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  1. That's a shame. I can't believe the prices these days and stuff is a lot better
  2. Do you mean model? There's really only the GZ1000 and the 2000; the latter is rare and very expensive.
  3. OK, so thanks to JBHifi's promotions team, I have moved up the display scale and replaced my plasma with a 4K OLED display. As I only have a BR player (Oppo 103D) I'm looking at a new player. There are lots of players at lots of pricepoints, but what do you get for the extra money? WIth the Oppos it was easy - cheaper model had HDMI out only, more expensive had analogue as well. Is it the same with the mainstream players (Pioneer, Pana etc)? There are some in the thousands, eg the Pioneer X1000. What do you get for the money? And what do I actually need if I used it for essentially video only? Edit: I have an XBox One X for gaming, but heard the BR playback was a bit average. I have a Vero 4k+ for kodi, but I still have a niche for playing real discs.
  4. No stand. Has always been wall mounted including previous owner
  5. I am just checking now, its a 50 - thanks for the heads up, it was so long ago....
  6. I'd definitely look at Sony. It's just their pricing seems to be a bit less flexible than their competitors, end up being too expensive and so the people who buy them buy the brand or are talked into it at their local store.
  7. Item: 50" Pioneer Kuro panel Location: Preston, Vic Price: $350 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: New OLED Payment Method: Pickup - Cash (small deposit by bank transfer may be required for low post buyers) Extra Info: I bought this from a hifi shop about five years ago. It's my main FTA TV viewing TV and it's been great. But I have bought a new OLED for the hifi room, which means the current 65" plasma will move on to the family room - so time to move this one on. It's been a brilliant panel and I love it lots. It's pretty chunky and of course no packaging. I'm not sure which model it is other than it being the ones on the manual. It's wall mounted so I can't see much in the way of labels. Photos:
  8. I finally crumbled and bought a 65" from JB for 2500.
  9. No-one would have forecast the renaissance of the turntable. Perhaps there will be a similar movement in TVs.
  10. I don't really consider OLED expensive anymore. What will fill the gap is quasi-OLED technologies like QLED. They will only exist whilst the price differential is there, especially on larger panels. As OLED gets cheaper/bigger, then QLED will die.
  11. I'm planning on hand-me-downs: OLED for hifi room, GT60 to family room, 2007 Kuro to ???. Micro-LED is too far away: it took OLED a good five years to become mainstream and even now, over 65 is pretty much unaffordable..
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