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  1. c0redumpt

    Amplifier Repairers in Adelaide?

    Agreed very happy with Bruno and his services 👍
  2. c0redumpt

    Vinyl Alan Parsons Project

    Ahh yes i thought langwarrin was in sydney [emoji15] Ill be at the show on the friday and around victoria the weekend so maybe can make this happen?
  3. c0redumpt

    Vinyl Alan Parsons Project

    What would postage to adel metro postcode 5024 be?
  4. c0redumpt

    SOLD: SOTA Sapphire Turntable

    Hmm if you are referring that comment to my backup bid, that indeed is very far from the truth... considering I have about 5 turntables here and am a bit of a turntable hoarder and can never part with anything
  5. c0redumpt

    SOLD: SOTA Sapphire Turntable

    Backup if sale falls through
  6. c0redumpt

    Electronics Repair Adelaide

    Agree have used Bruno also with all my gear tubes and solidstate
  7. c0redumpt

    Technician in Adelaide

    Cello sweet on here (Bruno) is worth a mention he has looked after many of my pieces of equipment turntables, cd transports and amplifiers with great outcomes!!! Flick him a pm on here am sure he can assist
  8. Is the code still valid as didnt work just then when i tried?
  9. Doh to slow... Backup if it falls through
  10. c0redumpt

    SOLD: FS: 126 LPs as a Bulk Lot

    If sale falls through id like to go backup
  11. c0redumpt

    RSD 2018

    Ahh so you are the one that lined up and got the Bowie
  12. c0redumpt

    SOLD: FS: Solid Tech speaker stands

    Hi Am interested just wondering what the dimensions of the base which the speaker sits on are and what weight does it specify it can handle?
  13. c0redumpt

    My System this morning

    Listening to some records picked up in the jb sale today [emoji16]
  14. Very surprised this hasn't sold Great product from an impeccable seller who looks after his equipment!!
  15. c0redumpt

    CDP repairist - SA

    Agree with Darth, have used Bruno a number of times and recommended to friends many times with positive feedback always