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  1. Oh, and a special thanks to Cazzesman who gave up a comfy night at home watching the footy to give me a hand to get the sub. On advice of the owner it needed two strong blokes to pick it up. Ultimately all I could find was me and @cazzesman.
  2. Generous of the lady on FB who gave it away. I just went to pick it up and had a change of heart. I told the lady it could be repaired but she said she didn’t want it. She thought the white ants had gotten into it and ruined the driver. It’s a sealed box so that didn’t happen. I’m guessing it’s just become misaligned over the years. She also thought it had a lead base as it couldn’t be moved. On first effort I thought she was correct. Turns out it had blue tack under it so was stuck to the floor. Still weighs about 20 to 25 it’s though.
  3. Item: Aranmar acoustics Redgum/shiva sub Price Range: free Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Aranmar acoustics 12 sealed sub free to good home. Pick up only. It has a 12 inch Adire Audio shiva driver and a Redgum 185 wrms amp in a sealed 25mm jarrah real wood veneer cabinet. The bad news is that the driver voice coils scrapes and the amp doesn’t turn on. The good news is that John Woodhead at Aranmar Acoustics has one NOS driver and also a couple of recone kits. Driver is about $250 and the recone kit about $80. It would be about $50 to get the recone kit fitted if y
  4. I have a question for the streamers here. I currently stream Tidal from an oppo 103 into a separate dac. The current dac is a Topping D90. The Oppo is also used for playing files from USB drives and the odd CD. I’m considering an upgrade to the digital side of my system with Tidal in mind. I’m assuming that if they say Tidal is CD quality then it is? Anyway, am I best to seek out a better dac or a dedicated streamer with USB connection abilities? I’m happy enough with the Dopping as a dac but I’m feeling the need to climb that slippery pole to digital streaming nirvana. I’ve re
  5. I’ve got one of these, very good projector for the price.
  6. Only way to contact atc is by phone, they’re shocking on the email but terrific on the phone. Small company with employees that love their jobs. I’ve spoken to them over the years and at one stage rang to inquire how a particular pair would go with a certain amp. The response was that they never really try electronics other than their own so couldn’t comment. You could try but I’m not sure they’ll be able to answer your questions.
  7. Better post some pics so people can see what you have.
  8. I think I read somewhere that the Supratek has a nice low impedance output which will suit the atc’s.
  9. Correct Ray, I thought they had the foam woofer surrounds of the 150’s but you are spot on.
  10. @TerryO am I seeing things or have you got some new 150 towers?
  11. Go the 150’s - and huge subs!! In fact forget the subs and go the 300’s!
  12. Interesting the words that get picked up as naughty. I guess the word in question was a derogatory term back when I was a kid but I hadn’t heard it used in the that respect for a long long time. I reckon if you have the room and the money go the 150’s. You’ve already had 100’s and although yours were not current things won’t have changed all that much in the bottom end. The current owner is a fan of bottom end too with his multiple ATC subs. Not sure if I’d prefer ATC or JL subs but I’d like to own both. I’ve heard the Kii without BXT in a room I’d describe as lucky with bass.
  13. @Ray H I only listened to the 100’s as that’s all they had. I’m not sure if they stock any more than one pair of the larger range. I already knew what the older 50’s were like with the Seas tweeter and I found that the only thing that let them down was that Seas tweeter compared to the new Atc tweeter version. By all accounts the Atc sound is the same across the whole range, it’s just the more you spend the bigger bass driver you get the the more bottom end. Although the bottom end of the 100’s is plenty I’m augmenting them with a pair of mk1 JL F113 fathoms. Whilst not quite as good
  14. Item:Atc SCM 10 monitors Price Range:to be discussed Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Preferably older atc scm 10 speakers. Passive or evening active if avaialable. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  15. My comment is more about Igor than the TT although I wouldn’t knock back a swap for my Kubrick. I had a bit of an own goal with my Kubrick late last year, it involved a mix up between two similar looking power supplies, one DC and one AC. Of course I grabbed the wrong one when I was re-jigging the TT. I managed to bugger the speed control board up. An email to Igor in what’s their middle of the night bought a reply within minutes. Told him it was my own silly fault yet he posted, free of any cost, a new control board. Fantastic service from Soulines.
  16. I upgraded from a 2M black to a Fideles. The Fideles did every thing the 2M did, just better. $600 is a bargain.
  17. Those Osborn ‘prisms’ must be really old. Do you have a photo of them?
  18. I went from the 40’s to the 100’s. Yes, the 40’s are great but the 100’s are a massive improvement in every respect. They do things the 40’s can only dream of. So much power and authority at all frequencies and volumes. The 40’s are ‘nice’ but the 100’s are ‘epic’.
  19. ... and what about the TT Greg is selling for his 103 year old mum who’s just gone into car after a fall. Listening to records at 103👍.
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