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  1. gat474

    Anyone have a view on JL Audio products?

    I’ve got a pair of f113 fathom mk1 subs. Terrific subs which really fill out the bottom end with powerful tight bass. Bought both of mine second hand but new prices aren’t cheap.
  2. gat474


    Any one of you Melbourne guys updating from your Panasonic Plasmas drop me a line if you want to sell the plasma.
  3. gat474

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    I saw Queen in Melbourne in the 80’s and recall the concept being ear bleedingly loud. Saw the movie on the weekend. The actor playing Freddie played a very unlikable character in The Pacific and I just couldn’t shake that memory. Good music in the movie but the historical inaccuracies were a little annoying.
  4. gat474

    Nice pick up

    OR is Otto (can’t remember the surname).
  5. gat474

    Nice pick up

    I’ve read that also @Wimbo. We’re these the ones that DB did after hours to make sure they were as good as he could get them?
  6. gat474


    Yeah, it was pretty good.
  7. gat474


    @DMax - when I had one of these I was never able to find that info. It has a stout power supply, lots of capacitance and weights a tonne so I always assumed that current output would be adequate.
  8. gat474

    Nice pick up

    Nice pick up Grumpy. I read that alot of the EMI (301 Studios in Sydney)stuff was pressed from original masters shipped out from the UK in particular the Beatles stuff. Alot of Beatles records are mastered from tapes but as Apple UK was also EMI and they owned EMI Australia EMI Aust got to make 'father pressings' from the UK masters. There's a good thread on 301 Studios and in particular the Maxicut process on the Steve Hoffman forums. It seems that there's no real records of what was good and what wasn't out of EMI but it can be assumed that just about everything that came out of there from the early '80's was done with the Maxicut process switched on regardless of what they were told to do. The Steve Hoffman thread has some good clues as to what to look for in the dead wax in terms of engineer's initials and the alpha numeric codes.
  9. gat474

    Post some pics thread...

    Shutter replacement? I think I sent my 750 off not long after I got it although I’m pretty sure they didn’t replace the shutter. Does the recall for a replacement or just a check?
  10. gat474

    ME 25 setup for Vinyl and CD.

    Any input except the phono input.
  11. gat474

    SOLD: FS: Sold

    Might not be a Kurka with those measurements, from memory the Kurka was over 500 wide. In any case you can’t go wrong with Legend speakers.
  12. gat474

    SOLD: FS: Sold

    Looks like a Kurka. I had an early model with the Aerogel drivers. Yours looks like a later one. For $200 it’s a no brainer, very good centre and mine was only bettered by an active Atc which had an RRP of $4000.
  13. I've had that Yes CD for years and it only ever sounded good on my old 70's garage system. The CD is way too hot.
  14. @Jonny which atc actives were they?
  15. gat474

    ME pre-amp upgrade completed

    My suggestion would be to contact Trevor aka zaphod beeblebrox on Sna about getting another 850. He may just have one in stock. Also speak to him about getting your pre sorted or like you mentioned speak to Winovate.