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  1. Highly recommended - great for a quality bookshelf system. Which Primare model are you upgrading to ?
  2. This can be a hotly debated topic. In short - yes it could make an audible difference, but not always. It does make a positive difference in my system. There are many factors at play, but the most important is that you remove any jumper leads (or lugs) when you bi-wire. Recommend that you try with 2 sets of 'ordinary' cable first. Cheers
  3. If the boxes are a solution then I suggest looking in your local $2 shop for 'boxsweden' baskets. They have a size 12x13x29cm which is a perfect fit for 20 CDs. I have about 3k CDs stored in them. If you pack them right they can stack well and are easy to flick through to find your CD
  4. And I second this ^^^^^ If your system is current hungry then it can open up and assist in cleaning the sound.
  5. Here's the video from Roon announcing some of the features of v1.8
  6. Hi Guys As a fellow Primare user, I can vouch that they are good. FYI there is a closed facebook group for Primare users - search for "Primare Audio Users"
  7. Tempting, tempting ... It's a slippery path. Some (ie Apogees) require very particular and very high quality electronics to drive them. In which case, be prepared to spend 2-3x the price of the speakers just on the Amps. They also require a lot of room as their design is di/bi-pole by nature so they need to sit away from the wall. I would strongly recommend having a listen to various implementations first. Cheers
  8. Try it on your most power hungry device (amplifier). That's usually where the biggest difference can be heard.
  9. Sorry to go off topic for a bit: Brothers in Arms is possibly the first CD I bought. Pulled it out - looked in the fine print and it's the John Dent / Polygram version! Who knew ?
  10. It is Readers Digest and probably sounds like a MP3 - they are trying to give you the condensed version.
  11. You can make it into a joint venture: Mrs R & I used to have playlist evenings. We would both edit the playlist through the week (that way we both agree what should be played) and then that is our set list for the evening. Sometimes we would theme it - eg. all the songs have to be named, or about, cats. A lot of fun was had.
  12. From my experience, yes it is worth it. When I single wired with jumpers, whichever terminal received the speaker cables first was most prominent. Using the 'cross' technique just muddied it up and collapsed the soundstage. Everyone's mileage will vary depending on their system. I think the contributing factor in my system was that the speakers require high current delivery to sound good.
  13. ^^^ This ! If you want to include filenames (ie not just directory names), use tree /f > filename.txt
  14. drool, ... if only I could swap the engine out in my cx5...
  15. Inspired by the "This is could be the most challenging LP to play" thread
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