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  1. We ended up contacting various Telstra Business managers and they all confirmed it - the billing starts from when you first connect.
  2. Ahhh the trick is in the letter of the law (ie their contract). When you plug in their modem, you accept their contract. Until then it is an order which you can cancel. I have boxes (yes plural) of Telstra NBN modems under my desk at work from an order which we cancelled at the last moment. The Telstra technicians were in the building ready to plug them in, and they were the ones who advised us of that condition in the contract order.
  3. Awesome. Welcome back into the Apogee fold. Graz had been suggesting that I come up and listen to his new creation - and with good reason looking at that.
  4. I downloaded and tried this program Nice program but in scanning my music collection it only picked up 34 out of 58000+ tracks. Is it an undocumented feature that it does not recognise files in .aif format?
  5. Awesome idea - I never thought of that !
  6. Any recommendations for a (smart) phone for my elderly (82 & 91) in-laws. She has major hearing loss issues (Cochlea implant) and both are suffering with poor vision. Their present landline costs are ridiculous, and a mobile phone would be much cheaper. I'm considering a basic smart phone as the messaging system is much easier, and that it can skype / facetime. Any suggestions? Please list any particular features - large icons, blue-tooth to hearing aids etc
  7. If I had a 3rd system I would seriously consider these. My first first 'hi-fi' system was based on Magnat -awesome sound. = Give it a go!
  8. It appears to be undergoing 'maintenance' "We’ll be back soon! Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment. We’ll be back online shortly! — The Team"
  9. It really does depend on so many factors that a definite Yes/No is not possible. Consider these: What is the system that you are putting it into? is it a high current system (inefficient speakers with 'arc welders' as amplifiers) or a Pye 3-in-1? Is the speaker wire really a choke point? Is your amplifier kicking butt and not scoring goals or is it all powered by an ipod with mp3s ? Try a pair and listen, however recognise that more improvement may be (just maybe) from changes upstream in your system.
  10. from Electric avenue to Putting on the Ritz ...
  11. When I bought my Mazda second hand (85k on the clock), the dealer offered a 5 year additional warranty if they serviced it. Even if it might cost a little more, their service (and servicing) has been fabulous, and I get a peace of mind.
  12. and enters the geek... Part of my work includes developing databases in FileMakerPro. All my CDs are catalogued in a FMP database. It has separate sections for albums, compositions, tracks, composers and performers (similar to Roon but pre-dating Roon by many years). Ie. I only need to correct the name of a composer once and it's corrected across all compositions. It imports from iTunes and Roon ( which gives me original track information) and once corrected and cleaned, I export back to iTunes which then corrects the metadata on my NAS Drive. 57k+ tracks are easily handled It has proved it's worth when my iTunes library gets corrupted. Playback is via Roon, but the metadata is controlled via iTunes.
  13. I hope nothing goes wrong with my TV - it's a Dick Smith TV 😣
  14. The accuracy of the iOS meter shouldn't make a difference in itself, unless there is big inaccuracy in Db between high and low frequencies. What I am trying to ascertain is: If one measures right channel at (say) 80dB and the Left is the same, does it really matter if it was 85dB in reality?
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