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  1. For anyone who might have some interest in this system, I can exclude the subs, for those that may already have a sub or two, in order to make it more affordable. Don't hesitate to ask what might be possible.
  2. Further information: 4 way plus subs speaker system comprising the following; PSE-144 horns, which contain a tweeter and 4 x mid drivers per horn 6.5" PHL Mid-bass driver 18" PHL bass driver DEQX HDP-4 DEQX HDP-3 Pair of horn subs, each containing 10" sub drivers. Amplifier is included. All interconnecting and speaker cabling Earthworks mic Acer laptop which has all DEQX profiles/files Please note, no amps are included for the main speakers. 8 channels of amplification are required. Photos: PLEASE
  3. Further information: I have a used Sound-smith Strain Gauge SG-200 that has an issue with the control unit, as power cuts out on one channel. I was planning on sending it to Sound-smith and had communicated with Peter Lederman about it, but I no longer have a turntable so I chose to not return it for repair. So if you are interested in this please be aware that you will need to send it to Sound-smith, or have it attended to locally. There is no issue with the cartridge. I recall reports on early models that the rocker on/off switch was faulty, so it is possible that is the issue
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