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  1. Congratulations on losing some weight between 2012 and 2018 😀
  2. Nice. I still search for these early CDs on occasion but they're few and far between these days.
  3. Hi John, It's in the classified section however you won't see it until you've been a member for a bit. I'm not sure of the exact rules, however maybe a mod can chime in.
  4. There's a fine line between hoarding and collecting
  5. So your daughter is allowed to use daddy's record player now?
  6. Wow, you've taught your chicken to lay it's eggs directly into the frypan?.
  7. Hi Mary. Peavey Classic 30. In Oz they cost around $1000 new. I don't use this amp live nowadays. I generally use a Marshall JVM410C.
  8. @Marc will know about whether or not a ticket is needed for the record fair.
  9. I pre-ordered the super deluxe CD/Bluray version from JB and it arrived on Monday. Perhaps they've sold out?.
  10. Just a guess but it might be because of your low post count. @Marc can probably confirm.
  11. Wow I hadn't realised they'd gone up in value so much! I have a couple of these, although one needs repair. Even have an original box :)
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