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  1. If you are in Melbourne take the driver to Gary Cawsey in Preston or Atilla in Thomastown. Not sure of Atilla’s contact but someone on Sna will have it. If it’s a heated voice coil these guys may be able to sort that for you.
  2. I have a ten year old Panasonic that's just been replaced by a 60 series 50 inch. The 60 series definitely has a better picture especially on HD material but the old plasma has much better sound. I found out how to get the screen hours and the old one has around 7000 which over ten years seems to be surprisingly low. I put the old Pana on Ebay and it sold for not a whole lot. The buyer never contacted me so it's still sitting here. Guess I should advertise it FS on SNA.
  3. gat474

    Where to buy ATC in Perth ?

    I haven't heard that series but have heard earlier ones with the old Vifa tweeter. The models with the new ATC tweeter are head and shoulders above the old Vifa tweeter models. The tweeter in the ones pictured are lesser than the old Vifa tweeter so I image there'd be a substantial improvement there.
  4. I see Tower of Power are playing at the Croxton Ballroom in Thornbury on 28 March 2019 to promote the release of a new album. Looks like they’re playing in other Aus cities as well. It’s an over 18’s event which is a shame as my 17 year old trombonist son will miss out. In any case I’ve got tickets. Had a listen to the new album which I’m not a massive fan of but I’m assuming they’ll play some older stuff as well.
  5. gat474

    Post some pics thread...

    KKK horses?
  6. gat474

    Post some pics thread...

    Mick, that is hilarious! Bet you weren't expecting that action.
  7. gat474

    MARANTZ SR9600 - Advice

    As I recall the 9600 was the top of the range Marantz receiver, might have been in the days prior to HDMI. A quick google reveals they were around $8000 back in 2006 so pretty big money. Marantz put alot of effort into making it work both as HT and in two channel at which it apparently excelled.
  8. Our first tv was one of these. I didn’t have channel 0 (now channel 10) so I missed the coolest show any primary school kid could want to see - 6 Million Dollar Man. It took an age to warm up and when it was returned off the picture reduces to a small white dot in the middle.
  9. gat474

    FS: ATC SCM40 MK2

    I've either got a whole lot of similar speakers with the same damage or these are the same pair.
  10. gat474

    FS: ATC SCM40 MK2

    Item: ATC SCM40 MK2 Location: MOONEE PONDS Price: $4000 Item Condition: SEE BELOW DESCRIPTION AND PICS Reason for selling: USED AS REARS IN HT AND DEFINITELY NOT USED TO FULL POTENTIAL Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I'm not really sure where to start with my extra info item description. I guess the best place to start is the reason of 'crazy hifi obsession'. I've been offered some alternative active ATC's. Being completely honest with myself I'm not 100% sure that I want to sell this gear as it sounds so damned good. I have a pair of active 40's which are the same as the passive 40's bar the inbuilt power amps. Sure, the actives are better but that's logical given the advantages of completely active speakers. I've had the passive 40's for about four years now. They were purchased locally at Sterephonic brand new. Condition is good but one has a small amount of damage (see pics). It's a long story but one fell forward when I was moving them and landed on an XLR cable. There's was lots of swearing and then a long silent walk. When I came back to them I decided then that they were too good to sell (they were for sale at the time) given their reduced worth with the damage. So, since then they've done rear HT duties and get to make some noise about once a month, if that. They come with all packaging and condition is as per the pics. The damage can't be seen with the grill on, it's an indentation the size and shape of an XLR plug. I looked at costs of another cabinet from ATC but they weren't keen on just one given the difficulty of matching colours and in the end it was going to be way too expensive. Excellent speaker which I've tried with a variety of amps including a Primare A32, ME240, ME850, ME1500 and most recently an ATC SIA2-150. They sounded great with each amp and probably respond best to the ATC integrated amp. No surprise there as the are pretty well matched. The 40's have been languishing as HT rears for a while now. They were my mains for a while and then when I bought some active 50's they moved to the back after the damage incident rendered them best kept. I sold the 50's and went to some active 40's and the passives stayed up the back. I bought the SIA2-150 with every intention of having two systems with the passives powered by the integrated and when I felt like it spinning the chair around, moving the passives to a better position and listening to them as an alternative to the actives. That was working really well the first few times but in the end it was a hassle to move the chairs and speakers and I tended to just plonk myself down in the normal listening position and listened to the actives. No doubt the active 40's are better than the passives, no surprise there at nearly double the price ATC's heritage of active speakers. In isolation the passives are a fantastic speaker and will work well in any room being sealed. Their specs indicate they don't go all that low but ATC measure in a massive factory with zero room effects. Check out the measurements of their larger models, not all that impressive. The proof's in the pudding though. I'm selling as the 40's are wasted sitting up the back. I've sold the SIA2-150 now so they'll be powered off a largish HT receiver which will do the job but given I watch about one movie a month I really don't think I need four grand's worth or rear speakers. Demo's welcome but you'll need to bring an integrated or a power amp as I don't have anything to power them that's worth in two channel. I have all packaging and docs. Not sure if I even have a copy of the receipt but I'll contact Stereophonic and get the purchase date. They'd have some warranty left as it is 6 years. EDIT: I've advertised these before but decided against selling them prior to getting any serious offers. They were (and still are) just too good to let go but I've finally decided they are wasted as rears and not going to get used as mains. Pictures:
  11. gat474

    Benchmark DAC2

    I’m amazed this hasn’t sold. I’ve got one and it’s by far the best dac I’ve had and comes with a very competent pre amp section and headphone amp. Those after a dac 3 good luck with your search, better off taking the dac2 as it seems very few, of any dac 3’s have been imported into Aus.
  12. Atc sia2-150 - not bright at all.
  13. gat474

    Usher’s Mini Dancer 2 DMD

    I hope $4999 isn't the actual price. I bought a pair a few years ago demo for $2500.
  14. gat474

    TCL TV’s?

    Just dropped into Harvey’s to check out the range. Impressed that they had a huge range and mostly playing FTA TV. I made the mistake of checking out the OLED TV’s and was able to directly compare to LED, no comparison really, the OLED was heaps better. So, OLED is isn’t cheap and going large brings much higher price tags. I’d probably have been happy looking at the LED’s but on the big bash displaying on both the OLED was so much more real looking and no movement artefacts at all.
  15. gat474

    TCL TV’s?

    Thanks for the info, very valuable. I did note that most if not all the reviews were from non Aus sources and was a little concerned. I'll look elsewhere.