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  1. mickj1

    Post some pics thread...

    I was just wondering what the guy who built this did with the rest of his morning 🙂 cheers mick
  2. mickj1


    Country Joe> Woodstock> The Band> Levon Helm> Levon> Madman over the water> Elton John> piano> Gary Brooker> Procol harum> Song for a dreamer cheers mick
  3. mickj1

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Art Pepper: Friday Night at the Village Vanguard, on Vinyl cheers mick
  4. mickj1

    The Song Game Mk III

    Van Morrison: Fair Play cheers mick
  5. mickj1

    The Song Game Mk III

    Daddy Cool: Sixty minute man cheers mick
  6. mickj1

    Timeless, classic songs

    they went on to do it again in another classic band: cheers mick
  7. mickj1

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Yes. the SQ is still good on my copy (and on Guitar Artistry, which I also bought about the same time) 55 years later! cheers mick
  8. mickj1

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Another old favourite! Interesting, my copy, which I bought new in 1963-64, is an old mono on Riverside. Your copy looks old too - so I googled it and got this on Wikipedia: " Blues Sonata is an album by American jazz guitarist Charlie Byrd featuring tracks recorded in 1961 and released on the Riverside label in 1963.[1]The album was first released on the Washington Records Offbeat imprint but only received limited distribution prior to Byrd signing with Riverside" cheers mick
  9. mickj1

    The Song Game Mk III

    Aha - my avatar: Ronnie Self: Ain't I'm a dog cheers mick
  10. mickj1

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    A couple of my favourite BB albums (and probably among my all-time favourite albums): What a stellar line-up! and this delivers all that the title promises: Besides the good humoured playing of the leaders, Roger Kellaway plays some great piano, propelled along mightily by Bill Crow and Dave Bailey. cheers mick
  11. mickj1


    The night is young> Young> Young girl: Gary Puckett and Union Gap - too square > Eric Burdon: when I was young - too cringeworthy > Aha - I got it > Jefferson Airplane: Young girl sunday blues - that's hip enough for this crowd! cheers mick
  12. mickj1

    The Song Game Mk III

    Traffic: Heaven is in your mind cheers mick
  13. mickj1

    Post some pics thread...

    A couple more birds today: Golden whistler Crescent Honeyeater cheers mick
  14. mickj1

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    and his son Anthony is no mean guitarist,both in his own right and backing ms Krall... cheers mick
  15. mickj1

    Post some pics thread...

    Some birds in a Banksia Yellow Wattlebird New Holland Honeaters Yellow Wattlebird cheers mick