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  1. Item: Various Vinyl, batch 4 - some of the expensive stuff Location: Mornington, Vic Price: Shown below Item Condition: Perfect, mint Reason for selling: No more vinyl Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: This is part of a collection sell off. I've used Discogs as a pricing reference, where my prices are comfortably lower. All my LP's are in mint condition. Preference given to local sales to avoid the hassle and risk of postage. I will post though. Powderfinger - Seven Deadly Spins. Seven LP's and a booklet. No LP in this set has been played more than once and some have not been played. Number 461. This is a collectors item. Thorens 125 Anniversary - 3LP. ATD-125, $280 Yello - Touch, 060252720619, $280 SOLD Ray Brown & L. Almedia - Moonlight Serenade, JET 33004, $100 SOLD Miles Davis - Kind of Blue - 50th Anniversary, 88697 33552 2, $60 Elio Villafranca & The Jass Syncopators - Flower by the Dry River, $50 Eagles - Hell Freezes Over, SVLP 050, $300 SOLD Hugh Masekela - Hope, Analogue Productions, 2 x 45RPM, APJ 82020, $100 Jennifer Warnes - The Hunter, CPL 7063-1, number 2447, $50 SOLD Diana Krall - Live in Paris, ORG-003-1, number 522, $100 Natalie Merchant - Tigerlily, Mobile Fidelity, MFSL 2-45008, number 1045, $80 Mad Season - Above. Original US pressing from 1995. C2 67057, $200 I don't care if I don't sell this, as I adore this album. Wretches & Jabberers - Various, 2LP, RMR 001, number 722, $50 (no CD) Sonny Boy Williamson - Keep it to Ourselves, APB 036, $50 John Coltrane Quartet - Ballads, 2LP 45rpm, ORG 012, $60 (sealed) SOLD Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue 2LP, 90760-1 $50 SOLD Oscar Peterson Trio - We Get RequestsAP 8606, $50 SOLD Tony Joe White - Homemade Ice Cream, APP 2708, $60 John Lee Hooker - Burning Hell, RLP 008, 2LP 45rpm, number 525, $100 SOLD Bernreuther/Bayer & Kossowska - United Blues Experience, The Cologne Concert, 83049, $50 Janis Ian - Breaking Silence, APP 027, $45 Dadawa - Sister Drum, 4509995921, $90 Pixies - Doolittle, MFSL 1-309, $100 Pictures:
  2. Item: Sigur Ros, vinyl Location: Mornington, Vic Price: shown below Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Big sell-off Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: Three cracking albums from Icelands' Sigur Ros and one from its lead singer, Jonsi. These need a new loving home of a Sigur Ros fan; Takk - 2LP + 10" single sided etched disc. SM119LP, $90 SOLD Inni - 3LP, 2CD & 1 DVD. KRUNK7LP, $60 Valtari - 2LP. XL LP570, $30 SOLD Jonsi & Alex - 2LP. XLLP-447, $30 Pictures:
  3. Item: Audessey Sound EQ & Calibration Kit Location: Mornington, Vic Price: $650 Item Condition: Very good, excellent for age Reason for selling: Has not been used for years Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: This is the single ended Sound EQ and installer kit. This has been in storage for a long time. Selling as part of a larger sell off of possessions. Please note the mic cables are not included with the calibration kit, as I am using those elsewhere. All other items in the kit are included including calibrated mic and tripod. Pictures:
  4. Item: Antipodes DP Extender Location: Mornington, Vic Price: $220 Item Condition: Never Used, As New Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: This item was purchased for the purpose of extending my Antipodes DX server from my listening room, to allow music in my lounge room via a separate system. This product has not been used! This unit should only be considered if you have an Antipodes server already. I recommend contacting Antipodes to confirm compatibility with your server. Pictures:
  5. Item: Pioneer PLX1000 Turntable Location: Mornington, Vic Price: $620 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No more vinyl Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: Selling off my entire vinyl and turntable system. My main turntable (Kuzma Stabi M) was sold earlier this year and this more affordable turntable was purchased to allow me to keep spinning my collection, however that happened rarely. This turntable has been in a dedicated room, away from sunlight and kids. Other than some possible minor dust swirls on the dust cover, the turntable presents as new, as does the original packaging. I will ship, however do prefer a local sale, to avoid the risks associated with couriers. Pictures:
  6. Phil G

    FS: Various Vinyl, Third batch

    Sorry, it is spoken for.
  7. Phil G

    FS: Various Vinyl, Third batch

    Yes, its a ripper. Although plenty of Metallica fans hate it. It goes very well LOUD!
  8. Phil G

    FS: Various Vinyl, Third batch

    Sorry, they are spoken for.
  9. Phil G

    FS: Various Vinyl, Third batch

    This is hard yakka trying to keep up! Nice work crew.
  10. Item: Various Vinyl, 3rd batch Location: Mornington, Vic Price: shown below Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No more turntable Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: Some LP's originally came with dig downloads. I can't guarantee these are present in all instances. Buy the vinyl for the vinyl. Spotify can be your friend! Preference given to local buyers to avoid posting, but I will post for lots of 5 +. The Cinematic Orchestra, Live at Royal Albert Hall, $25 Metallica - Master of Puppets, 2LP, 45rpm, $100 Metallica - with San Fran Orchestra, $30 Mad Season - Above (Re-issue, sealed), $40 Grinderman 2, $20 Jimi Hendrix Tribute - Various, $25 Songs of John Prine - Broken Hearts and dirty windows, $15 Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland - Black is Beautiful, $20 Grant Lee Phillips - Little Moon, $20 Interpol - Antics, $20 Ladyhawke - Anxiety, $20 Iron & Wine - Around the well, $25 The National - Alligator, $20 Lambchop - Mr M, $20 Bone Thugs-n-harmony - Greatest Hits 1, $20 Little Feat - Rooster Rag, $15 J. Giles Band - Live Full House, $15 Glen Hansard - Rhythm & Repose, $20 SOLD The National - Trouble will find me, $25 SOLD Nick Cave & the bad seeds - Live in Germany, $20 SOLD John Mellencamp - Life death love & freedom, $15 SOLD Spider27 Iron & Wine - Our Endless numbered days, $20 SOLD dart to the heart Iron & Wine - The creek drank the cradle, $20 SOLD, dart to the heart Ryan Adams - Gold, $10 SOLD dart to the heart Apparat - The Devils Walk, $20 SOLD, Bags ACDC - Back in black, $20 SOLD Funkster Mudcrutch, $25 SOLD, Crystara Metallica, $25 SOLD Noddyc43 Metallica & Lou Reed - LuLu, $20 SOLD, Tubular Bells Fink - Wheels turn beneath my feet, $40 SOLD Bass13 Grinderman, $20 SOLD, CJMB Grinderman 2, $20 (I have two copies of this) SOLD 1 copy, CJMB Rowland S Howard - Pop Crimes, $20 SOLD Simo8989 Alice in Chains - Unplugged, $20 SOLD Candyflip Ben Harper - Both sides of the gun, $20 SOLD Muzzworld Jack Johnson - On & On, $20 SOLD Bass13 Hilltop Hoods - The hard road restrung, $25 SOLD Funkster The Herd - Summerland, $20 SOLD DaveO Mark Lanegan Band - Blues Funeral, $25 SOLD Funkster Interpol - Turn on the bright lights, $25 SOLD CJMB Nicolas Jaar - Space is Noise, $20 SOLD, Bags Ray Lamontagne - God willin & the creek don't rise, $20 SOLD, Crystara Ray Lamontagne - Till the sun turns black, $20 SOLD, Crystara Ray Lamontagne - Trouble, $20 SOLD, Crystara Lorde - Pure Heroin, $20 SOLD Simo8989 The Kills - No Wow, $15 SOLD, Spider27 Beck - Sea Change, $20 SOLD DaveO The Cure - Disintegration, 2LP, R1 523284, $25 SOLD Noddyc43 Counting Crows - August & Everything after, 2LP, 45rpm APP24528-45, $40 SOLD Bass13 Van Morrison - Astral Weeks Live, $25 SOLD Muzzworld John Mayer - Continuum, $20 SOLD, Spider27 Joni Mitchell - Ladies of the Canyon, Rhino R1 6376, $30 SOLD, Zippi Van Morrison - Astral Weeks, $15 SOLD ElDuderino Erykah Badu - Worldwide Underground, $15 SOLD, Zippi David Gray - Foundling, $15 SOLD Simo8989 Colin Hay - Gathering Mercury, $15 SOLD Simo8989 Dark was the night, various artists, $15 SOLD ElDuderino Aretha Franklin - I never loved a man ..., $15 SOLD Spider27 Suzanne Vega - Tales from the realm ..., $15 SOLD Cristara Willie Nelson - Songbird, $15 SOLD Funkster Gil Scott-Heron - Midnight Band, $15 SOLD DaveO Gil Scott-Heron - Its your world, $15 SOLD DaveO Gil Scott-Heron - I'm New Here, $20 SOLD DaveO Daft Punk - Random Access Memories, $25 SOLD Funkster The Cars, (MFSL), $20 SOLD Muzzworld Black Eyed Peas - The end, $10 SOLD Bass13 My Morning Jacket - Z, $15 SOLD Muzzworld My Morning Jacket - At Dawn (sealed), $15 SOLD Muzzworld My Morning Jacket - The Tennessee Fire, $15 SOLD Muzzworld Audioslave - Out of Exile, $5 SOLD Candyflip Air - Moon Safari, $20 SOLD, Zippi Ben Folds - Lonely Avenue, $15 SOLD Muzzworld Jose Gonzalez - In our nature, $15 SOLD DaveO Donavon - Frankenreiter, $10 SOLD Simo8989 Nenah Cherry - The Cherry Thing, $10 SOLD Simo8989 Tony Joe White - Hoodoo, $20 SOLD Funkster The Tallest Man on Earth - ,$15 SOLD, Zippi Kings of Convenience - Declaration of Dependance, $20 SOLD Simo8989 Smog - Red apple falls, $20 SOLD, CollisCollis Bon Iver - For Emma forever ago, $15 SOLD Spider27 Pictures:
  11. Phil G

    FS: Various Vinyl, second batch

    I've updated the original post and added names of the people in the order in which they cam in. I'm sorry that there were some multiple requests for the same LP. Again, I've gone first in best dressed. If missing out on an album or two changes your plans to buy anything, please don't hesitate to let me know, as that is fine. Cheers
  12. Item: Various LP Records Location: Mornington, Vic Price: As shown below Item Condition: Some sealed, all mint Reason for selling: Clearing out of vinyl, downsizing the collection due to no longer listening. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: All the below items are in mint or near mint condition. I won't post/ship single LP's due to the hassle and expense. Should an interstate buyer wish buy something shown below, please select at least 5 to make it worth while for both parties. I far prefer to sell to local people to avoid the risk of postage/couriers. Apologies for that. I'm happy to consider further discounts for bulk purchases. This batch represents some of the less expensive titles. I've got some gems which will be listed in the coming days. Happy to have people come take a look at whats left. Neil Young - After the Gold Rush, 517936-1, $60 Neil Young - Live at Massey Hall 1971, $60 Bruce Springsteen - We shall overcome, $15 Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA, $15 Rolling Stones - Rolled Gold +, $30 Dean Peer - Airborne, $25 Vic Chesnutt - Skitter on Take off, $20 Vic Chesnutt - At the cut, $20 Spoon - Gagagagaga, $10 SOLD Portishead - Third, $20 SOLD Bags The eraser remix - Thom Yorke, $8 SOLD, Bags The eraser - Thom Yorke, $10 Pulinap Tom Waits - Small Change, $10 CJMB Tom Waits - Glitter and doom Live, $20 CollisCollis Tom Waits - Money, $15 Zippi Bill Withers - Live, MOVLP 432, $20 SOLD Neil Young - Le Noise, 525956-1, $40 TubularBells Shearwater - Animal Joy, $20 Pulinap St Germain - Tourist, $20 Pulinap Tom Waits, Bad as me, $20 Collis Collis Elliot Smith - Either Or, $8 Pulinap Elliot Smith - Kill Rock $8 Pulinap Sufjan Stevens - The great lake state, $15 Pulinap Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans, $15 Pulinap Spoon - A series of sneaks, $15 Pulinap Spoon - Girls can tell, $15 Pulinap The Saints - I'm Stranded, $15 Pulinap Snow Patrol - Eyes Open, $10 Spider27 Bruce Springsteen - High Hopes, $15 Crystara Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball, $15 Crystara Sting - Symphonicities, $20 TubularBells Josh Rouse - 1972, $20 Crystara Josh Rouse - Nashville, $15 Crystara Josh Rouse - El Turista, $15 Pulinap Rumer - Boys don't cry, $20 Pulinap REM - Automatic for the people, $15 Noddyc43 REM - Around the sun, $20Noddyc43 REM, Lifes Rich Pageant, (MFSL), $20 Noddyc43 Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blood Sugar sex magic, $20 CJMB Pearl Jam, $15 CJMB Damien Rice - Live at Fingerprints warts and all, $20 Red Radiohead - Kid A, $20 Trigun Radiohead - In Rainbows, $15, Crystara Radiohead - The Bends, $20 CJMB Bobby Womack, The bravest man in the universe, $20 Pulinap Fat Freddy's Drop - Dr Boondigga & the big BW, $20 Zippi Eric Bibb - Painting Signs, $25 SOLD Keb Mo - Suitcase, PPAN 77621, $30 SOLD Sade - Diamond Life, AFZLP 089, $80 TubularBells Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis - Two men with the blues, $20 SOLD Herbie Hancock - The Imagine Project, $25 Spider27 Antony & The Johnsons - I am a bird now, $20 Picco Watson Antony & The Johnsons - The Crying Light, $15 Pulinap Antony & The Johnsons - Cut the World, $20 Picco Watson Leonard Cohen - Ten new songs, $25 Red Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas, $25 Red Gorillaz - Plastic Beach, $30 SOLD Dinosaur Jr - Farm, $20 SOLD Noddyc43 Pictures:
  13. Sure can. Cheers