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  1. This. I dropped stuff off start of 11th Jan, 3 speakers and 1 integrated amp, and still not done. I had made one call 2 weeks later, and they were kinda onto it. Not planning on calling until 1st March I guess. Has anyone had any experience with Class A Audio and repairs (I know they are a seller here and they regularly list on other platforms), just curious if anyone has had experience with them regarding repairs: https://www.classaaudio.com.au/content/7-hifi-repair-service
  2. that would be the next best thing!!! enjoying them without the price tag - for free.
  3. yes saw that too and was thinking man... he's also got some other diecast collectables which are rare enough to cost more than the average joe blow hifi gear
  4. am I missing something? - Purchased locally in 2020 - Still unopened with qualfi seal - RRP $8,490 per unit - wants $10,999 for both, will not seperate You On Here Bro? (YOHB): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Marantz-SA-KI-SACD-PM-KI-Amplifier-Ruby-Gold-Ken-Ishiwata-Limited-Edition-New/274671269114?hash=item3ff3aef4fa:g:AGMAAOSwXbNgG9LE
  5. as a youngling around 23-24 these were my dream speakers. I ordered the DVDs about these 802s that B&Ws were giving out for free, I auditioned them like crazy, just wanted them. I mean, sure, I still wouldn't mind these today, but still can't afford XD GLWS
  6. Denon had to compete with Yamaha else they would be dead like Onkyo. Low end offerings with their middle to "high" end offerings. Marantz was always sold at HN but their prices were "premium" so low unit movement vs Yamaha, so they had to get Denon to compete with Yamaha. Anyway with AVR's slowly being replaced with all in one soundbars with reciever capabilities, we might only have mid range AVRs, which could be a good thing. Let the brands like Shewood (how are they still around?) capitalise on the cheap AVR market.
  7. looks muchy suchly mint. Made in Japan Won't have any problems for a while. @Believe1980s will have a mighty fine unit. My still 4308 works flawlessly
  8. this I agree, but probably because of the whole tsunami disaster that quality dropped rather than them dropping the balls or their philosophy. I bought a 4308 2nd hand complete with the same 2 remotes, and everything about the unit still works exactly like it did on day dot, it’s remarkable and unbelievable really. Looks exactly the same as this unit just lower in height but obviously not the same internals!!!! Sure it was well looked after like this 5308 (or AVC-A1HD we call here), but it doesn’t take much to be well looked after since AVRs just sit stationary!
  9. Yes And it came with optional passive filters: https://www.soundstageaustralia.com/index.php/reviews/83-spec-corporation-rsa-m3ex-integrated-amplifier
  10. It's funny how there's been a recent influx of people selling the Yammy AS series GLWS
  11. Why is this still available and for sale at this price?! https://www.soundandvision.com/content/anthem-mrx-300-av-receiver
  12. I wish the stuff we got here were from Japan... Most will say it doesn't matter, and that's most probably right, but ah, these flagships should be built from one location like the Denons/Marantz...
  13. Anyone had a chance to check this bad boy out at CAV Melbourne? https://www.facebook.com/carltonaudiovisual "Exclusively made at Denon factory - Shirakawa, Japan" as the box reads
  14. does anyone specialise in spray painting this to the Marantz Silver? I need one in silver to match my PM8006s. great sounding source & GLWS
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