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  1. Item: ASW-100 B&W Subwoofer Location: Melbourne Price: $100 Item Condition: Fair. Plugged it in and powers up OK. Reason for selling: Not Required has been in storage for many years Payment Method: Pickup - Cash,, COD Only Extra Info: Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Strange situation with the tickets. I saw an article in the Age on Saturday Morning and bought the "best available" tickets. B17/B16 almost the front row (Behind AA, BB etc).
  3. Spotted this in The AGE this morning. Tickets booked. Album now playing.
  4. Nice! What size is it ? Guessing small
  5. Prompted by this thread I have checked bicycle cover for my bikes whilst they are at home as I have always been skeptical. I now have it in writing from my insurer that my bike are covered up to the value of my contents insurance.
  6. I would avoid the complication of internal gearing and go for something like this. Fixed or SS.. https://www.bikeexchange.com.au/a/urban-bikes/schindelhauer/vic/preston/viktor/102747629
  7. Is there anybody that can use some old Denon Receivers? Curious if there is anybody that can use these. Otherwise I think I'll take them to a recylcling centre
  8. If shipping to Melbourne is included I'll take the R2i.
  9. Went to Bunnings, they had Spades but no tone...
  10. Hey. Looking for a new clock radio to replace a Bose Wave. Wave has served me well but I don't like that it's cumbersome to use and now the display is small and dull. So. Requirements. Dual Alarm. Good Display Good Sound Mandatory. Must be able to play ABC Melbourne for waking up. (so that could be AM 774 or the DAB equivalent) Maybe Tivoli have a product but I'm not sure it meets the requirements. Yamaha also seem to have a candidate but again it's hard to tell if I an get it to play ABC on wake up..
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