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  1. Yes, when I sold my last car with them, I was very hesitant about their shabby showroom. The fact that they displayed my little BMW between a couple of Lamborghini Countach's made it OK with me though.
  2. I found out a few years ago that I'm too old to really enjoy convertables anymore. But I'd be sorely tempted by that car - it's just beautiful! Yes, there are some American styling excesses, both inside and out. But, to me they just give it character and enhance the appeal. Most classic corvettes and mustangs in Oz retain their original LHD. The RHD conversion would suit me much better. Here's an earlier one for sale locally. If it was the one in ZB's pics, I'd be keener. http://richmonds.com.au/portfolio/1954-chevrolet-corvette-c1-convertible/
  3. Tony M

    Comprehensive image retention over 24wks

    We bought a Pioneer plasma in 2005 and replaced it a couple of years ago. It now lives in the shed and is hardly ever used - a sort of retirement. It was calibrated a few weeks after we bought it. Anyway, towards the end of its "working" life, I did notice quite obvious image retention/burn in, mainly in the area where cc's are displayed. I expect it's still there - haven't turned it on for a while. But it really didn't bother me more than some wrinkles on an old leather armchair would. A sort of "patina" and testimony to a long and useful life. Granted, I'd probably feel quite differently about the same thing on a new and very expensive OLED. But, it is an answer to Al's question re whether anyone has had burn-in in a calibrated TV.
  4. Tony M

    RIP Tony Joe White

    I've been a fan since "The High Sheriff of Calhoun Parish" from around 1970. I often find the words of that song popping into my head eg "(Sheriff) I do not know of what you speak" Perhaps not the most sophisticated songwriter/singer, his music was deliciously laid-back and relaxing - never failed to make me feel better for listening. Sad to add him to the list of those no longer with us.
  5. Yeah, you're right - a sharp observation that I totally missed. The tweets/mids are traditionally placed on the outside. However, FWIW, in studios the speakers were more often placed horizontally on stands close to a wall. And I have 3 pairs - the pair in the living room are both right sided so there's no way I can get those right (or wrong) and the ones in the shed are twinned/stacked together on stands - so it doesn't count there either. Crappy pic, but good enough to show what I'm on about:
  6. I guess anyone that knows me will understand I loved the sound in this room. Yes, it would've been nicer with better speaker stands and some valves, but it was dynamic, alive and thoroughly enjoyable anyway, especially since all the equipment was about 40 years old:
  7. A few more pics of the Aries Serat room. The photos fail miserably to give any real indication of the massive scale of this stuff, both physically and sonically. Dynamics were effortless and the scale of the soundstage was huge. I didn't hear enough familiar music to really suss it out but a homemade recording of some flamenco guitarists/vocalists/dancers was quite spooky due to the immediacy of the feet on a timber floor - absolutely amazing. A serous listen wasn't really on the cards given the cost, size and aesthetics?! of the system, but it was an experience not to be missed. There's always something new out there and this system was 100% "out there". l
  8. I spent some time there and took a lot of pics. I'm tied up ATM, but will post some photos and impressions later - the sound WAS impressive! Here's one in the meantime:
  9. A few random iphone pics including a couple from Joz's GTG on Friday night: Needless to say, a good time was had by all.
  10. I can see how this could be quite lucrative for a retailer who puts forward a successful system. Newcomers/potential enthusiasts all fired up from hearing the exotica at the show suddenly realise they can have a good sounding system for a very modest outlay and no need to do the homework of researching it for themselves. I'd guess quite a few might be willing to order on the spot if the "right" system is chosen for this room. I can certainly remember back when I would've found the whole idea of buying an expertly assembled, good-sounding, value-endorsed system a very attractive proposition. Lots of potential here for everyone to benefit - hope it works out that way.
  11. Thanks Clive - payment transferred.
  12. Tony M

    SOLD: SONOS Play:5 Gen 1

    Yes, I can certainly use another one of these. PM sent to organise purchase.
  13. @evil c Mr Evil, I seem to have fallen off the list - can I get back on, please? If not, I won't buy you a drink. Another vote for adding the entree - and another offer to donate a side salad to feed a hungry vegetarian.
  14. Gee, that all looks good (love the 70's feel of that pub) and I'm definitely intending to attend. Happy to forfeit the deposit/payment if the wheels fall off - hopefully that won't happen. (Well, I wouldn't be "happy" in that I'd rather make it to the show and the dinner, but you know what I mean)