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  1. They had a few dacs, the Dac60 was the one to get as it us the same chip as the good Marantz players had when they were available. Might have been called the double crown or something. It wasn’t over sampling though whereas the dac68 was.
  2. That was mine about 8 years ago. It was pretty good then, hopefully it’s still working. From memory it was modded by some guru in Hong Kong.
  3. Only knew that as I’d recently checked her out on google when I bought the same album.
  4. She was also in a couple of Star Trek episodes.
  5. Good find, Amanda wrote ‘The Rose’.
  6. JLS in Doncaster are the approved Denon repairer. https://www.jls.net.au/
  7. Oh yes, I remember those days John, torrid times.
  8. Not on the money you were on at the time @cheekyboy
  9. There's a review here: https://www.hifistatement.net/tests/item/2257-acoustical-systems-fideles?start=0 Unless you can read German go the Google translate. Very positive review.
  10. Monthly bump. Still looking.
  11. Bought that on SNA last week. Just have to wait six weeks before I can pick it up!
  12. James Morrison's music school in Mt Gambier holds the Generations in Jazz schools competition every two years and on the Fri and Sat nights he has a concert with some invited guests. He introduced this guy playing the Hammond B3 organ Joey De Francesco. I thought how boring is this going to be. How wrong was I, Joey blew the top off the oversize tent holding a few thousand school kids.
  13. Maybe longer. The alternative strategy doesn’t exist so we have no choice.
  14. Straight from the DHHS website. "Stay within 5km from home for shopping and exercise. Use the map on the Department of Premier and Cabinet website to see how far you are allowed to travel from your home under the stage 4 restrictions." Use this guideline and common sense to work out if leaving home for purchase or pick up of hifi is reasonable given the dire circumstances we find ourselves in. Even using delivery services is putting people at risk. There's COVID19 outbreaks in the delivery warehouse system. Do you really want some item delivered to your house that's potentially been handled by someone with COVID19? Six weeks folks, surely hifi can wait six weeks?
  15. Having had 50’s I’d suggest for the relatively small extra expense I’d go for 100’s. The 50’s are terrific and once you wick them up relentless. I did find them a little tame at low volumes. If you can afford to keep the subs why not 100’s and subs if you find you need a little very low bass.
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