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  1. The squarer boxes (1 pair) have a damaed diaphragm, I am going to part them out as spares for the other 2 pairs of higher quality made boxes as one of the better boxes is missing a woofer, just means I will have one spare woofer, two spare horns, and two spare tweeter drivers (one with blown diaphragm easily replaced. ) I did just pick up a pair of Australian Monitor QMX double 15 FOH speakers and about to pickup a pair of Turbosound TMS-3 FOH 3ways too. Wonder if anyone else is a PA fanatic on here too?
  2. I didn't realise until I looked on ebay usa a pair of the 2344a horns old for $300 alone, woah. so that means I might have around $1000+ in buttcheek horns alone lol. ...now i'm waiting for some buttcheek jokes
  3. Sold.com.au didn't implode, it was going awesome I sold and bought on there so much. Ebay bought them out, best way to beat the competition, own them. Now I believe yahoo actually owns the domain at least lol.
  4. danter i'm a sniper through and through, also it helps me to stop spending more than I am absolutely willing to pay for something, no knee jerk reactions that cost the hip pocket and buyers remorse!
  5. tell who the price? you want to know what I paid ? lol For those who would like to know it cost me around $1050 including delivery from Sydney to Brisbane Is that a good buy do you guys think?
  6. Well they arrived! Nothing has been broken, they were wrapped in movers blankets, I don't know if the scuff marks were done by the movers or thats the purchase condition, I'll rest of the side of caution and assume it was the seller. For the curious I pulled open on of the boxes, (flat normal rectangle box without mounting bar) and it has the drivers I expected. JBL 2204h 12" woofer, JBL 2426J 1" compression tweeter on the typical JBL 12" bi-radial buttcheek horn. Yes I know there is a woofer missing, that was a part of the purchase, also I believe one CD diaphragm needs replacing but I was also made aware of this. The lady I purchased them from was extremely rude to me on the phone. Firstly she gave me her phone number but it always rang out, then I googled the addess and realised it was actually and AV company, so I called the company and she pretended she didn't work there when she answered, I Googled her name and company name and low and behold googles first hit had them together. Anyways story goes on she went off at me on the phone ranting and raving because I called her back on the same number she called me on saying it's not allowed or something, anyways the courier was there 5minutes later, grabbed the loot and she called back to say they are gone and to never call her again...well I was just taken aback about that. Anyways I know to never purchase from said company when doing installations or from their ebay account. I'll be pulling apart one of the other boxes that I have 4 of to see what components in them, fingers crossed they are 2406 (twice the power rating over the 2204's). BTW I don't believe the boxes are real jbl's. More so a Jands created version called AD-44 based on the JBL 4726 or 4825. Anyways the one identical pair that I pulled apart have dual ports on the front down the bottom (not behind the horn cheeks like the real jbl product) as for the 4 that I have identical, it looks as though they have the port on the rear where you plug the speakon into. They are actually a transmission line design inside!! that was surprising. Anyways everything went well. I gave the driver some extra money after I felt the weight of them. $215 delivered from Blacktown to Brisbane isn't too shabby at all, it was more than ego but these came in one piece, lovely blokes who delivered and they were picked up yesterday and delivered today WOW!! Excellent work thank you everyone for your advice, offered assistance and responses. Can't wait to give these babies a go, wonder if they will sound any good on a Tube amp in my lounge room? haha So in the end I have 6x JBL 2344a 12" Conical Buttcheek horns (100x100deg) 6x 2426j 1" Compression Drivers with one requiring diaphragm 5x 2204h 12" Mid woofers. All with extremely decent crossovers, boxes and the like
  7. Ok so Astrosound was excellent at connecting me with someone to pickup the freight, The items are still in shipping, I have been advised they are being handled accordingly to ensure the horns are protected. Spoke with the driver and hes about 2 hours away from brisbane. I'll give an update and photos tonight. If anyone else needs things shipped between Melbourne, sydney or brisbane definitely speak with Astrosound, Will be using his services for items from American now. Cheers Joe
  8. The speakers are small jbl AD44 (they are actually made by jands as a copy of the jbl 4762 original with buttcheek horns not the SR). The original JBL version has carry handles protruding from the front to protect the horns but the jands version does not, there are 6 of these. I transferred the seller direct debit so just waiting on the arrival of that before needing them to be fixed up. thanks rockford! love the help others are offering in all this if only i was local would take ya out for a beer haha The seller does not want to help at all which is sad when I have paid them a fair amount for these. anyways reminds me of when i shipped my Velodyne HGS-18 to another member on SNA. He lives in South Australia. I made a custom wood crate, took me a whole day to build, good thing too as the courier company hit the crate with a forklift, subwoofer was fine, thankfully as the sub was sold for $2500. I know how careless some movers can be.
  9. hey rockford, the main thing I really need is either the horns to be removed and safely put into another box (6 screw per horn) and the courier company can take the unpacked boxes as is with the horns nice and safe i got your pm, replied and will be calling tomorow thanks!
  10. Astrosound that would be wonderful. I was looking at shipping with E-go.com.au Pickup from the seller and delivered to my local depot came out to be $100 with insurance (no excess) to cover $2000 value. Just don't want the horns being broken/chipped as they stick out the front of each of the 6 speakers and look to be fairly fragile. Paid for the items today so could be picked up whenever, any time frame on when your guy would be able to pickup next?
  11. I think the links are broken because of a redesign of the forum software?
  12. Here goes my strange random request, I just purchased some pa speakers on ebay located in banks town, they have protruding horns. Btw they are 5 speakers 380mm wide x 290mm deep x 800mm and I am told 38kg each. The seller (an older lady) advised me I can arrange courier but she is unable/un-willing to try and protect said protruding jbl horns. Short of me getting some cheap flights down there and back from brisbane (which is a possibility) I was wondering if anyone knows of a good company that can assist with packaging of these? I have already have a courier handing to pick them up so pack and send aren't an option. Or if someone lived locally who has some spare time to assist in packaging these for me I would gladly pay for your time and materials. Or have a long time SNAer in debt to you, never know when you will need some audio gear picked up and shipped from brisbane?? It is worth a question so just thought I'd put it out there, just running out of idea's apart from travelling there myself which turn out to be an unprofitable journey. Cheers Joe
  13. DJB! This is yours truely. Good to see you following on Twitter. I used it to follow a number of quality manufacturers and hear about what is going on. Is a wonderful tool I find. If you can wade through all the crap on there though haha. I'v only had negative association with a person on twitter once, but easy fix, just ignore the trolls and don't feed them! I mainly use twitter as another way to share information with other followers, search the hashtag #avtweeps you find a lot of ppl tag their tweets with that.
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