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  1. Love The Cars, one of my favourites. We play a couple of their songs in a cover band and they always go down well.
  2. If you're tempted to ship it, here is some helpful info: https://reverb.com/news/how-to-ship-a-guitar I'm not interested by the way, but shipping it might help the sale. Cheers, Darryl.
  3. Another option might be https://www.amptubes.com.au/ I buy all of my guitar amp valves from there. Always had great service.
  4. Same thing happened to my 10x5 a few years ago. Not a good day!
  5. Sold, as you predicted aasza. I wonder if a SNASA got them?
  6. Edit: just noticed no phone number on ad so might be dodgy. [SA] https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/marion/speakers/kef-reference-201-speakers/1221947359 KEF Reference 201 Speakers $1,200 Negotiable These limited edition KEF's are amazing! In great condition. Kept in storage since new, they have hardly been used. Specification: Model 201 System type: Four-way, bookshelf/stand-mount Enclosure type: Reflex Dimensions (H x W x D): 557 x 248 x 402mm (21.9 x 9.8 x 15.5 inches) Weight: 14.8kg (32.6 lbs) Nominal impedance: 8 ohms (3.2 min.) Amplifier requirements: 50-150W Frequency response: 58Hz to 55kHz /-3.0dB Sensitivity: 88dB at 1m for 2.83V Maximum output: 110dB System: SP3352 Drive Units: B160 bass unit (SP1474), B160 Uni-Q (SP1447), NT19 Hypertweeter (SP1476) Crossover: SP2360 (SP2410 US)
  7. I know the feeling 😉 It's always extra nice if the courier turns up early on delivery day too to save having to wait around all day.
  8. I haven't had any experience with 901s but will post a pic here of the rear of the Yamaha RX-V385 from the Yamaha web site as it might help others. A quick Google of the Bose EQ shows that it connects into a tape loop on the amplifier, which the Yamaha doesn't have. Someone else will be able to help I'm sure.
  9. Happened to me too on my PVR. I rescanned and ended up with two 9GOs. The old one without the guide, and a new one with the guide. Just deleted the old one. I think 9 have rejigged their channels as the money channel has changed into GEM HD if I recall correctly.
  10. They kinda sorta look like a similar family to these: I wonder if @goldencoults might know?
  11. Don't think I've ever seen a Halcro amp in black before.
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