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  1. I would have bought this but I need min 4 ohms impendance = (
  2. I have this sub, and it thumps harder and deeper than my JBL Northridge E250P with no mud tones. GLWS
  3. why are Victorian's suddenly selling their 800s speakers? 800D floorstanders for $23,000 in Highett https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/B-w-800D-front-Speakers/164179699211?hash=item2639df660b:g:anEAAOSwAe1eqiXk OR the matching HTMD1 single centre for $17,000 in Parkdale, with the claim that only a few have been made worldwide - is this true? (apologies for ignorance) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/B-W-HTMD1-Diamond-Center-Speaker/164161848854?hash=item2638cf0616:g:0wIAAOSwe-hels8l&frcectupt=true x2 800D floorstanders or a single centre for roughly the same price, decisions decisions
  4. if you purchased Dynaudio speakers, you won't have a choice of bi-wiring, so case closed. choose Dynaudio. lol
  5. wonderful piece of machinery. what a beautiful artwork. too bad I have to sell me 3rd car and then find an extra $2k for this bad boy.
  6. THIS. digging this up from the grave. I remember in the day Onkyo TX-SR receivers were the GO TO, then when they released there TX-NR67X series, it was world wide attention due to specs being first in class, and I somehow remember it was a StereoNet admin person or you @betty boop that posted what was essentially a thread with a virtual tour of Onkyo's factories making the new space age receivers. Pitty it's now the big 3 (Marantz, Denon & Yamaha) with Onkyo watching from the sidelines.
  7. Thanks, can't get any better than an in house review! Beats reading random reviews online! Yes definately, I was just asking for the impossible with one black box, lots of power in an entry level price point hehe. I'm also just lazy to make way for the space with power amps but figured it will dawn on me one day.
  8. thanks Billy for the feedback. Yes...power...that's the one thing the CA 650R is good at, delivering power at a low price point. NAD's 60w at 8ohms all channels driven should be fine for normal use, but I've got inefficient Dynaudio's, so that will be my biggest struggle. It's most definately the worse time for me to purchase a new "entry level" AVR with all the shortages out of China, unless I spend the big bucks and go for some high end model costing many thousands of donuts - lady friend will not be happy.
  9. u can say that again. they would suit a beautifully modern or vintage home too - maybe not so for the inbetweener like the one I'm living in lol
  10. Hi Y'all As the title says, does anyone in AUSTRALIA have this bad boy, and what are your thoughts? Understanding the new V3i was just released start of this month: https://www.stereo.net.au/news/nad-electronics-t-758-v3i-now-available with street pricing is around the $1,999 mark delivered from most retailers. I've read plenty of overseas reviews and videos, but half of them are in a different language. I'm looking to replace my aging Cambridge Audio 650R which has a busted on-screen display module (typical CA Receiver build quality might I add...), and figure the CA can be demoted 2nd room duties. I'm an ultra late adopter, don't even have 4K yet and don't plan to seeing I don't take my videophilia as serious these days. Thank you
  11. sorry to raise this from the dead How did it go Porky? I raised this issue with my Creek Evo Amp below, but I figured with these amps it wasn't worth the trouble. The fact that I can spend all that time and trouble back and forth getting someone to replace components only for it to happen again just got me disinterested in repairing my amp. I had tried everything, from changing mains cable, chainging speaker cables, flipping speakers from L to R, changing speakers (switching from B&W's to Dynaudio's to plastic speakers), changing power point sources. Seeing the value of this creek amp ain't high, I might as well get a new one. Just a bit annoyed these things go bust when all they do is sit on your rack for year and years.
  12. Their new range of LX series will be hitting the market September 2020 too https://www.pioneeraudio.com.au/collections/lx-series I remember being a part time uni student and having a part time job as a Pioneer Product Specialist on the LX series of components (yea...bonkers of a title but hey when you're a uni student it was "cool") Long story short, I went places one would never think of having Pioneer displays - most interesting ones were LX series product displays at Qantas Club, Virgin Club and the Business Lounges. We had a LX90 on display along with the LX series plasma back in the time (2008/2009), with some of the most dodgy Pioneer branded speakers in piano finish. I would walk through so many A/V fanatics on how things worked on the LX90 AVR, whilst the others just admired the Kuro Series LX plasmas on display - which were a true masterpiece at the time.
  13. what the? looks similar to the Creek branded cd players, but this one is the REAL DEAL vs the Creeks made in china.
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