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  1. You can also instal 3rd party software on your computer to tweak the modem more specifically than you can via the modem itself. Whether or not this will be of benefit will depend on your distance from the tower and the frequency bands available. One example is LTEInspectuer. For example by restricting the modem to a particular band (can't remember which one off-hand) I could boost upload speeds to about 28. Unfortunately this also resticted the download speeds to something similar. Also, the modem seemed reluctant to retain some configurations and I gave
  2. Yes, for all intents and purposes, it is. Technical explanations of what LTE is are readily available on the net. I haven't fully understood it so I won't try to pass on an explanation. We get a consistent 40 gbps at peak times and we have seen 120 in the wee hours of the morning. A quick test just now at 2.50 pm Thursday arvo showed 56 download and 9 upload. If you're closer to the tower than us you're likely to do a lot better. The important thing is that it seems reliable and meets all we need for now. Ping time is always 14ms.
  3. I suggest you find out what Optus can offer re 4G LTE. It's by far the fastest, most cost-effective service available to us. Download speeds between about 40 and 100 MBPS. Solidly beats the NBN fixed wireless service in our area on both performance and cost. I understand 5G requires a tower closer then our nearest which is about 2.5 km.
  4. Especially between the two blue VU meters and the blue lcd display below. And the top with the round vent? is a bit busy overall. I've really liked the look of some MacIntosh designs in the past, but the lack of restraint in this one is a bit off-putting IMO.
  5. I've had great success buying new generic batteries to fit obsolete equipment from our local specialist battery store (Battery World francise) Could be worth trying the one closest to you? They don't have all their stock listed online.
  6. I have 6 NS1000M's here ATM. They are from 4 different pairs as 2 of those 6 speakers are from 2 different pairs. (the mismatched RHS ones I use with grilles on in the TV room). All 6 of those are identical to the OP's in terms of the range of the potentiometers. Are you seriously saying these 8 speakers from 5 different pairs (the OP's and mine) exhibiting identical characteristics is coincidence and they are all wrong in exactly the same way?
  7. Then how do you explain mine are exactly the same? And the sample I'm referring to is essentially 4 pairs as 2 of mine are mismatched RHS speakers from 2 different pairs. Did you check with speakers you have or just assume? Like I said, despite many decades of experience with these I've never before noticed what the OP has asked about. But, mine confirm his findings as probably typical. It looks wrong, but appears to be right.
  8. The P76 was fugly in a way that Cyrus couldn't begin to imagine. I was driving an almost new one in Melbourne in 1976 (firm's car) during a rainstorm and the wiper switch broke as I turned it on. That was OK as the wipers were definitely needed. However a few minutes later, the wiper broke off the arm which continued to gouge a furrow in the windscreen! The merits of being able to fit a 44 gallon drum in the boot were lost on me at that point. But a mint Force 7 coupe would be worth what today?
  9. Well, you learn something every day! My 3 pairs (or 6 speakers) are all the same as yours, so I have to assume that's correct. But I must admit I've never noticed that before. BTW, just from the limited scope of your pics, that looks like a very nice pair you have there.
  10. I always thought Alchemist products looked cool and not fugly - I really wanted one back in the day. But I did try one of their cd players and the sound didn't measure up to expectations so I passed on it.
  11. Me: Hey Hon, they've just made a 4K remaster of Tremors... Mrs M: Oh God, Noooo! Well. I guess it's a bit of a cult movie that is unsure if it's meant to be a comedy, satire, escapism or maybe even as serious as "Plan 9 from Outer Space", but I found it very watchable in a fun sort of way - ie so bad it's good. But I have to admit I can't understand why it would get the 4K treatment. Anyway, why should I complain? I'll just order it.
  12. Hardly, Rantan! I have taken an interest in them over the years, probably partially stemming from my inability to afford them when I lusted after them in the late 70's. I've accumulated a few pairs, including a pair from the current vendor, who is thoroughly recommended. Moreover, this particular pair appear to be "as good as it gets" re condition and provinance. IMO, they are lovely speakers, leaning towards detail and accuracy rather than taking an overly romantic view of things. They tend to get out of the way and let the music speak for itself. There'
  13. With just C1, I can stream Tidal via Sonos and send it to any/all speakers - despite having no current Sonos components in the system.
  14. Yeah, I have 8 legacy Sonos units scattered around the house and 2 sheds - all seem to work fine and I hope they will continue to do so. They mainly get used for digital radio and background listening. It would be quite expensive to replace them and I'd prefer not to have to investigate other solutions. . It's much easier to stick to the one I'm familiar with. I don't know what I'm missing by being on S1 software instead of S2, but I think it's mainly stuff that's irrelevant to me, like Alexa voice commands or similar. If that's the case, I'm not missing out on anything I'd use
  15. Yeah, I reckon you'd fit in just fine here, Clive. Not sure if you should take that as a compliment, though.
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