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  1. I so wish I could do a swap with you or buy these!!! I have the black version sitting next to me as I type, but I love the cherry or birch versions, just haven't been able to find them on the 2nd hand market - EVER. These are not perfect speakers, but I tell you what, it takes a lot for your ears to be tired of the lucious sound they make when paired with the right equipment.
  2. Hi Lads (or Ladettes), Long time member and active once in a blue moon. I remember when this forum was old skool with only 500+ members. Anyway, I've got an old skool setup comprising of: Creek Evo (not Evolution) Integrated Amp Creek Evo CD Player Dynaudio Focus 110's (in beautiful beech) A whole bunch of WBT plugs and Chord cables burried in 10yo dust The integrated has decided to static itself by emitting a static/cracking sound after periods of use (say when warmed, after 30mins). I've googled the general symptoms and all point to cracks in circuitry or a loose soldiering point that can be hard to find. Could also be a range of things like a the volume knob. My era of Creek products are traditionally good offerings with a lot of quality control problems, so I'm considering: Ditching this 10+ year old equipment and going actives. Repairing this integrated, not knowing how much it will cost me Tossing this integrated and getting something else that is entry level enough to power these well aged Dyn's. If I'm going actives, I'm also considering ditching the whole "audiophile" route and just getting something dirty and cheap like the Edifier S3000Pro's. My "listening" days are well and truly over, and after a long day at the pub (work...I wish pub...) I just want it fire the tunes and chill. Was wondering if anyone here can grace me with their supreme expertise? Cheerio, Wilco
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