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  1. ophool

    Tube amp kit

    I might think it better to settle on speakers first, they will dictate a lot of your choices about an amplifier and which ones might or might not be suitable to drive them. Some of the best sounding (IMO) amps do not produce a great deal of power and also do not usually require exceptionally high voltages (over 500) and are often simple to build to a good sounding result. Higher powered amps often use much higher voltages and are not suited to the inexperienced builder. There are many very good amps to be had ready built for under $2K unless the experience of DIY is particularly of interest.
  2. Haven't a clue if this is the right thread, but I have been really taken by the bouncy latin (probably Spanish) number that SBS have been playing on a lot of their Vuelta coverage the last couple of weeks. Would love to know the name of the song and group if anyone knows.
  3. ophool

    anti static

    Along with wet vacuum cleaning, antistatic sleeves & CF brushing, I still find occasional use for a Milty Zerostat which does remove the occasional static charge. Sometimes the charge will develop during play and need removing prior to turning the disc over this is when the Milty is useful.
  4. ophool

    SOLD: FS: Speaker Stands $100

    That is small :P
  5. ophool

    Giving vinyl one more try

    Sounded pretty good to me recently on an SL1200 - bass was pretty strong compared to a couple of other cartridges tried at that time. I might know of a low hours one available soon.
  6. ophool

    Tell me about 300B tubes.

    Really good 300B tubes, Takatsuki, Elrog, KR, EML will probably cost more each than your amplifier and may well exceed its ability to show their quality. NOS WE if they can be found will be similar and a lottery as to potential life. 300B are perhaps the most expensive to try tube rolling, on your amp I would consider the rectifier, small signal and driver tubes as the best to try tube rolling.
  7. with respect, the AT-150MLX to which I linked https://www.2juki.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=52 is cheaper than the Ortofon 2M bronze and not only has a microline stylus but also has a gold flashed boron cantilever. I also read "have purchased" which would suggest that the question of what phono stage is now moot.
  8. I am a fan of the Denon cartridges and particularly the 103, the Zu mods do lift its performance, but, as mentioned above, it is a low output moving coil and will require either a step up transformer or a headamp to work with the MM Era Gold V. More, it is rather heavy at 14.5 gm - the maximum cartridge and headshell weight on the 1200 tone arm with the auxiliary weight is only 20.5 gm meaning that you would need a very light headshell and I would not recommend that option. The AT-150Mlx is a very good cartridge that is MM and will work well on the Technics arm and at $US305 is probably better than anything else for the money. I also really like the Era Gold V and if you have bought it new then perhaps use it for a few weeks before upgrading your cartridge. Leave it powered on at all times, if it is a used one then it will still improve for the first 2 ~ 3 days after being powered up.
  9. Check out the Art of Sound forum for more head-spinning Technics hot rodding info than you might have imagined. My take, Isonoe feet, a good platter mat, maybe a KAB damper, a Denon DL-301 and a nice GSP phono stage (you can loan one to try from @cheekyboy for postage cost) add records and enjoy. The 1200 started life as a hifi turntable - DJs took it up for its bomb proof build and easy set up, they prolonged its market life into legend status but unfortunately lent it the reputation of being a "DJ deck", to the stage where it was alleged that Ortofon frowned on Kevin Barrett of KABusa for promoting it as a hifi deck. A rather good electronics designer and builder of my knowledge uses one or two for his development and demonstration work on phono stages and headphone amps.
  10. ophool

    Valves by Emission Labs

    I have always bought mine direct from JAC Music - ordering is a little DIY but no issues with service or delivery. Perhaps the US distributor has a slicker webshop, I have no idea regarding that.
  11. +1 - there have been many folk selling this cable over the years with aftermarket connectors which should be fine. VDH do not sell cable in bulk if it requires factory termination for proper function.
  12. ophool

    Giving vinyl one more try

    Get yourself a copy of this - if it still sounds dull and lifeless then the problem is not the recording. FWIW I moved on fairly quickly from my SR-525 as I felt that the arm on the Rega P2 that I tried next handled the cartridge I preferred better.
  13. ophool

    Laser etched cartridge protractor

    Does anyone else here see those holes at the null points as a potential hazard ?
  14. iFi Micro iDSD has a 6.35 jack socket, can double as a phone charger too.
  15. ophool

    Cartridge /tonearm vibration

    OK - that would have been my first thought, to add weight. Since it appears that is not so good, perhaps remove the weight and see how that goes.