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  1. mickj1


    Counting the beat > The beat goes on > Down beat >down for the Count > Count Basie > Down for Double , Mel Torme and John Hendricks cheers mick
  2. mickj1


    Solid rock> Solid potato salad > Nat King Cole Trio > Oscar Moore > Top guitarist 1945-47 in Downbeat . Blindfold test > Blind > Blind Willie McTell> Statesboro Blues > Taj Mahal cheers mick
  3. mickj1


    Ara Batur > Bateleur >Eagle> eagle flies on Friday > Stormy Monday > Stormy weather, Billie Holliday cheers mick
  4. mickj1

    The Song Game Mk III

    Eddie Rabbit: I love a rainy night cheers mick
  5. mickj1

    Post some pics thread...

    Love it - Sorta surreal! Expect to see Mitzi Gaynor/Rossano Brassi or maybe Gene Kelly/Debbie Reynolds come dancing through the clouds cheers mick
  6. mickj1

    Post some pics thread...

    Great shot! cheers mick
  7. mickj1

    Post some pics thread...

    Found a platypus swimming in a dam today cheers mick
  8. mickj1

    Post some pics thread...

    Incoming... cheers mick
  9. mickj1

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Roy Haynes: Out of the Afternoon - original 1962 pressing vinyl stereo. Recorded by Rudy Van Gelder at his studios. The photo was taken outside in the garden. They all cook, but Roy Haynes is outstanding and the RQ is superb. cheers mick
  10. mickj1

    Post some pics thread...

    Am I resplendent or what???? cheers mick
  11. mickj1

    The Song Game Mk III

    Them: Here comes the night cheers mick
  12. I've got an old A308 dual monoblock MF amp and B&W 705s (with a small B&W sub) and love the music I listen to through them. cheers mick
  13. mickj1

    Post some pics thread...

    2nd one of these is a pearler! Cheers mick
  14. mickj1

    Post some pics thread...

    Love the first orchid and the Golden Whistler Mr Mint cheers mick
  15. mickj1

    Post some pics thread...

    @ols45 Lovely shots of the osprey- my compliments to your wife, she's certainly not photographing in moderation! cheers mick