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  1. ophool

    Mono cart with vertical compliance?

    I would second the recommendation for the AT 33 Mono, which is not the same as the AT Mono3LP/SP and is not on the referenced list.
  2. ophool

    Upgrade SUT or Phonostage?

    This article provides some of the best reference material on the subject of step up transformers that I have found. IIRC doubling the turns ratio of the SUT does not necessarily result in a doubling of the cartridge output - I have seen the mathematics involved but am not capable of regurgitating them, so will just mention it as a potential further complication in the use of step up transformers. Allowing more of the source signal to pass to your amplifier (the effect of opening the volume wider) is not likely to be detrimental other than when switching sources without backing it off. I have owned a preamp that reduced the input level of CD sources to bring them more in to line with tape and phono inputs by providing a specific input for CD with increased signal attenuation.
  3. ophool

    Upgrade SUT or Phonostage?

    If that is the AU300LC I think it is, it was originally purchased for use with a Denon DL-103 running into a standalone phono stage that was markedly better than that built into a well respected integrated amp. The DL-103 was upgraded to a DL-301 for an increase in refinement, particularly with classical music. The SUT was replaced by an active headamp of matching manufacture to the MM phono stage being used. The cost increase was considerable, but so was the performance increase. The SUT was loaned around for a time and eventually found another owner. I continue to use the same make of phono stage and active headamp though all my other partnering equipment excepting my speakers have been significantly upgraded since. I have tried a number of more upmarket SUT since, with only one performing similarly (to the active headamp) and that not offering any loading options at all. I do regularly use a number of different cartridges and some are better for the loading options available to me on my headamp. As to the audibility of varying loading, to me, some cartridges seem to be more affected than others, I do recall preferring a load of 460 Ohms to one of 500 Ohms with one particular cartridge. It has also seemed to me that the response to varying resistance loading differs between active stages and transformers.
  4. Hi, I am also in the inner west and can recommend this service having used them myself to rectify aerial problems in the block of units in which I live and having also referred another resident here at a later time. They were prompt and thoroughly professional. I am not on commission and have no other affiliation with them than being a very satisfied customer.
  5. ophool

    Help choosing an MC cartridge

    Going only on your own statement that your arm is low mass and suited to high compliance cartridges - this would not be a good match for the majority of MC cartridges, regardless of your phono stage capabilities. There are plenty of fine MM or MI cartridges that will be a much better match.
  6. ophool

    DVD movies to laptop/tablet

    If you find your tablet struggling with decoding the video, get a copy of the free program 'handbrake' and use it to convert them, use VLC as a player for video on Android (and many other places FTM) Might not matter for SD DVD titles, but keep it in mind to reduce filesize and processing requirements.
  7. ophool

    Starter mono cartridge

    Good to hear you are happy with the results. It is one of those things you really do have to hear for yourself to understand.
  8. ophool

    Cartridge Upgrade. Where to?

    For what you say you like to listen to, you could do a lot worse than this.
  9. This is a recent development (of the last 6 months) - I do wonder how much it turns away less determined browsers and reduces exposure of the classifieds.
  10. ophool

    Sonos Connect help

    I see, now you have run screaming streaming music working you probably don't need your old records any more ?
  11. ophool

    Garrott Brothers Cartridges

    Decibelhifi have a number of current Garrot cartridges listed here. If I wanted a sample of their work from the current line-up, I think I would be looking at the P77i with Microscanner II stylus at the very end of Brians listings.
  12. ophool

    Starter mono cartridge

    I wonder if you may be over-thinking it. Vertical compliance has much less relevance when there is no vertical signal to be traced. Provided your arms are medium compliance (I used it on a Michell Tecnoarm A and an Audiocraft AC300), you should encounter no practical usage issues - IMO.
  13. The Zu 103 has been mentioned and heavier counterweights in the same context. It is worth noting that the Zu cartridges are re-bodied and resin potted and have considerably greater mass than a stock 103. The stock counterweight should be fine with a stock 103/r. I have run and enjoyed a plain 103 on a Michell Tecnoarm - which is a reworked RB250, that arm does have VTA adjustment. A simple multi position spacer such as this will not break the bank and should provide all the adjustment you might wish. I have always removed the lid while playing records so clearance has never been an issue and I would not fuss unduly over perceived issues in that regard, as mentioned something like small wedges cut from a white pencil eraser can be used to raise the lid a small amount without affecting the hinges. I am of the opinion that the cartridge likes some extra mass (this is in part the reasoning behind the Zu mods) and used a sheet lead shim between the cartridge and the headshell. I found the 103 markedly better for loading @ 1K ohms rather than the suggested 100, the 103r is electrically different from the 103 so experiment might be in order. Both the gain of the Vincent and the output of the Denon 103r are fairly middle of the range and I would not forsee any issues pairing them.
  14. I used to find I needed to be careful not to spill the water out of the potplants that lived on top of the speakers when doing that.
  15. ophool

    Bluetooth turntables - a waste of time?

    Firstly the tracking weight issue, quite some few well respected and expensive cartridges track @ over 2.5 gm eg Ortofon SPU and Miyajima to name a couple. Mistracking from poor tonearm and cartridge compliance matching does far more damage than raw tracking force. I own and regularly play many records that for much of their early lives were played on equipment using piezo or crystal cartridges and not particularly sophisticated tonearms. To the OP, the whole turntable costs less than many here would think the price of an entry level cartridge, it offers simplicity of integration to you, it includes its own phono preamplifier (bypassable) and wireless connection (or wired) and almost the ease of use of a CD player. Whether the bluetooth connection might suffer from dropouts or interference would remain to be seen in your specific setup. The lack of ability to use any alternative cartridge would be a deal breaker for me and the expected life of 400 hours of the included stylus is not inspiring but may be acceptable for occasional use. I also do not like/trust fully automatic mechanisms, but that is my inner Luddite no doubt. It will certainly allow you to revisit your old albums but whether it will give a true taste of the allure of vinyl is rather less certain. I do recall my initial delight at discovering the improvement from upgrading my cartridge from a basic manufacturer supplied one. That was the point at which my initial intention to digitise my LP collection started to recede in favour of just playing them. A couple of lines I took from the review Paul linked above - WRT digital files recorded therefrom, "These files have a similarly even-handed character, although in terms of quality, expectations should be closer to Spotify streams than CD-ripped files." and overall ".... would still back the pricier Rega Planar 1 as the most practical starting point for anyone with a curiosity about vinyl..." From what I have seen here, not many have stayed happy with the Planar1 for long either.