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  1. My comment is more about Igor than the TT although I wouldn’t knock back a swap for my Kubrick. I had a bit of an own goal with my Kubrick late last year, it involved a mix up between two similar looking power supplies, one DC and one AC. Of course I grabbed the wrong one when I was re-jigging the TT. I managed to bugger the speed control board up. An email to Igor in what’s their middle of the night bought a reply within minutes. Told him it was my own silly fault yet he posted, free of any cost, a new control board. Fantastic service from Soulines.
  2. I upgraded from a 2M black to a Fideles. The Fideles did every thing the 2M did, just better. $600 is a bargain.
  3. Those Osborn ‘prisms’ must be really old. Do you have a photo of them?
  4. I went from the 40’s to the 100’s. Yes, the 40’s are great but the 100’s are a massive improvement in every respect. They do things the 40’s can only dream of. So much power and authority at all frequencies and volumes. The 40’s are ‘nice’ but the 100’s are ‘epic’.
  5. ... and what about the TT Greg is selling for his 103 year old mum who’s just gone into car after a fall. Listening to records at 103👍.
  6. Further information I've had this for a few years now. I bought it more for its pre amp abilities and low impedance output to run some active ATC speakers. It's seen off quite a few pre amps and other dacs and only this year been replaced it with a Benchmark HPA4. I have to say there's not a whole lot of difference between the DAC 2 and the HPA. Sure, the HPA but not by a whole lot. The DAC2 has a full analogue pre amp section which I've used very successfully with a vinyl rig. It wasn't shamed by a Modwright LS100 and in fact I sold the LS100 to hang onto the DAC 2. The DAC
  7. Item: Logitech THC 2 ch comOuter speakers with 8” sub Price Range: How does a $10 donation to the charity of your choice sound? Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Located for pick up only in Moonee Ponds. Logitech computer speakers. About ten years old. Still works fine and actually sounds acceptable on music and would be terrific for gaming with loads of volume and power from the sub. Not sure how much sub it does, probably best called a woofer. Just need to buy yourself a 3.5 mm Female stereo plug to what ever you are plugging it into. I was using 3.5 mm to 3.5 from the
  8. It’s definitely an album best played loud. My old man bought a pressing back in 1980 when we got a decent stereo. I have the album but they still have the system. I managed to find a better copy so that’s the one I play. @cheekyboy can you suggest some other bluegrass albums I might like?
  9. Yes Keith, you pointed it out to me some years ago. By chance I did some google research on some of the band members and saw that Geoff Levin is a member of the same church group as Tom Cruise. @cheekyboy,Is that what the dedication refers to?
  10. Finally got my Soulines Kubrick up and running after a bit of an own goal with a mix up in power supplies. Thanks to the guys at SGR for the repair, Keith at Wyndham Audio and Igor at Soulines over in Serbia for getting me sorted. I didn’t realise how much I missed vinyl. Having a Sheffield Labs morning. Running an Acoustical Systems Fideles MM cart into a Graham Slee Accession via Slee cables. Edit: Just listening to Harry James now, front row seats!!! Gotta love Atc actives👍.
  11. No, the rear left and right which are located on the left of the square you drew. The surround back are for 7.1, sounds like your system is 5.1. Don't forget to go into the speaker set up menu and specify that you have rear speakers.
  12. I’m keen on the dac if anyone wants the amp.
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