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  1. Having a listen to this on Tidal (at work and only have my phone and headphones). Terrific album Keith.
  2. Don’t assume that all MC’s are expensive and all MM’s are cheaper, although generally true it’s not always the case. I’m using a rather expensive MM cartridge that punches way above a lot of equally priced MC’s. It’s really all about what you like. Not all carts and not all phono pre amps are equal. It’s hard to try out carts before you buy but easier to sample phono preamps at home.
  3. Doesn’t look like the jc2 has a phono preamp. With the quality of kit you have I wouldn’t bother using the phono in the MArantz as it will only be adequate. Take a look at Graham Slee products on Whyndham Audio page, Keith has a loaner programme and is more than happy to let you try things out, even if you don’t buy. Once you try a GSP there won’t be any ‘not buying’ as I’ve just found out.
  4. I think JL do a model., not cheap though.
  5. Not that long ago people were paying this price for 550 mk2's. Not as good as an 850 but I reckon it would give the 550 mk2 a good run for its money and a no brainer power wise.
  6. The 2M series were made with Rega TT’s in mind. You might just need to look at VTA spacing but that’s easy enough with Rega spacers.
  7. Item: Modwright LS100 MM/MC tube phono option (RRP $1995) Location: Moonee Ponds, Melbourne. Price: $800 Item Condition: Very good, only few months old. Reason for selling: Not using it Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this direct from Dan Wright at Modwright late last year. The Modwright LS100 optional phono stage is a well regarded $1995 option which can be optioned on a new LS100 or user installed at a later date. Installation takes all of five minutes and most of that is taken up by the pre amp cover screws. It can be used for both MM and MC carts and has comprehensive adjustment for cartridge loading. See the manual here for instructions and specs: http://www.modwright.com/products/ls-100-tube-preamp.php It comes with a warranty from Modwright. I have to say Dan Wright is one of the nicest people I've dealt with in hifi, he's a real quiet achiever who bent over backwards to help me with I was looking at the stage. I'm selling as I've been offered a stellar deal on something much more expensive and if I go that way I won't use the MW phono section. So, rather than leave it in the pre amp I'll either remove it and store it for a rainy day or offer it for sale. As usual in this game I'm losing quite a bit if I sell this but I guess that's the hobby. It will come with tubes originally supplied by Modwright for MM and MC and also a pair of Miniwatt NOS 12AU7 from MM use. The board is currently installed in the pre just in case anyone wants to hear it running. I'll remove it in a week or so and can then take better pics. In any case it's just like other pics on the internet. I have included one as it's currently installed in my pre. Can post at buyer's cost. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. A few pics from the Melb Zoo today.
  9. Currently trialling these with a Graham Slee Voyager portable amp. Makes everything bigger and better again.
  10. A 380 flew over head when I had the camera in my hand. Humid day led to contrails from the big jet.
  11. I've been reading this thread with interest. I've recently got a pair of HD58X to use with an iphone just for casual listening at work and when away from home. After having HD600 and HD6XX I find I like the HD58X are much better suited to the output of my iphone 6s and also I prefer the sound even on the home system with a dedicated amp. I've currently loaned a Graham Slee Voyager headphone amp from Wyndham Audio. It's a pretty simple headphone amp only with facility for 3.5 in and 3.5 out. It uses a 9 volt battery and also has facility for 240 volt via a wall wart or USB power. Hardly a small device and not something I'd go jogging with (not that I jog anymore). In terms of performance it really gives the headphone output a decent boost and drives the HD58X well enough to get way too loud if you want. In terms of sound quality it's restricted to the signal it's receiving so I'm interested in how something like a quality headphone amp like the Voyager with an iphone as a source via 3.5 using the iphone dac compares to a dac/amp combo.
  12. I've gone a little left field with my active ATC's in using a Modwright LS100. I have a Benchmark DAC 2 and still enjoy this as a pre and previously used a CA2 (that John L has now) and this was also pretty good. The Modwright gives a little more body to the sound that comes with valves. Plus it's got a killer phono stage. I was concerned about output impedance of what ever pre I was using but ultimately as long as the impeadance output isn't too high it seems to work okay. I used an ME25 along the way too which was also really nice and had the lowest impedance of all the pre amps I've tried. The ATC and Benchmark are a little higher and the MW is around 300 ohms.
  13. Cheap, simple and sound surprisingly good. Preferred these to my 600’s and 6XX (with or without separate amp). The HD58X just do it all pretty well and as a bonus sound great even from an IPhone.
  14. I had a couple of pairs of 10’s but stupidly sold them. Ran them with 250 wpc Primare amp. Lovely speaker and a nicer listen than the scm20’s I had at the same time. $1000 US is probably twice what I’d pay though.
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