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  1. Looking to buy a set of Avior or Atria. If you're in NSW that would be great. Black color Thanks
  2. The first version were woeful in bass control, I hope they fixed it in the V2
  3. Check my instagram, its private but i can accept your request https://www.instagram.com/dastrix80/
  4. Its a wheel speed encoder to suit the WSBK wheels
  5. I built it using Aprilia Racings help I'm happy to prove it hehe! Had to make a few custom things
  6. Here is mine... 2014 WSBK RSV4. Race use only of course. Engine is a SBK-R EVO Spec, not full WSBK spec but the rest of the bike is (Forks are MotoGP 2015)
  7. The insides of some of the Linn Klimax material and a Akurate DSM
  8. I recall going to a guys house years and years ago to listen to some speakers he had for sale, they were bookshelf ones, about $5-7k from memory. I walked into the room and looked around. Concrete walls, Tiled floor and no furnishings. He said he was selling because he didnt like the sound. I thought to myself nothing is going to sound good in this room - nothing at all. I listened to some tracks and it was terrible, Ive heard better $1000 SYSTEMS sound better. Clearly he was in the same mindset, upgrading for the sake of it. I didnt end up buying anything and instead worked on improving my room - the effort has been worthwhile. I just wish svenr was around to finish what he started with me
  9. I have a Yamaha RX-3070 Goldenear have advised the HTR7000 are a replacement for a wall mounted speaker in a NON height mode provided there is sufficent distance from the MLP. So you CAN have a ceiling mounted surround or rear speaker. The demo'd this exact setup a few years ago, ALL inceiling speakers for height and rear/surround but wall mounted fronts. The distance is the key. I guess you can have your cake and eat it too Al. Ill report back the findings https://www.audioholics.com/outdoor-speaker-reviews/goldenear-invisible-dolby-atmos-system-cedia-2016 Info here as well: https://www.goldenear.com/products/invisa-series?gktab=5 After talking with Audioconnection and Goldenear the HTR7000s will be surrounds, 3M from the MLP fired directly at the MLP. The Front heights are Invista 650. Going to start wiht just the front heights and decide if I need a rear height
  10. I already have 4 speakers, in ceiling, purchased and ready to go in. Two are HTR7000 which are angled Two are down firing Which two for the front? Maybe the Angled one. I put them up there originally and it sounded nice. perhaps ill leave the Surround off until such time as technology changes or theres a way to mount them on the wall. I am building a HT setup, I have no desire for a 2 Channel setup, ive got one based on Linn Klimax in my music room.
  11. Hi all about to cut the holes for my 6 in ceiling speakers. 4 are atmos and 2 are in ceiling directional rear surrounds. I have my speakers 1.8m a part. First set of atmos are 1400mm off the front wall. The rear atmos are just behind the sofa and 1700mm back from the first set. They essentially line up with the TV. My rear set are htr 7000 invisa by golden ear which are an inceiling rear surround (no comments rear height differences please ! Ha) Questions: Any issues with placements of the unveiling speakers? Any issue with the front atmos being 1400mm ahead of the listening area ? Some photos. There will be a l/c/r around the TV and two subs. You can see small blue tap marks on the ceiling for the proposed atmos.
  12. HI All Ive got a single speaker connected to Zone 2/Presense on the rear of my AVR. Ideally, Id like to just have Zone 2 on in some cases and play only through the single speaker but what is occuring is the main zone speakers are playing too. I assume I need to setup the AVR but im a bit lost as to what I need to change/set Can anyone help? Thanks
  13. Trust me Al, you cannot run cables behind any trim. There is no cavity, there is timber framing in teh wall that prevents a hole being drilled and cable pulled through. ive tried it. You cannot get access into that wall. Its not possible without totally damaging the rendered wall and im not doing that. There is a will but there is no way without lots of rework and cost. Ive considered it, many times. I even tried it with my sparky. We cant do it. I should have pulled the cable through there before, when we had the chance. Believe me. The ONLY access is the rear kitchen wall and the front TV wall and the ceiling space, BOTH side walls are 100% inaccessible.
  14. Theres no access, if there was Id have run cables there. There WAS access
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