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  1. Item: Rotel RSX 1055 5.1 Surround Receiver Location: Narre Warren North Melbourne 3804 Price: $350 $250 (at insistence of long suffering wife who needs more cupboard space) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Too much gear Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Great sounding and great looking amp that has been in storage for a few years. Have hooked it up and am listening to it right now. Happy to audition at purchaser pick up to satisfy the most discerning SNAer. Have a browse of the original Secrets review I will link to below. Comes with fully working remote (fitted with new batteries!). Now, the bit that might excite. It also comes with a FREE Rotel RDV 1080 player! Yes, this beauty works most of the time and only skips every now and then - because it is begging for a new laser. Which I was going to install one day but never got around to doing. As you can see it is a matching unit to the RSX 1055 and is worthy of not being parted with it. The player remote works fully (and also has new batteries!). No, you cannot ask for the player free by itself... Yes, a $20 contribution will be made to SNA upon sale. Welcome Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity HOMETHEATERHIFI.COM Home Theater Systems and Audio Components | Audio Visual Equipment Product Reviews, Technical AV Guides, Home Theater... Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. 250 watts? Bloody hell, Al, that is a heck of a lot of watts, Particularly in Class A. Are you thinking of powering the next Mars rocket? I reckon that if 60 honest watts do not do it for you then something is seriously astray. Mind you, I specify serious watts.
  3. Two of my neighbours make their own salami each year. As usual I received a few of their products last week with their instructions on how long to let them mature. Being of northern European extraction I have my own views on how long salami should mature and the importance of the squeeze test. I saw that one of the cryo packs is labelled "chili". I remember last year and shudder. Want it?
  4. Ha ha. But unfortunately not an export model.
  5. It could have been a solution to our global population explanation. Then again, last November the IPCC carried out modelling that concluded doubling the use of nuclear power would do the job of keeping global warming to less than 1.5 degrees. Maybe those 1950's ideas were onto a win/win strategy.
  6. I may have mentioned this one previously, however now I know your preferred style may I recommend Glen Scotia 15 to you? Not a pure sherry whisky but I would be surprised if you did not find the flavours and style most pleasing. A little less strident than the Glendronach 12 and with what I would suggest is finer integration. Then again, it is also a little older. There are men who appreciate such things. I have just checked to see if Ralfy reviewed it and I see he gave it a 92. Perhaps have a view.
  7. I have used a number of cd transports over the years. For quite a while the main system was based on the Consonance unit. Then I went to a dedicated transport made by DIYNut, the Mack player with a cdpro transport. That ignores various Sony and Teac units I had years ago. Very recently, and for some vague reason, I became motivated to seriously compare a number of transports I had available to me. Well, blow me down, I found that the transport I like the most is the Denon 2930. I even compared it to the Oppo 203. In all cases feeding a Wadia 27ix V3 DAC. For some reason, one I cannot explain, the Denon is just so much better. Much more bounce. Yes, I know, it is all about digital reading and the big difference should come from the conversion from digital to analogue, in this case the Wadia. I have 3 Denon 2930s and for the perverse pleasure of changing cables as a pastime I tried them all. Yep, the Denon just had it all over the others. Every time. I stress that this is purely as a digital source. How strange. Not what I expected. I expected any differences in perception to be due to mood and ambience. But no. In my mucking around I found something else. Strange indeed. Perhaps it is just me, but there you have it. I am bemused.
  8. Correct. I have Zingy worked out now. The Glengoyne is a great sherry whisky. A diminishing resource as true sherry casks become increasingly an expensive resource. The sherry industry viability has for quite a while depended on the requirement by the scotch industry for their used barrels. This could hardly be a long term proposition. The beginning of the end was when Macallan increased its use of ex bourbon barrels. Mind you, some of that stuff is pretty great. But it is not what rings people like Zingy's bells. I have put in quite a stock of classic sherry bombs for the times I like to drink that. I come and go with my preference. Today I enjoyed a nice peated with friends.
  9. I understand the feeling. I have only recently returned in a big way to my early love of audio. And cannot believe I was so distracted by other life experiences to the extent I was. I am fortunate that we can still fit almost all my gear in our various residences and enjoy them. Pretty soon we will have to start downsizing. That will present challenges. Such is life. Good enough is good enough if one can distil the dream to the essence.
  10. You are a gentleman, Zingy. I think I now have a better idea on your palate preferences. Perhaps you can come around later this year after our o/s sojourns to try some interesting tipples. I reckon you will really enjoy the Glengoyne 21 yo.
  11. I think the blurb is trying to say that the amp is like a Class A valve amp. I'm thinking I don't like vague wording like this. Don't bother with the words. Have a listen and compare. If you can.
  12. I'M impressed, TB. Seriously impressed.
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