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  1. Hi, I've been using DIY server running early snakeoil 0.1.5. on a Jetway MB. I want to update and run latest however it is still registered in the previous owners log in details and I'd like to do a clean installation. I am trying to install the latest iso from usb but having no joy. Unsure if usb incompatibility. The old software was running off SSD, I just have no idea to load the latest iso on a new SSD. Any pointers would be grand. Thanks Rob
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I have the opportunity to listen to an Auralic vega steaming DAC later this week. Just have to see if floats my boat. I'll do a few comparisons and post my thoughts.
  3. Thanks, That was my exact thoughts. I suppose I just need to find a Dac/renderer that I like the sound of. Always an excuse for another DAC.......
  4. cheers, I'm with you there. I'm happy with roon running off the nuc in another room. I suppose my listening habits have changed and I'm listening to Tidal more often now. I am just trying to get the most enjoyable sound from the digital side. Must be getting lazy and not spinning vinyl as frequently. Could be I'm just drinking more....
  5. cheers Snoop, using roon core on separate nuc. It was more the dac/renderer question of being integrated or seperate dac and renderer(transport). Diy is one of Tasso/chahn builds. Power from older hd plex 100. The usb (early Sotm) is an add on but is powered from motherboard power. Only the SSD with with operating system is powered separately. Music is attached on nuc.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Not really fussed if it's one or two boxes. One would be good but good sound trumps convenience for me. I was just concerned that the single box solutions didn't perform as well as a two box. Unfortunately only have access to the Oppo which has ethernet capability.. It would be interesting to hear from others with those high end dacs and see if they notice a difference streaming direct or using a separate renderer into their dac?
  7. Howdy. I'm considering updating my Roon endpoint. Presently using Roon Rock connected to Diy computer solution using snake oil. I recently hooked up my Oppo205 direct to Ethernet which simplified things but still preferred usb from my renderer connected to usb of the Oppo. Not sure if it's the better power supply or poor implementation of Ethernet input on Oppo ? A single box solution is appealing but I'm unsure if renderer/dac solution is worth pursuing. A few of the reviews if seen seem to indicate that separate dac and renderer sound better. I'm not convinced by my exposure
  8. Looking good as always Doug. The sauce combo sounds fab.
  9. Thanks for all the responses, much appreciated.
  10. Item: HiEnd Separates or Integrated Amplifier Price Range: $25-30k Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi All I am looking for preamplifier/amplifier combo or integrated . Mono amps would be good but happy with a stereo amp and preamp or a top flight integrated amplifier. Must be in mint condition. Need at least 100w or high current to drive a large pair of floorstanders. Prefer solid state but would consider a tube preamp but not amp. Happy to arrange shipping if that is required. Please PM me if you have anything that you think might be of interest or know of anywhere sel
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I'll pay Pierre a visit👍
  12. Probably a big ask. Hoping some accomodating Wilson owner could facilitate a listen. I’m happy to provide beverages of choice😜.
  13. Not sure I’m of the same opinion. Smells like a shortage of loo paper. Too many excuses. I’ve written it off. My first dip into this kind of transaction. If it eventually eventuates I’m happy to be surprised.
  14. details of the butcher if you please sir😀
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