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  1. I am thinking about a new amp too. The Denon blew up Al Budget $2k Still have the Elektra Any suggestions?
  2. Hi Felix I had a problem with my Elektra a couple of years ago and sent it back to Arthur and he fixed it in good time. I think I paid the shipping one way and he paid it the other. Can't remember for sure. If my memory is right it was not that expensive Contact Arthur and he will advise you As MM said I tried to contact you a year or two back but your email address bounced. Mine is still the same if you want to contact me 50mxe20
  3. Do you have JM Lab Focal speakers? Which ones? Are you happy with them? If you upgraded your speakers, would you stay with Focal? If you were going to upgrade what would you go to? Anything else that is relevant to Focal?!!!
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