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  1. OSMC is essentially kodi. Everything that works on Kodi works under OSMC including the add-ons. But the underlying video engines are really good. I replaced two Kodi boxes with the Vero and they have been rock solid compared to my NUCs.
  2. I haven't noticed any reindexing on startup. It's true it takes a few days to do the initial index when you first install, and that makes it a bit painful to use - but never seen any reindexing going on. It does scan for changes, but it doesn't take any overhead - even on slowish NAS.
  3. Savali (who mainly does movie soundtracks) wrote each stanza to reflect a Caravaggio artwork. You're supposed to reflect on the painting with the music. It's a really good recording. It was done for the 2006 Barcelona exhibition
  4. Thanks for that clarification. I've never used it (I use MRC).
  5. This. Your microphone with Dirac generates a set of response curves in Dirac's room analysis module. You then create filters to modify that response curve, and upload the filters into Roon. As you're probably aware, this is much more art than science. Dirac also has a DSP engine, which you wouldn't be using.
  6. You can do a few things. First, you can correct delays for speakers in odd positions. Second, you can apply parametric eq, which is great for headphones - Roon has some Audeze tools in it. And finally, you can implement sets of filters you develop in other packages which is how you would do room corection. Roon just gives you the ability to upload sets of filters. The skill is developing the right filters in the first place, which you do in another package. It does take a chunk of processing power, but a modern NUC should be fine; older ones like the 2820 can't handle it, you really need an i series processor. Roon's support pages have recommended builds.
  7. But that's exactly why it has gone up. This was always Roon's stated plan: you were taking a punt on a startup, helping them out with cashflow, and in return you got a discount. Now they are stable, and actually have a product, you lose that discount. Personally, I find the subscription model better anyway.
  8. One of the oldest CDs I own. Really nice brass (I am on a bit of a brass thing this long weekend) because I love my tweeters. Dug it out for Maccabeus, of course.
  9. Resurrection. This is my preferred SACD version because the brass is so good.
  10. James Macmillan - Seven Last Words From the Cross
  11. What's your favourite Bach Passion (John or Matthew) and which recording?
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