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  1. No problem Richard. Postage is likely to be around $16 tho!
  2. HI Adam, all yours except Eric Bourdon and the Sonny Boy test pressing
  3. Hi Derek, all yours. Please let me know if you are picking up or want postage. Cheers
  4. Hey John, all yours except Lyn Stanley, as Clive beat you.
  5. Hi Robert, yes for the first 2, but Joz has claimed Sinatra
  6. OK, Joz beat you to Doug MacLeod, so does $135 for the remaining 10 work for you? Regards
  7. No probs Joe. I'll keep them aside for you.
  8. Item: Various, Shown Below Location: Mornington, Vic Price: Shown below Item Condition: All are mint or sealed Reason for selling: No more analogue Payment Method: EFT or cash on collection Extra Info: Can post Australia wide, at buyers expense at cost rate. Charlie Haden & Antonio Forcione, Heartplay, $35 Nirvana, In Utero, 20th Anniversary Edition, (sealed), $60 Bone Thugs n Harmony, Greatest hits vol 1, $20 Metallica, S&M, $55 Dean Blunt & Emily Copeland, Black is beautiful, $10 SOLD Rolling Stones, Rolled Gold +, $40 SOLD Candido, Beautiful, $20 SOLD 7 Worlds Collide, The Sun came out, 2 LP $45 SOLD Jimmy Witherspoon, Roots, $25 SOLD Eric Bourdon, Til your river runs dry, (sealed), $20 SOLD Nina Simone, Nina Simone + piano, $20 SOLD Grinderman, Grinderman 2, (sealed), $25 SOLD Jimmy Cliff, Rebirth, (sealed), $25 SOLD Neil Young, After the Gold Rush, 517936-1, $50 SOLD Beirut, The Riptide, (sealed), $20 SOLD Grant Lee Phillips, Little Moon, $20 SOLD J Giles Bank, Full House, $15 SOLD Sonny Boy Williamson, Keep it to ourselves, $40. Also have test pressing of same LP, $15 SOLD Wretches & Jabberers, $40 SOLD The National, Alligator, $20 SOLD Neil Young, Live at Massey Hall 1971, $50 SOLD My Morning Jacket, 4 LP box set, Okonokos, $40 SOLD Joanna Newsome, Have one on me box set, $25 SOLD Bill Evans Trio, Waltz for Debby, $15 SOLD Donald Byrd, Ethiopian Nights, (sealed), $20 SOLD Gil Scott-Heron, The revolution will not be televised, $20 SOLD Vic Chesnutt, At the Cut, $15 SOLD Vic Chesnutt, Skitter on take off, $15 SOLD Iron & Wine, Around the well, $35 SOLD Billie Holiday, Lady in Saturn, $20 SOLD Shelby Lyn, Tears, lies & alibis, $20 SOLD OM, Advaitic Songs, 2lp, 45rpm, $25 SOLD Beth Orton, Central Reservation, RTH 2011, $70 SOLD Cat Stevens, Tea for the Tillerman, (sealed), APP 9135, $60 SOLD Lyn Stanley, Lost in Romance, 2 LP, 45rpm, $40 SOLD Nitin Sawhney, One Zero box set, $60 SOLD Dadawa, Seven Days, LP 9149, $90 SOLD Frank Sinatra, Nice n Easy, MFSL 1-317, $70 SOLD Anthony Wilson Nonet, Power of nine, (sealed), $30 SOLD Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Damn the Torpedoes, B0015004-01, $60 SOLD The Hot Spot Soundtrack, $40 SOLD Little Feat, Rooster Rag (sealed), 11661-9149-1, $25 SOLD Built to Spill, There is no enemy, (bonus CD not included) $15 SOLD Power of Soul, Jimi Hendrix Tribute, RTH 2012, $50 SOLD Broken Hearts & dirty windows, Songs of John Prine, $15 SOLD Lambchop, Mr M, $20 SOLD Beth Orton, Comfort of Strangers, $15 SOLD Muddy Waters, I'm Ready, $20 SOLD Beth Orton, Sugaring Season, $15 SOLD Kari Bremnes, Youd have to be here< $20 SOLD Dadawa, Sister Drum, $50 SOLD Pixies, Doolittle, MFSL 1309, $70 SOLD Curtis Mayfield, Superfly, $20 SOLD Thorens 125th Anniversary LP, $300 - this is special, a collectors item. SOLD Mad Season, Above, (sealed), $30 SOLD The Cinematic Orchestra, Live at Royal Albert Hall, $40 SOLD Interpol, Antics, $25 SOLD Frank Sinatra, Sinatra at the Sands, MFSL 2-332, $160 SOLD Sonny Rollins, Whats New, (sealed), $20 SOLD Diana Krall, Live in Paris, 45 rpm, ORG 003, $80 SOLD Metallica, Master of Puppets, 45 rpm, 470908-1, $40 SOLD Jonsi & Alex, Riceboy Sleeps, $45 SOLD Miles Davis, Kind of Blue box set, LP, 2 x CD, DVD, Book, $60 SOLD Analogue Productions Originals, direct to disc. Live recordings recorded direct to the cutting lathe. Fantastic sounding, blues music. Selling these at $15 each, or $150 for the lot (11). Most albums have 3 tracks per side. Some are sealed. all SOLD Doug MacLeod, APO 022 Arthur Williams with Jesse Hoggard, APO 006 Dan Dyer, vol 1, APO 012 Dan Dyer, Vol 2, APO 013 Howard Tate, APO 009 Henry Gray, APO 001 Pinetop Perkins, APO 002 Lazy Lester, APO 003 Roscoe Chenier, APO 007 Wild Child Butler, APO 004 Major Handy, APO 010 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Hi Colin, I can hold it for as long as you require me to. No problem. Ready when you are. I'll mark it as sold. Cheers
  10. I've reduced the price on these to $160 each. Thanks
  11. Hey Russell. Pink Panther, no problem. Both Elvis LP's are now sold.
  12. Item: Various Vinyl, Batch 5 Location: Mornington, Vic Price: Shown below Item Condition: Mint for all Reason for selling: No more analogue Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: The below albums are just about the final batch I have remaining as I'm selling the collection as they have not seen regular use for some years. I have different priorities now, compared to when I was DEEPLY into this hobby. Each one of these albums was purchased new by me and has been well cared for and stored in my dedicated room away from dust, sunlight, pets and my kids. Buyers can expect as new condition for what I hope is good value buying. My pricing is based on lower than the lowest price shown on Discogs, even though I know the condition of my records will be superior to most. Album numbers are shown so you can do your own research. For any title you like and think I have my pricing off, please let me know. I'm happy to discuss. I can ship, as I've now done a bit of that in the past week! Heavy rigid cardboard and bubble wrap lining will be used. I'd far prefer to not send single LP's as its not very cost effective. Nirvana - In Utero, 20th Anniversary edition (sealed) 060253748346, $60 Shelby Lynne - Tears, Lies & Alibis, EVER 170, $15 Lyn Stanley - Lost in Romance, $40 Billie Holiday - Lady in Saturn, CS 8048, $20 Nina Simone & Piano, LSP 4102, $30 Eric Bourdon - Till Your River Runs Dry, (sealed), 8906-1, $40 Jimmy Witherspoon - Roots, APP 6057, (sealed) $30 Muddy Waters - I'm Ready, JZ 34928, $30 Kari Bremnes - You'd Have to be here, Indigo 2929-1 Way 217, $20 Beth Orton - Sugaring Season, 87118-1, $30 Beth Orton - Comfort of Strangers, ASW 52345, $30 Beth Orton - Central Reservation, RTH 2011, $80 Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tillerman (sealed), B0015570-01 APP 9135, $50 Om - Advaitic Songs, DC 438, $25 Dadawa - Seven Days, LP-9149, $80 The Hot Spot - Motion Picture Soundtrack, various, APB 8755, $60 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Damn The Torpedoes, Deluxe Edition, B0015004-1, $90 Sonny Rollins - What's New (sealed), LSP 2572, $40 Anthony Wilson Nonet - Power of Nine (sealed), GRV1035-1, $40 Sonny Boy Williamson - Test Pressing 1996, Keep it to Yourselves, $20 (this is good, the actual album in the previous batch is better) Frank Sinatra - Nice n Easy, MFSL 1-317, $50 Frank Sinatra - Live at the Sands, MFSL 2-332, $300 (not a typo!) Stevie Wonder - Talking Book, MOFI 1-009, $80 SOLD Randy Crawford & Joe Sample - No Regrets 782356040915, $30 SOLD Nat King Cole - Love is the Thing, AAP824-45, $80 SOLD Anne Bisson - Blue Mind, FALP 025, $30 SOLD Donald Byrd - Slow Drag, BLP 4292, $25 SOLD Rokia Traore - Tchamantche, OH 011 LP, $60 SOLD Alison Krauss & Union Station - So Long so Wrong, MFSL 2-276, $50 SOLD Rickie Lee Jones - Pop Pop, ORG 007, $80 SOLD Kenny Burrell Trio - A Night at the Vanguard, ELP 219, $15 SOLD Holly Cole - Holly Cole, T & M 1039, $30 SOLD Kari Bremnes - Over en by, 6558-1 Way 248, $30 (excellent album) SOLD Friend n Fellow - Covered, Ruf 2003, $50 (magnificent album. Buy this, spin it, thank me) SOLD Henry Mancini - The Pink Panther, LSP 2795, $20 SOLD John Lee Hooker - It Serve you Right to Suffer, AS 9103, $60 SOLD Cassandra Wilson - Blue Light till Dawn, PPAN BST 81357, $40 SOLD Doug MacLeod - Come to Find (sealed), APB 1027, $50 SOLD Elvis - Elvis is Back, AAPP-2231, $60 SOLD Elvis - 24 Karat Hits, 3LP, APP-2040 $90 SOLD Pictures:
  13. Item: Various Vinyl, batch 4 - some of the expensive stuff Location: Mornington, Vic Price: Shown below Item Condition: Perfect, mint Reason for selling: No more vinyl Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: This is part of a collection sell off. I've used Discogs as a pricing reference, where my prices are comfortably lower. All my LP's are in mint condition. Preference given to local sales to avoid the hassle and risk of postage. I will post though. Thorens 125 Anniversary - 3LP. ATD-125, $260 Miles Davis - Kind of Blue - 50th Anniversary, 88697 33552 2, $60 Diana Krall - Live in Paris, ORG-003-1, number 522, $90 Mad Season - Above. Original US pressing from 1995. C2 67057, $200 I don't care if I don't sell this, as I adore this album. Wretches & Jabberers - Various, 2LP, RMR 001, number 722, $50 (no CD) Sonny Boy Williamson - Keep it to Ourselves, APB 036, $50 Dadawa - Sister Drum, 4509995921, $80 Pixies - Doolittle, MFSL 1-309, $90 Hugh Masekela - Hope, Analogue Productions, 2 x 45RPM, APJ 82020, $90 SOLD Natalie Merchant - Tigerlily, Mobile Fidelity, MFSL 2-45008, number 1045, $80 SOLD Powderfinger - Seven Deadly Spins. Seven LP's and a booklet. No LP in this set has been played more than once and some have not been played. Number 461. This is a collectors item. SOLD Yello - Touch, 060252720619, $280 SOLD Ray Brown & L. Almedia - Moonlight Serenade, JET 33004, $100 SOLD Elio Villafranca & The Jass Syncopators - Flower by the Dry River, $50 SOLD Eagles - Hell Freezes Over, SVLP 050, $300 SOLD Jennifer Warnes - The Hunter, CPL 7063-1, number 2447, $50 SOLD John Coltrane Quartet - Ballads, 2LP 45rpm, ORG 012, $60 (sealed) SOLD Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue 2LP, 90760-1 $50 SOLD Oscar Peterson Trio - We Get RequestsAP 8606, $50 SOLD Tony Joe White - Homemade Ice Cream, APP 2708, $60 SOLD John Lee Hooker - Burning Hell, RLP 008, 2LP 45rpm, number 525, $100 SOLD Bernreuther/Bayer & Kossowska - United Blues Experience, The Cologne Concert, 83049, $50 SOLD Janis Ian - Breaking Silence, APP 027, $45 SOLD Pictures:
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