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  1. Another possibility vis using the wireless capablility of the Arcam rDac. This operates via a USB dongle and uses it's own pairing network with the rDac. Surprisingly the Roon Nucleus identified the USB dongle as an end-point and now I can stream to where ever the rDac is installed.
  2. ... and his grave is a communist plot 😖
  3. If you're willing to do a road trip, sure. (That's a no to the AVM fitting in an overhead locker) There are some really nice potential amps out there. Unfortunately there are some that should work well but just don't - Eg Music Fidelity KW750.
  4. The Apogee Scintillas do (although there is a 4ohm version of them available) - they are the hardest to drive. If I had a pair of them, I would use a pair of A60 amps and then they would kick butt over the Calipers.
  5. The speakers are 3ohm and about 82db efficiency - not an easy load. Probably the second hardest to drive in the Apogee stable. Although you can sink 600w into them easily, the trick is to make them sound musical and that is not easy with that amount of wattage. The Primare handles them surprisingly well. It is a class D design and engineered properly. Overall I prefer them over the Krell (Class A).
  6. It's taken a while but my Apogee den is basically finished. Partly underground, this room is 6.5x9.5m, with rendered Hebel walls and secondary glazed windows and doors. The system comprises of Apogee Caliper Signatures powered by Primare Pre60 pre-amp and Primare A60 power amp. SInce the pre60 has it's own upsampling DAC, a Roon Nucleus feeds directly into it via USB. The files are on a NAS Drive elsewhere in the house. An Isotech conditioner and MIT interconnects help open up and smooth the soundstage. A Krell KSA80 is on hand for party mode. Compared to the Primare it has more grunt but it has less musicality and a smaller sound-stage. The room is a project I have been working on for over a decade and I think it's worth it! Close up of action area. The panels on the left side stop excessive echo behind the speakers. They are not fixed in place yet as I am still experimenting with placement view from listening seat: And the listening area with my "RPG" bookcase: If you like the cushions, you can buy them on Redbubble, search for artist "elmpinedesign" (my wife) 😊 Cheers Ralph
  7. G'day OB Send me a message next time you're planning to pass through Murwillumbah. As we both like Classical music I'm sure a visit would be beneficial.
  8. G'day Dan Welcome to SNA. Are you based in the upper or lower Gold Coast?
  9. Yes, keeping the originals as a back-up is very prudent. My NAS drive crashed. After I restored from a back-up, I discovered that some tracks never copied across. These all had "illegal" characters in their names (umlauts etc). Ended up having to re-rip a large selection of ( predominately German) Classical music. On-line streaming is good but limited to what the service wants to keep and is subject to a good internet connection etc.
  10. Just to confirm - These appear to be single run, not biwire ? (and here I am, trialling their SL90's)
  11. I'm considering a Roon Nucleus so this discussion is of interest. For those on a NUC/ linux box - does your roon core output to DACs via USB ? or are you limited to Roon recognised devices ? (I'm using a primare Pre60 which has USB-in and USB-out and is Roon compatible via USB)
  12. This is very tempting... (must log out and clear cache)
  13. I must live dangerously - each unit of my equipment is black and silver, Eg speakers (see icon). The colour scheme of the room is grayscale, so it all works out. However, I have yet to get matching speaker cable (currently an ugly green).
  14. Need to clarify: Is it the software (applications) or data (documents etc) that you need to access? Parking software on an external drive won't do much good. Parking documents on (say) a NAS drive can work well. That your "system" is using 250Gb is a bit of a worry, can you clarify which folders are so large as there are some things that you can do which can thin that down considerably. Although you are on NBN a decent ADSL is workable (not fantastic but workable). Cheers Ralph
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