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  1. ophool

    RIP Hippy

    Shocked, another of the good ones gone too soon. Must be nearly 10 years now since he made a custom armboard to my drawing, always helpful and friendly. Sounds sudden and unexpected from what you say Ant, makes the shock even greater. Condolences to his grieving family.
  2. ophool

    Cable and connectors cleaning worth it.

    While I am a user and fan of the Caig products for cleaning and enhancing contacts I would not use the enhancer on tube pins or sockets and use the cleaner only and only on the pins not the sockets. I am wary of the voltages potentially (pun unintentional) present. I do agree the effect of cleaning can be quite noticeable.
  3. It is possible that security features in later versions of Mac OS are interfering with the installation. I think Apple have introduced features making it harder to install non apple store applications, depending on your OS version there will be system settings that require changing. What version of Mac OS are you using ?
  4. Good to hear. Now download a trial copy of Vinylstudio and give it a try, it can look up your track and album details, find album art and split and de-click your tracks and all non destructively.
  5. A couple of thing to look at, firstly check the Devices page in Audacity preferences as per the shot below (this is Tascam USB interface on a Mac Mini running Mavericks) then check your output level which I note seems set very low. It is just possible that you are making a recording but not hearing it on playback. On my interface Audacity does not record until there is input - eg I start recording and it remains paused until sound is input to the device and pauses again when input stops (I just tested it using a CD player to input analogue to the interface). IIRC when I used Garageband I had to create an instrument and call it a turntable then set some parameters for it before I could record, that was around 6 years ago and I do not now recall the exact procedure, but the program is more oriented to studio type recording so the set up was a little quirky. Just thought of something else worth checking, make sure that your sample rate set on the JIL, in the Audio Midi control panel and in Audacity all match.
  6. Not exactly addressing your issue but Pure Vinyl is pretty pricey - maybe have a look at Vinylstudio, I use the PC version and can recommend it as both very reasonably priced and comprehensive in its facilities for the task of vinyl archival/digitising. I have previously used Garage Band with a USB audio interface for vinyl recording on a mac and would suspect that your difficulties are somewhere in your settings. I note that the preference pane you posted above is on the Midi page not the recording devices page.
  7. ophool

    Pucking up Vinyl!

    The Bren 1 is the model I have used (after the Michel which I tried first). I have had it a good number of years now and purchased it when he was only selling a few on ebay. The dimensions and weight are virtually those recommended by Rudolf Bruil on his Soundfountain site.
  8. ophool

    Pucking up Vinyl!

    I always used a weight on my Rega deck in conjunction with a Funk Achromat. Might I suggest that you also try it with the cover completely removed during play, it should just lift out of the hinges.
  9. Thanks for the link - I enjoyed those tracks and the commentary. Pleasantly surprised at the audio quality with BT cans and phone.
  10. ophool

    Kirishima + Tang Band W6-1916 6.5"

    Perhaps it might be worth a chat to Paul at Redspade as to what he thinks a suitable design.
  11. ophool

    Viability of Record Mailers at Aus Post

    As a non-recipient of a record consigned with Sendle I am afraid I cannot endorse their "service", not only did they not deliver on 2 "attempts" during both of which I was definitely here, they left no evidence that they had attempted to do so. NOT impressed. No other deliveries before or since from multiple carriers have been unreceived. WRT the OP, as a regular purchaser of records requiring delivery, I am of the opinion that the type used by Amazon in the last couple of years that preclude corner damage to covers are probably the best I have seen.
  12. ophool

    Gramophone stylus wear

    Made me do some homework - DD did indeed chart with that number but the ex-Melbournian chanteuse I referred to also released it as a single.
  13. ophool

    Gramophone stylus wear

    I recall appropriating them for use as ammunition for a spring loaded toy cannon when I was but a lad. I think that was around the time Diana Trask recorded A Guy is a Guy if anyone else here remembers that then popular number.
  14. ophool

    Tube amp kit

    I might think it better to settle on speakers first, they will dictate a lot of your choices about an amplifier and which ones might or might not be suitable to drive them. Some of the best sounding (IMO) amps do not produce a great deal of power and also do not usually require exceptionally high voltages (over 500) and are often simple to build to a good sounding result. Higher powered amps often use much higher voltages and are not suited to the inexperienced builder. There are many very good amps to be had ready built for under $2K unless the experience of DIY is particularly of interest.