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  1. No probs. Good luck. FWIW, I was considering this sale too but decided that it wouldn't work in the space we will have after reno.
  2. Might be able to help with your situation as I'd be potentially interested to take the dancer dmd off your hands ?
  3. Bought a Samsung PS58C7000 a couple of days ago for $2000 inc delivery from Bing Lee. JB were also willing to do the same price.
  4. http://www.versaclimber.com/ Well regarded by some professional trainers ... only prob is that it's not exactly cheap.
  5. Hi, Just came across this from the winestar forum ... http://www.winestar.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?t=20182 <SNIP> Australian Wine Trade Bushfire Raffle The events of the past week have touched all Australians and hit home hard for the wine industry with the tragic death of Rob Davey (of Rob Davey Wine Merchants) his wife and two young daughters. A number of wineries in Victoria have also suffered significant property and stock losses. The Australian Wine Trade responds with generous donations from wineries big and small, including many affected as well as a number of key online retailers that have supported the cause. All that remains is for people to buy tickets and spread the word. I appreciate many of you have already given to the cause, but if you can find it in your heart to give a little more, and maybe even win some great wines, please do. - Tickets are $25 each - Proceeds to go to the Australian Red Cross - Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009. - Raffle runs Tuesday Feb 17th - Wednesday March 11th - Raffle to be drawn Friday, March 13th. Details TBA 1st Prize - ($25,000 approximate retail value) 2nd Prize - (Over $10,000 approximate retail value) 3rd Prize - (Over $5,000 approximate retail value) 4th Prize - (Over $2,500 approximate retail value) .. 33rd Prize - ($400 approximate retail value) </SNIP>
  6. It's great to see that we have such a helpful community here - so definitely no offense taken with anyone's post. Nope, I have no probs with the edited listing ... will communicate via PM with respect to payment.
  7. I think this has been posted before but check out this cheap DIY stabiliser http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1041948/1_image_stabilizer_for_any_camera_lose_the_tripod/
  8. LOL ... quite happy with my NA 350z thanks But would I pass one up if given? .. I don't think so Backing off is definitely not a bad idea when those damn trees wont get out of the way for you!
  9. Yea, tell me bout it .. to think that I got the 2 confused! Actually I'd be more inclined to give props to the driver rather than to the car
  10. Some amazing skills shown in the following demo by Ken Block (the owner of DC Shoes). http://www.themotorreport.com.au/12170/ken-block-destroys-gymkhama-course-in-a-good-way/
  11. I think its always looked a little like a 911 from the rear ... one of the reasons I love the shape of the 350 while the 370 is growing on me. One of the things that I am glad about is that the interior finally looks a bit more upmarket. Apparently Nissan is using the Cayman S as the target for performance and handling with the new Z. Wonder if they'd manage to pull it off. Mind you, a Porsche is still a Porsche PS. Love the '2sheds' in your new avatar :wink:
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