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  1. Item: Sonos Play 1 (x2) Location: Balwyn 3103 Price: $160 each or $300 for the pair Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Local pick up will be given priority, but can post at buyer's expense. Note that I don't have the boxes anymore. Extra Info: Pictures:
  2. Sorry hifi23, pipped by a few minutes by jokerboy but you're next in line if it falls through.
  3. Item: Usher S520 Bookshelves Location: Balwyn 3103 Price: 220 Item Condition: 9/10 Only a few hairline marks at certain angles. Reason for selling: NLR. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I used these as TV speakers and occasional 2ch listening in a second room. I've moved house and no longer have a second tv room so these have to go. Lots of info and good reviews on the net. They've been in storage for a few months but I connected these up and had a listen today to check they work. I actually forgot how good these sound and would keep them if I could. Pickup from Balwyn 3103 is prefrerred as they are quite solid and I don't have boxes. Pictures:
  4. I really liked the sound of the active version of these at the last hifi show.
  5. Some good bits, some bad bits. Overall 7/10 for me. Two things that really bugged me though -Snoke is a great villain and they kill him off without explaining his back story?? What a wasted opportunity. - Laura Dern’s character sacrificing herself to pilot the ship. Is there no auto pilot on a starship?
  6. Yes it did but I meant the Legend bookshelves (Isobaric Small Reds I think) not the Spatials. Did you have a chance to listen to them?
  7. It certainly is. Don't get me wrong, I liked the SGRs but they didn't engage me as much as some of the other rooms I mentioned. Curious to hear what other people thought about the Legend/DEQX setup in the Mcleans room. For me, this was one of the best I heard on the day.
  8. Had a good time at the show this year. Wish I had budget to buy some new toys.... For me the standouts were - Legend Audio/Deqx system combo (best in show imo) - Hulgich audio - Avantegardes - Krix horn bookshelves - Spatial - Sonus Faber/Macintosh combo
  9. Do you know which source is playing or is someone else switching for you.
  10. The Parasound Halo isn't Class D either.
  11. As mentioned in your speaker post, I went from a musical fidelity a308 to the parasound halo with my viennas. The a308 was a very good amp and the reasons for changing were 1) The a308 had to be manually turned on/off and I got sick of having to get off my couch. 2) The parasound has analogue crossover for the sub. 3) The parasound has an inbuilt dac. Don't be fooled by the rrp of the parasound. I paid nowhere near retail with no haggling. Having said that, the m6i in the classifieds is pretty hard to beat for value if you like the sound.
  12. There's a nice mf m6i for sale in the classifieds that would work very nicely with the VAs. It's got ht by pass too. But as buddyev says when it comes to amps try to audition whenevwr with ypue speakers whenever possible.
  13. Currently using a Parasound Halo integrated. Previously used a Musical Fidelity A308. Both amps have HT bypass and both perform very well with these speakers.
  14. I have the VA BBGs and when buying was comparing them to the concert grands. They have the same tweeter and midrange drivers. Just the bass drivers are different 2x 6in vs 3 x 7 in. I ended up with the baby grands because I already had a sub and didn't require the extra bass. I agree the the concert grand did have more scale and if you don't already have a sub or subs then I would go with th concert grands.
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