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  1. Yes it works a treat. Did my old 125 mkII back in the 70s and still using it today with a cork/rubber mat. Have fun.
  2. You need a good headphone amp to get the best out of the 700 and they kill the 650. If not the 650 are great.
  3. You can get new 700 for under $600 everywhere with full warranty and they kill the 600 & 650. New model out 700s.
  4. I have one of these & it is great with my 700 so with the 800 I can't imagine. Good value & it does take 2 in and gives 1 out.
  5. Works well for me through the bridge with flac from the nas using twonky . It has even more detail, where will we end up with these F/W updates from Ted? Sounds good to me but will have to get into some higher quality recordings & see what it does.
  6. Well saw it for the first time & dumped it on the HD to look at again. JB had the CD Best of for $9.99 today so got that as I only had some music of them in low 128 MP3. Thank goodness I watch Rock Wiz otherwise would have missed it.
  7. Negotiations haven't happened so still on sale and price drop to $2750.
  8. Negotiations on sale are in progress with a local member. Will be sorted after Tamworth.
  9. SOLD MCINTOSH C220 Valve Pre-Amp. Location: Kedron Brisbane Price:$2750 Item Condition: running perfect purchased Sep 2010 from local dealer. Reason for selling: Gone all PASS LABS Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Comes with a 3 sets of valves for Main Amp stage and all sound different. Pictures:
  10. It is one of her best (my opinion) I have all her stuff but loaded a track last night from a Tribute album to Jackson Browne which really took me away. She does "The Pretender" and I have never heard this title like this before I got this tribute cd so it got played 4 times and it is on again today with the new album. Love her.
  11. Want to listen to it now here is a link http://www.npr.org/2014/09/21/348713419/first-listen-lucinda-williams-down-where-the-spirit-meets-the-bone#playlist Love it.
  12. JG have you found your problem? Have you got it sorted? Just like to know as still have mine going OK at the moment.
  13. I had a problem with mine that was a hum at first but it got worse & took out the transformer. This cost a fair bit as mine was not under warranty as I got it second hand but only a year old. The real problem was advised by Manley "One of the diodes in the tube heater power supply (12V) may be defective, although I would expect to see hum in both channels if that is the case. Nevertheless, it would probably be a good idea to replace these anyway; the originals were rated at 1 amp, replaced by a 2 amp part. Any voltage rating greater than 50V is fine." I had these replaced also and the cost for these was minimal and the problem is fixed. It would seem that the earlier amps had the lower value diodes but Manley sorted this in later units. Get this looked at ASAP before the Transformer goes.
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