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  1. Hi Mendes, I made a post about Glengoyne 21 that was most probably specifically directed to you. Consider giving it a try if you have not already. Shame you are out west, I would have enjoyed a whisky and cigar event.
  2. Yes, the Allardice is very good. Have you tried Glengoyne 21? It has unfortunately increased in price a fair bit over the last few years but I recommend it for those who really enjoy nosing and sipping their whisky. Personally, and in contradiction with various reviewers, I prefer it without even a few drops of water.
  3. Nice one! It will be Siglo 6 here. From an old stash. With Glenfarclas 15, also from an old stash. It had better be nice on the verandah as the Goddess would pour a bucket of water over us if we smoked inside.
  4. I think Mr Boop has found his inner cave man from his moderator duties. The rest of us would do well to take your advice on a few minutes per side.
  5. Was trying to work out what that band was. You saved me the effort! I will be having a Glenfarclas and Cohiba night on Tuesday. Wednesday morning is likely to be a little lazy.
  6. I'm going to take a stab and suggest that saying I have found the Nespresso Ristretto Intenso pro capsule to be a great coffee will not go down very well here? 😀
  7. For some peculiar personal reason I have for many years avoided Springbank. Perhaps because it was such an anorak favourite. It turns out I was just delaying a most enjoyable experience. Yes, the 10 YO is most enjoyable. I am pretty sure that some years ago I mentioned how much I enjoyed Glen Scotia 15. I have recently tried a more recent bottling and am so pleased that it is still a favourite. Have other people enjoyed the pear aftertaste of Ardbeg 10YO? I certainly do. Finally, I have been unable to resist the great offer at Dan's for the 10 YO Bladnoch.
  8. Very good choice. I have a friend who, when he comes over, will choose this to sip rather than one of several others I might offer him that are 15, 18, 25 years old , or even the one 30 year old I might offer. All from highly esteemed distilleries. Goes to show, doesn't it? Slainte.
  9. Hmm, interesting. I never had that problem. Lucky me.
  10. High voltage caps in a SET design can have difficulty with our wandering line voltages. I got sick of replacing caps (and fried resistors) in my Audio Aero monoblocs and bought a Furman voltage regulator to solve the problem of a design operating rather close to tolerance limits. No problems since.
  11. I'll put money on it being a fried capacitior. Or maybe something else.
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