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  1. Item: VOIP land line phone Price Range: TBD Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: NBN provided a land line number(as combo) I wish to leverage as part of recent WFH arrangement. Looking for a non-commercial VOIP phone.(not those MS Lync one). Happy to pickup locally NSW 2138 nearby
  2. Hi Folks, My power amp (transistor amp) has been fallen 'sleep' for more than 2 months (symtom: no light, no power). I had no time nor further info. but dropped it to one of the famous shop in the town, which is recommended by the sole agent in Aus. for check-up and follow-up. Got the quotation this morning with given a quite costly figure, which is out-of my expectation, out-of my budget. Would highly appreciate you input: what is charge rate per hr?( excluding part cost), do you have any good recommendation of shop/private poweramp specialist. Amp Model: P700 (Accuphase) Thanks al
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