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  1. A great deck i have a series 1 and 2 of this model.. just love the looks of them so much!
  2. Thanks for the comprehensive reply, will start researching International copper council and look to see what options I may need to look into in regards to PLC's for HVAC interface as heating/cooling in the warehouse will be an important consideration... May fire some further questions through PM if that is okay as need to understand gateways for lighting setups etc...
  3. Hi all, Relative novice to home automation here so apologies in advance for some newbie type questions. I've recently purchased a warehouse conversion property with settlement in a few weeks. I will be looking to do a fitout upon settlement and am wanting to incorporate a home automation setup as a part of it. Have been madly reading about different platforms etc from the more professional control 4 type platforms to Google, Alexa, home assistant etc. My primary concern at present is determining where I need to lay network cable in the fitout as am wanting to utilise calling where possible to gpo's, lights, Windows (motorised window control options), security etc. For example I'm unsure whether I would need to have cabling to lights themselves or light switches or both in terms of infrastructure required for future proofing cabling infrastructure for light automation for whichever platform I end up going with in the end. Any advice or web resources to research further would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Anghel
  4. Agreed very happy with Bruno and his services 👍
  5. Ahh yes i thought langwarrin was in sydney [emoji15] Ill be at the show on the friday and around victoria the weekend so maybe can make this happen?
  6. Hmm if you are referring that comment to my backup bid, that indeed is very far from the truth... considering I have about 5 turntables here and am a bit of a turntable hoarder and can never part with anything
  7. Agree have used Bruno also with all my gear tubes and solidstate
  8. Cello sweet on here (Bruno) is worth a mention he has looked after many of my pieces of equipment turntables, cd transports and amplifiers with great outcomes!!! Flick him a pm on here am sure he can assist
  9. Ahh so you are the one that lined up and got the Bowie
  10. Hi Am interested just wondering what the dimensions of the base which the speaker sits on are and what weight does it specify it can handle?
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