVs

    Being 55" does anyone know if JB have to come get it if there is a warrantee issue or will l have to take it to a store?
  9. yamaha_man

    What are these??

    Any idea of the make, model and RRP? TIA
  10. yamaha_man

    FS: LINN ITTOK 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

    For you l can do special price of 250 clams 👊
  11. yamaha_man

    Special Bargain TVs

    Just got one for the kids retreat, no brainer really. I just hope the wifi reaches. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. He's a c0ckhead! Had gear with him for over a year, never repaired it and damaged it cosmetically in the process.
  13. Item: LINN ITTOK 1000 piece jigsaw puzzleLocation: Price: 200 clams + postage not neg Item Condition: mint, still in box Reason for selling: The poms lost the world cup Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. Extra Info: 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, unopened, never used, presents as new. Pictures: