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  1. Yes sorry for lack of info, using Sherbourn PT-7030 preamp and rotel rmb1075. cheers
  2. Hi all just started having a problem with my processor, when i first turn on i get no sound, after awhile you hear a little bit of scratchie noise which builds up to bits and pieces of talk/song and then eventually the sound is good. Its doing my head in. It happens on all inputs fox,stb,cd player,blu ray player so i dont think its any leads as some are using hdmi and others just toslink. Any suggestions?
  3. Just reminded me i should have one of those from my PT-7030
  4. Sounds like this will suit. just run the cat cable thru the conduit then into splitter then hdmi into sourcees. They work perfectly. https://www.ezyhd.com.au/shop/hdmi-splitter-hdmi-cable-loop/
  5. Surely the title of this topic was tongue in cheek, the 80's rocked.
  6. No the cards are married to the box so only work with box the came with, you take the box to the other location and connect there tho.
  7. $349 at Eastwood hifi http://www.eastwoodhifi.com.au/yamaha ns-ic800 in ceiling speakers.htm
  8. What projector are you using Drummerboy?
  9. $4 cheaper at RIO. Very tempted to upgrade my w1070
  10. I know my benq has an option in the menu for instant off or cool down.
  11. Interested in mount if your willing to separate?
  12. Not real sure what you want to know Alan but im in WA and have Vast south on that ch2 is Tas HD and there is no SD "CH2" anywhere, all the other states ch2's are HD only. All other ABC ch's are SD. So no primary channel simulcast
  13. More info http://community.foxtel.com.au/t5/Announcements/FOX-SPORTS-More-launch/td-p/180092
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