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  1. OK understood. Thanks for taking the time to reply A9X and mwhouston. Cheers.
  2. Thanks mwhouston. Is there a way to work out ball park how low the impedance would be? It's a 16 ohm speaker. If it stays around 8 or above I should be OK.
  3. Hi SNAers. This might be a stupid question, but at the risk of public embarrassment I'm going to ask anyway. I use a Peavey Classic 30 combo guitar amp with a speaker that has two lots of connections like this: A speaker cable is attached to one set of connections (factory built like this). That cable runs up into the amp and can't be removed from the amp end. In case the Peavey amp goes down, I want to be able to connect a back up amp head. I'm wondering if I can connect a lead like this to the other set of connections? Sorry for the large pic!!!! Normally this second lead will sit in the bottom of the cabinet not being used, however it would be connected to the speaker. If the main amp goes down I'm hoping I can plug this lead into the second amp and use the Peavey speaker without having to faff about disconnecting and connecting the speaker leads at the speaker end. At no time would both amps be on at the same time. The second amp is similar in wattage and I'm aware of using the correct ohm connection on the back up amp. Both are valve amps by the way. Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers, Darryl.
  4. I once exchanged some hifi for cash at Nhill. I think the locals thought I was offloading stolen property!
  5. Got to give them credit for bothering to come to Adelaide. Quite a few don't these days.
  6. Edit: Found one on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pro-ject-Replacement-T-Bar-Tonearm-Rest-Part-Code-3944-306-000/391901122608?hash=item5b3f209030:i:391901122608
  7. Welcome Graham. Kef were at Maidstone weren't they?
  8. I bet you were extra careful with the screwdriver!
  9. The solo from My Sharona is one of my favourites.
  10. Very nice. Can we get a pic of the guitars and amp? 😀 If OK, maybe post it in the guitars thread. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/46351-guitars/?page=136
  11. Great thread. I did my driving test (and instructor lessons) in an orange Sigma
  12. Now that's impressive! @Krix Loudspeakers might like that pic
  13. Not those ones. I used to own them and sold them and a bunch of other stuff to him only a couple of months ago due to a bulk clear out. I thought he was a nice bloke actually. He's young and trying to make a living out of his enthusiasm for second hand hifi.
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