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  1. Only just found this post.- can’t say about the army and Zulu Dawn - it was made 10 years after I was discharged 😁
  2. I must say the dog doesn't look very remorseful - more like it's done you a favour... cheers Mick
  3. Well, the Australian Army used to think "Zulu" was tops - we conscripts (8th intake, April 1967) were all marched down to the theatre for a compulsory viewing during our recruit training at Puckapunyal. I think we were supposed to get off on how to use bayonets or something... (I never used one in Vietnam though). cheers Mick
  4. For all you chefs, here's how to prepare and eat a cup moth larva (if you're a young Fantail Cuckoo). 1. first catch your cup moth larva 2. Shake it about a bit 3. To get shot of all the toxins 4. Then lightly toss and catch in mouth 5. finish with a discreet belch and smile Cheers Mick
  5. Here's my take on the Swift Parrot and Olive Whistler on Snug Tiers today with Soundbyte - great day out - thanks Russell! Swift Parrot Olive Whistler cheers Mick
  6. with those yellow eyes, I reckon it's a grey currawong - crows don't have yellow eyes, currawongs do cheers mick
  7. It’s the Eurasian magpie - which is very widespread as the name suggests, but the Thailand form may be a distinct species, see here: https://www.thainationalparks.com/species/eurasian-magpie cheers mick
  8. Yep, he was quite popular back in the day - he did an excellent album with the Oz jazz group Crossfire. cheers mick
  9. @soundbyte Love the scrubtit pic. Mainlanders come down here trying to get pink robin pics, but little do they realise that the Scrubtit is the real Holy Grail - unless they're prepared to shoot fish in a barrel and go after an OBP pic at Melaleuca... cheers mick
  10. Dunno - it's just something that I've done for 60 or so years now - must be habit forming.... cheers mick
  11. Striated Pardalote pas de deux cheers mick
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