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  1. Saw this Brahminy kite today- made my day😊😊😊 cheers mick
  2. What a great line-up! Ben is Ben, Jimmy R and Jim H can do no wrong IMO, and I love the work that Frank Butler did w the Curtis Counce group - i’ve got everything they recorded. Hope the music on this one is at least as great as the sum of the parts! edit: the reviews are very positive, but apparently one of the CD releases has very poor SQ - how is yours? cheers mick
  3. Nice, what’s the lens attached to? cheers mick
  4. Here’re a few from our recent birding trip to Singapore and Malaysia Cheers mick
  5. Maybe try ‘the goodbye look’ from the nightfly by Donald Fagen. cheers mick
  6. Eastern Spinebill working the Cestrum cheers mick
  7. It sat, watched and waited as I walked down the street, posed for a close-up and then took off: cheers mick
  8. I had a friend co-nasho years ago in the army; he came from there - his nickname was "Notso"
  9. Found these again today and played the two volumes back to back - a joy to hear. cheers mick
  10. You've just gotta love the perms and comms of musos on these late 50s early 60s Blue Note, Prestige, Riverside et al. records 😉
  11. I used to go drink cider at John Hueys and listen to the Foreday Riders in 1967 early 1968 down at The Rocks on leave from Holdsworthy before getting shipped out to Vietnam. cheers Mick
  12. Here's a couple that get off on Howling Wolf - Smokestack Lightning cheers mick
  13. Nicely seen and taken! I've got the same body and lens combo - I dunno how u got this with those settings without massive blowouts - was it twilight when u took it? cheers mick
  14. Skinks 'pas de deux' cheers mick
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