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  1. I’ve got the same album Keith and always found it shrill sounding. Not sure if mine is an Aus pressing or not though.
  2. A weekly reminder. Still looking.
  3. I’ve heard this amp, very nice and easily powers those hungry atc based speakers in the pics. Buy with confidence from Pete (I’m speaking from experience).
  4. Not found yet, still looking.
  5. Item: ATC SCM50ASL or higher Price Range: to be discussed Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Never hurts to ask so if anyone has some ATC SCM50 ASL or higher and looking to sell shoot me a PM. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  6. Keep a look out for a TU235 as well, same innards as the TU260 mk2. Also, the 235 and 260 work with the Denon remote as well, you just don’t get them with the tuner. Maybe your dad’s Denon remote will operate the tuner as well.
  7. I've had this for a couple of years now. Comes with the remote and hand book. The pre comes with a set of Amperex brown base 6SN7 tubes and a Sylvania 5AR4 driver tube. There is another driver tube that I think is a Mullard. I can't remember what model it is but it's quite tall and when fitted the it fouls the top plate so needs to be run in the nude. It sounds better than the Sylvania but I don't like running it with out the top on. I don't know how old all the tubes are, they came with the pre. One is a little noisy for the first five or so minutes until it warms up. When I say noisy you can't hear it when the music is playing so it's not really that bad at all. I have the genuine Modwright phono option. This is a $2000 option when with a new amp. It can be used for both MC and MM carts depending on the tubes fitted. I have tubes for either. Also comes with a pair of Aust Mullard Miniwatt NOS tubes for MM use. It has an inbuilt headphone section which will quite comfortably drive any of the Senn HD series of headphones. It's on a par with the headphone amp in my Benchmark DAC2. When I got the LS100 I was using an ATC CA1. The CA1 had replaced a late model ME24. The LS100 easily bested the ATC CA1 pre. The chassis on the LS100 is extra large and a bit difficult to package. I'd much prefer local pick up. I don't have any original packaging. Condition is really good, not excellent as it does have a very small mark on the top right side on the side panel right near the front. Can be seen in one of the photos if you have a good look. The RRP of the pre is $7500 with the phono section installed. My price is a smidge over a third of that price. It has a great reputation and alot of potential for tube rolling. If I was going to keep it I'd be looking at replacing the three line section tubes and seeing how far I could take it. The phono tubes only have 50 or so hours on them so they'd be fine but apparently there's alot to be had tube rolling these little tubes. Modwright's service is second to none. When I bought the phono section Dan from Modwright was extremely helpful answering all emails within a day. Doug aka @Tubularbells (SNA member) attended to a mod to one of the connectors inside the pre. I can''t remember what it was but it's an approved mod from the factory. The amp will be cleaned with alcohol wipes prior to pick up. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. You definitely need to get them apart further on some stands. When I was a kid in the late 70’s a mate’s parents had a pair and powered then with the most powerful receiver ever made - the technical sa1000 at 330 wpc. I’m not sure it made it to 330 watts but they lapped up every watt.
  9. All jokes about the weather aside I quite like Portland. I have a relative who was a tradie at the smelter and is now doing something he likes much better in town. If I was going to the country Western Vic is high on the list.
  10. No limits car audio in City Rd Melb. They answered a lot of emails and had a good idea of what they were talking about. In the end with the discounts they gave me on the kit the labour ended up pretty much being free, I didn’t hit them on price either, they just offered good prices.
  11. This job is now done and dusted. Audio control D4.800 fitted running Morel speakers all around. No sub as I don’t want to lost any space in the back. All up price was pretty reasonable and the quality of work was great. DSP was a must with the funky EQ coming out of the OEM head unit. Prior to having the DSP fitted it sounded pretty interesting with too of some stuff and other stuff completely missing. Five year warranty on the Audiocontrol gear if fitted by an approved installer so that was a no brainer. All up cost was under three grand including fitting and getting front and rear doors treated. Pretty happy with the result. OEM heard unit, 125 wpc, DSP with time alignment and all stealth.
  12. It does get sunny in Portland, then it rains again, then it's sunny and then rain again. One sure thing though is that the rain will always come from the west.
  13. Watched that last night with the wife. Wife loved it, I felt as you did Joz. Nicely filmed and sounded great even on DVD (no Blu-ray rentals any more) was excellent.
  14. I’d be checking with an ME expert before getting too excited about the 1500. There was the earlier model that had a really complicated heat sink design that didn’t lend itself to servicing. In fact I don’t think anyone will service them with the older heatsinks. The later model with the more simple heatsinks doesn’t cause any servicing issues.
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