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  1. Hmm, interesting. I never had that problem. Lucky me.
  2. High voltage caps in a SET design can have difficulty with our wandering line voltages. I got sick of replacing caps (and fried resistors) in my Audio Aero monoblocs and bought a Furman voltage regulator to solve the problem of a design operating rather close to tolerance limits. No problems since.
  3. I'll put money on it being a fried capacitior. Or maybe something else.
  4. Andrew at Dr Sound on 97953043 is very reliable. Also very reasonable on pricing. He is in Mulgrave. http://www.drsound.com.au/
  5. I bought my first tape deck, a Teac, from Douglas Hi Fi. It was in 1975 and I loved it. Only sold it about 2 years ago, along with many tapes including virgin blank unopened BASF ones. I always bought my tapes from Radio Parts at the top of Spencer Street. Ah, memories.
  6. The Tebaldi/Bergonzi Madame Butterfly conducted by Serafin. A 2 cd Decca set I purchased many years ago. I see there are a number of rereleases available. I have not listened to this for quite some time and will happily admit that it put tears in my eyes. Tebaldi in wonderful form. Wonderful.
  7. Well, Sir Sanders (Monarch of Oz in waiting), look at it this way, say you had a hammer. And you banged it up and down. Then someone said you should bang it up and down faster. That is gain. But your arm was weak and you couldn't bang faster. That is insufficient power. Of course, as a Monarch, you would never have insufficient power.
  8. Isn't it funny how certain albums allow one to relive certain moments in one's life?
  9. If you have valve gear then I would strongly recommend 220V. Those high voltage capacitors and valves often have little leeway in tolerance to play with.
  10. I agree. Went with Wadiaman to the show a couple of years ago and had this experience reconfirmed. Boring old tape, provided it is studio quality, is sensational.
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