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  1. Further information: speakers internal acoustic foams have perished & they have been replaced with high grade studio foams. Tweeters’ foams have also been replaced. These speakers perform great against the newer Sonus faber. Huge sound stage for stand mount. tweeters are TC-120k with chambers mod design by Whatmough. I have also changed the acoustic foam in these chambers as well. They are very heavy for their size so i’m unsure how they can be packed for shipping (much heavier than Sonu faber Concerto) For the price, i dont think you can find better speakers. any questions pl
  2. Further information: this built this fanless server was built for music streaming. It is absolutely silent without any moving parts. case was manufactured to match hifi components & not computer comp. You can can take this even further for 4k home theater server if you desire. HD plex case alone costed over $500 to import. I still have all accessories for one to take it to the next level. You can run operating system from outside via eSata & it will be completely vibration-less. It can be connected via ethernet or wifi AC1300 network card. Will be sold without hard drive (
  3. Further information: This amp was partnered exclusively with my planar headphones which i’ve recently sold. It’s powerful and can drive any headphones with ease. Velvety smooth detailed sounding. I was going to keep it as an alternative amp flavour but it is too much trouble. New owner would not be disappointed with its sound and this would be like buying a new one, It’s not even burnt in as I have used it for less than 10 hours. Condition is like new, tubes have been stored in original box. It is quite heavy for its size so please be mindful regarding postage. first 2 images are off th
  4. Further information: Audeze LCD 2 sounds very classy and have huge sound stage. I purchased them even when I had the HD800s. Bass, mid & treble are on same par as HD800s but it’s sweeter & classier ( especially with valve amps) to my ears. in short, it just sounds nice and effortless. I did not get to use them much because I got offered a pair of LCD-4 not long after I purchased them. There isn’t much difference between the 2 models. It took awhile but Ive decided to keep the LCD4. In the last 6 months, it was used once and It’s such a waste to let it stay on the shelf, un
  5. When I first saw the original Orpheus back in the mid 90s, I thought it was the world best looking head-fi/hifi piece ever produced and Sennheiser would never be able to top that but 3 decades later, they brought out this.
  6. Hi all sorry for the late reply. I’ve been having issue with internet at my new place plus family commitment through the festive season so i did not reply to all enquiries or in time for everyone. It is pending at the moment but it has fallen through once ill keep you all posted here. thanks & have a great new year
  7. Further information: This Cd player just decided to stop reading disc one day but it is still loading fine. i have a few cd players so it need to go to someone who know how to fix it. no scratches, it is in excellent condition. it cost a fair bit new but in current condition, i dont know how much it’s worth so just throw a price out there. prefer local pick up but if no local taker, i can post. when it was working it sounds very smooth yet detailed. it is also a solid transport with solid & stable tray. But again Please note that this player has an iss
  8. Further information: This model is is third from AR flagship series (AR9 & AR90). They are from the old Teledyne era. If you are AR collector, you will know how hard it is to get these models even 10 years ago. They come intact with all accoustic covers & brochures. Same drivers employed in AR9 & AR90. foam surrounds have been replaced and still in good condition. internal wires have been upgraded and caps changed a while back. they still sound great even in today’s standard. Sound really sweet with good analogue source & powerful amplification. relucta
  9. Further information: I cant really remember what models these are as the stickers with model number have fallen off. they appear to be Q85s but instead of the light grey/white drivers they have black ones similar the the one in Reference 100C centre speakers. Quality gold plated binding posts which can accept large gauge wires. condition is used & grills are a bit faded but can be respray if youre fussy but no scratches. Pick up or can post Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for ea
  10. Further information: This is 125watt M&K powered sub with reference level, phase & variable by pass. Speaker inputs can take thicker wires or banana plugs not tiny spring clips like lower models. It has one blemish which may have been caused by weather or chemical reaction on the driver itself. I took this to Qld speaker repair a few years ago and asked for driver replacement but was told that it was not necessary and he did a quick repair to make it as rigid as original. This was 3 years ago and it still fine & sounds fine to the point that i even forgot about it when i had
  11. Sorry but someone got in after i sold the DAC, enquired & purchased.
  12. Further information: Xindak DAC5 Balanced output & 2 sets of Unbalanced outputs which can be connected to 2 preamplifiers. One RCA output is tube and the other is solid state. Built quality is excellent. It is full size solid, aluminum silver finish with thick front plate. It comes with original pouch. It sounds clean, smooth & "chunky". IMO, Its sound is still hard to beat unless you want to spend big. Everything is original. Tube can be upgraded to bring it to the next level which never had the time to do so. Blue LED displays are quite nice, photos were taken with smart
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