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  1. Here's my take on the Swift Parrot and Olive Whistler on Snug Tiers today with Soundbyte - great day out - thanks Russell! Swift Parrot Olive Whistler cheers Mick
  2. with those yellow eyes, I reckon it's a grey currawong - crows don't have yellow eyes, currawongs do cheers mick
  3. It’s the Eurasian magpie - which is very widespread as the name suggests, but the Thailand form may be a distinct species, see here: https://www.thainationalparks.com/species/eurasian-magpie cheers mick
  4. Yep, he was quite popular back in the day - he did an excellent album with the Oz jazz group Crossfire. cheers mick
  5. @soundbyte Love the scrubtit pic. Mainlanders come down here trying to get pink robin pics, but little do they realise that the Scrubtit is the real Holy Grail - unless they're prepared to shoot fish in a barrel and go after an OBP pic at Melaleuca... cheers mick
  6. Dunno - it's just something that I've done for 60 or so years now - must be habit forming.... cheers mick
  7. Striated Pardalote pas de deux cheers mick
  8. @Full Range it’s a pied butcherbird 😊😊😊 cheers mick
  9. @soundbyte the white vent under the tail is characteristic of the Grey Currawong. cheers mick
  10. With those white under-tail feathers, I reckon it’s a grey currawong cheers mick
  11. Funny thing, but I can hold my fingers in exactly that position, and still not sound anything like Grant Green!
  12. Another great shot- easy to photograph, once you realise that it’s not a branch stub you’re looking at! But nice to get it with an eye partly open - they usually close right up and hope you’ll go away - it’s a joy to watch a couple of parents, sitting stiff upright, with a youngster in between who hasn’t learned yet, looking at you wide-eyed😊😊 cheers mick
  13. Yes, it’s an osprey - great shots though! cheers mick
  14. Dragged out my original copy (1970) of this for a spin today, still plays beautifully - Pity Chris Spedding never quite got the recognition he deserved 😞. cheers mick
  15. @Full Range The NZ bird is Tui The others in order are: Laughing Kookaburra Pacific Black Duck Pale-headed Rosella Rainbow Lorikeet Nice Pics! cheers mick
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