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  1. They’ll need the whole sub to be able to check and repair properly. Had an issue with my JL sub and they wanted the whole thing. As a bonus they (JLS Melb) were very good and reasonably priced.
  2. Hi folks, I’m interested in what tubes LS100 owners have used. I recently picked up a used LS100 (thanks Grizzly). I think mine has black base Sylvania 6s7n’s and I’m not sure what the rectifier tube is. I see that Dan Wright recommends Sophia 6s7n’s and a few different rectifiers. I’m really liking the LS100 and even though the output impedance isn’t an ideal match for my active atc’s it seems to drive the amp packs pretty well. There seems to be a few LS100 owners on SNA so I’m interested in what experiences others have had in tube rolling.
  3. Just to finish up this thread I got my answer today. So, in answer to Red Spade's question the speakers are from different manufacturers. The speakers spec'd at 92db at 1 watt at 1 metre were a pair of Polk DB6502 component 6" car speakers. They are (were) fitted to the front doors of my car and powered from a Sony head unit with has probably 20 wpc rms. I paid good money to get them fitted, should have done it myself as the fitters didn't seem to know about phase of tweeters and mid bass, didn't know about connecting all wires to the crossover box and didn't seem to care too much about fitting the speakers to the door frame so there wouldn't be any gaps. The phase and crossover problems have consumed me for a few months now, given they were all messed up it took me a few goes to correct it all. In the end I hated the speakers anyway, didn't matter how they were configured they sounded average. The tweeters mounted in the car original dash locations sounded like honky midranges, very annoying and there was no top end, just lots of midrange. I was that frustrated that I went to another car audio store and had a listen to a couple of other pairs of speakers. Hard to make any valued judgments on a sound board but in the end it came down to some Morels which were made specifically with a high sensitivity for systems without car amps and a pair of Pioneer D65C whcih are another two way 6.5 inch component speaker. To my years the Pioneers sounded the best to me but had a lower sensitivity than the Morels at 84db at 2.83 volts at 1 metre. The Morels being up at about 94 db. The Pioneers were the catalyst for my question about sensitivity. I was starting to get buyers remorse thinking that the Pioneers would not be sensitive enough and that I should have bought the Morels which were made for my application. Anyway, bought the Pioneers and finally got around to fitting them today. This is when I discovered that the professionally installed Polks were leaking a little air around the mount. The installers hand't even bothered to make sure that they were sealed. The Polks are a 6"and the Pioneers a 6.5. The Polks have a separate crossover with a 12db slope on both mid and tweeter whereas the Pioneers have a 12 db slope on the tweeter in line and the mid bass just a 6 db coil attached to the midbass itself. Off to Autobarn to buy some spacers as the Pioneers were around 30mm deeper. After a few hours and double checking all the wiring they're all working. The answer to the sensitivity question? Looks like the Polks are exaggerating the measurements as the Pioneers play just a little louder and also have a much fuller sound with the bigger mid bass driver. The Pioneers sound very good too. I'm glad I finally got it sorted. Shame I spent good money on the Polks and paid some dunce to fit them but that's the way it goes I guess.
  4. I had a P25 with 2M black and an R32. I did find the R32 and 2M black combo more forward than the Graham Slee combo but that's probably more the cart than phono stage.
  5. 81 dB is very low, I own atc’s which are inefficient but are much more sensitive than 81 db.
  6. So, if both measurements are for four ohm speakers does that make any difference?
  7. Yeah, we’ll I doubt the accuracy of the specs to be honest. Who would sell a car speaker that was so inefficient and expect people to buy it against something with a much higher rating? Soinds like some marketing magic to me.
  8. Thanks for the answer. I did read that but there seems to be lots of differing opinions. So, in terms of sensitivity between these two car speakers one’s very inefficient compared to the other.
  9. This might be simple but a quick google search revealed various opinions and even arguments. I'm trying to work out which is the most sensitive speaker comparing the two different measurement values. 4 ohm speaker with a sensitivity of 92 db at 1 watt at 1 metre vs 4 ohm speaker with a sensitivity of 84 db at 2.83 volts at 1 metre. Both are car speakers. Is there a simple answer or is it all in the maths?
  10. This were mine which I sold some years ago. I had and sold two of them. The cabinets were made by Aranmar Acoustics in Melb out of 32 mm mdf and veneered with real Jarrah. I imported the two kits from Rythmik direct and reckon I would have been one of the earliest adopters. Great to see they’re still looking great and going strong.
  11. Something makes me think they’re the same thing.
  12. Your post looks somewhat like a fs ad I put together for an sms1 some years ago. Very handy unit. I’ve got another which I’m not using but won’t be selling in a hurry. Oh yeah, now I remember. It was a FS ad I put up for an SMS in January 2016. Word for word almost. Hope I get an author's fee if this sells.
  13. You could contact Audio Connection in Sydney. They were the Aus importers some years ago and may have a local preferred repairer from back then.
  14. Can I please take the James Newton Howard and the Acoustic Storm. I’ll send a pm later on today.
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