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  1. I’ve been so looking forward to this review. Cafad really does know his way around integrated amps and more so reviews. This particular amp was mine, bought on a whim to run some passive atc Scm40 mk2’s. Previously these speaker have been powered by a big Primare A32, ME240, 850 and even a 1500, most of which were borrowed. I even gave them a run with RRP $22k Moon amp. All of these worked well with the ATC the equal in most respects apart from maybe power in the case of the bigger models. I also own active scm40’s which are the same apart from the obvious lack of crossover and addition of designated amps for each driver. I’ve had the passives for some years now and the actives not as long. The SIA came along only last year and was just to have a play with and to power the rear passive atc’s in my home theatre set up. Excessive? Definitely. When I first set up the SIA and the passives it had been a while since I’d listened to anything, days if not a week or so. Audio memory not so strong. Each system was set up in the same room with speakers next to each other. Same source and the actives had the ATC CA1 as the pre. The passives were first and entertained me for quite a while. I was at the point of thinking I’d be selling the actives and save the money. Eventually I swapped systems. It took but a few seconds, everything the passive system did well the actives did better. Everything was there in the passive system but the actives seemed to sharpen everything up without making themselves obvious. Ultimately it came down to the thing that paralyses all of us in this silly game, it’s the little improvements that takes us, too hard to resist. The SIA is a great amp, certainly pound for pound and dollar for dollar right up there with anything I’ve had. In the end the one movie a month powering rear HT speakers didn’t justify the money sitting there. I knew Cafad was keen on one so he had first dibs. For some time I thought he didn’t like it as it hadn’t made it into one of his reviews. Little did I know what an impression it made although I suspect he’s still taken with the big Sansuis. I really enjoyed my time with the SIA and would gladly own it again if I wasn’t madly saving for some active ATC’s further up the range, either 50’s or 100’s. Unfortunately anything ATC is addictive, the more you spend the more you get.
  2. As a rule I don't need permission but dragging this sort of money out of the house mortgage account isn't fiscally sound. For the time being I'll have to put up with my active 40's and twin JL fathom subs whilst I save for some 50's or 100's.
  3. Damn you, these were mine!!!! Stop posting about them, must stop looking.
  4. I guess that SNAer would be me? I agree with your assessment on benign loads. On my SCM40 passives it didn't seem to work all that hard but it also seemed to run out volume at higher levels. This was compared directly to the active version so possible not a fair comparison.
  5. I'm very jealous. I spent weeks trying to work out how I was going to pay for them. Ah well, it wasn't to be and given I would have to draw the money back out of the house loan it's probably just as well. Love the ATC sound and will now work on saving up to buy some new ones.
  6. I suspect JL used a driver designed specifically for the F113 rather than using one of their car drivers.
  7. Great sub, I’ve got two. One of mine had the power supply replaced. It is a common issue with these but once fixed it won’t happen again. It’s just the power supply caps that give way rather than the whole power supply. An easy fix for a tech.
  8. Some interest but nothing firm yet. Get in touch if you’re interested.
  9. Weekend special $9500. magnificent weather in Melbourne, perfect for speaker shopping!!
  10. I’ve got a Rega P25 with groove tracer platter and a 2M black on the RB600 arm. The platter height is taller due to the platter thickness so the arm has been spaced up a bit. I like the 2M black but do find it can be a little forward and sibilant at times. I’ve always been a bit sus about the VTA but didn’t get around to playing with different VTA even though I’ve got a VTA adjuster which isn’t fitted due to having to enlarge the arm hole. When I started reading this thread a few days ago I decided to have a play with the VTA. Instead of adjusting the arm height I cheated and played with the record height. The arm was tail up and my reading suggested that lowing the tail may reduce treble a little. Out came some old records to use as spacers and also a rubber Technics mat. Sure enough the sound definitely backed off the higher the cart and to the point that the sound became a little dull when the cart end was higher than the stub end. The only problem is that once I started to raise the cart height (the same effect of lowering the arm) the arm lift mechanism didn’t have enough height to lift the needle off the record surface. Much more care required with the arm and cart when playing records. By chance I found some more Rega spacers at home so rather than having to enlarge the arm hole to use the screw Vta adjuster I just used different combos of spacers and for an arm height that was about the sweet spot for my cart. Still lively but I think that’s the nature of the 2M black. Makes for an energetic and exciting listen. In summary, definitely worth a play with VTA and the cheats way of finding out was to stack up some old records under the playing one and this gave a good indication of the effects of different height.
  11. The image of the rear shows a sub output.
  12. That's cheap, I scored the last to come up for sale on SNA. I love mine that much I bought the optional phono section from Modwright in the US. Wasn't cheap and I forgot about import duty and GST on the phono but worth it. Service from Dan at Modwright was exceptional. I see this one's volume goes up to 11. I'll have to check mine out, that is definitely loud. Edit: might be an idea to include info on what tubes are in the pre. Modwright recommends the originals are replaced with better tubes so some owners do just that.
  13. Item: CST classic Otis 700 x 35 road bike tyres Location: Moonee Ponds Price: $20 donation to Sna Item Condition: good, used for one hour ride Reason for selling: replaced Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these last week to replace some worn out tyres. They cost me $40 each. They are puncture resistant and quite comfortable to ride on. Only issue is that the tread is quite squishy and I could definitely feel it move around when going through corner. I found some others on gumtree which have replaced the CST’s. These would be fine for casual riding or putting on a bike to sell. They have about 20 kms on them, one hour riding. Pictures:
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