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  1. I remember how long it took for the commercial networks to adopt FM.... ABC FM was it for a long time.
  2. Turnbull's fragmented NBN dooms Australia to repeat the mistakes of the past Letting telcos cherry-pick profitable suburbs will put us right back where we started — with Telstra holding the country to ransom. The real reason why Australia needs a national broadband network has been lost amid the political and technical arguments of the last few years. The primary purpose of the NBN isn't to deliver 100 Mbps download speeds across the country. Nor is the primary purpose of the NBN to run fibre to every home. The primary purpose of the NBN is to fix the hotch potch broadband infrastructure and monopolistic quagmire created by decades of market failure and regulatory impotence an environment which empowered the monster that is Telstra. Telstra has abused its control over the copper infrastructure time and again to stifle competition and limit innovation. There was a time when Telstra refused to enable ADSL2+ in an exchange until a competing telco installed its own ADSL2+ infrastructure. The Telstra and Optus HFC cable rollouts of the 1990s did little to alleviate the problem, cherry-picking the profitable suburbs while chasing each other down one street and then skipping the next. More recently the haphazard approach to rolling out broadband infrastructure in greenfield sites has created entire estates where homes have no choice when it comes to their internet service provider. This chaotic broadband rollout has created a vast digital divide between Australia's haves and have-nots. It's not just a divide between the cities and the country, it's a divide which exists within suburbs and even within streets. The quality of your home and business internet connection is basically pot luck depending on how Telstra's monopolistic behaviour has impacted on the available infrastructure and choice of providers. http://www.smh.com.a...0904-2t4cr.html
  3. I occasionally watch Frasier on TV1.. noticed promotions for "Medium" screening on SF.. although I don't understand how that program can be clasified as "science fiction." TV1 is part of the basic cable channels package for Telstra's T-Box,, maybe they'll replace it with Fox Classics The only channel I watch is Showcase.
  4. http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=140277
  5. Maybe someone in the Get The Best Reception, Hunter Valley thread can assist you I've holidayed down there a few times and I've found that I could pick up Taree FM stations clearer than Newcastle radio stations. Hope you sort it out.
  6. Wow. no wonder they stopped supporting the physical media (SACD). Interesting if the HDD audio player HAP-Z1ES will be available locally (considering Sony never released the ES SACD player over here). Yes, Myrantz is correct that the DSD files don't have DRM. It was only the physical media (SACD). "DSD Re-Mastering Engine" -I dare say the sound quality will be exceptional if it "upconverts" all files to DSD before conversion to analog. Apparently, the music transfer software is compatible with both Mac OSX and Window systems. Good to see that ALAC is supported - now that it's open source - you never know, Apple may also make an announcement on Sept 10 regarding 24-bit ALAC files to be sold through iTunes
  7. Sylvian's Band "Rain Tree Crow" http://youtu.be/h4t1IMHKzZY
  8. I hope they eventually remaster "On The First Day" David Sylvian with Robert Fripp . a true classic album
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