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  1. .... and sold. Thanks for those who looked.
  2. I’ve got a pair of Miniwatt tubes waiting for me at the post office. Cheap enough to try out. I’ve also had contact with @Aperalim who has an amazing collection of tubes and the font of all knowledge. He has quite a few to choose from, that much in fact that it’s easy to become lost in the choices. If the mini watts don’t work out I’ll be back on to @Aperalimto take his options further.
  3. Still for sale, not desperate to sell but feel free to make a reasonable offer.
  4. They look like they’d be strong enough to be car stands, not just speaker stands.
  5. Regardless of mpeg4, it’s gorn to a very appreciate guy.
  6. Item: Panasonic 50” plasma tv P50X10A (no remote) Price Range: Free Item Condition: used Extra Info: Free Panasonic 50” tv. No remote but any Pana remote should work. Comes with stand. Works fine but won’t pick up the mpeg4 channels. Pick up Moonee Ponds. The pay forward is you get to make a donation to the value you choose to Diabetes Australia. No need to provide proof, your word is good enough for me.
  7. Still available and now packed for transport. Price drop to $1200.
  8. Item: Sennheiser HD600 2 hours use Location: Moonee Ponds Price: $300 Item Condition: As new, 2 hours use Reason for selling: not getting use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these a couple of months ago from the original owner. He’d bought them some years before and other than replace the cable with a HD650 cable left them boxed. I bought them and shortly after bought some Massdrop 650’s. I’m finding I don’t use either so one has to go. I prefer the 600’s with their accurate sound and lifelike performance. I’m not sure which ones are better, the 650’s are like having the loudness button on which isn’t always ideal. Anyway, the 600’s are as new and will need more running in. Come with the box and outer box too. Sorry about the pics, just some quick phone snaps before I went to work. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. I would expect the brand new model forester built on the new platform to be judged better than the outback which is now four years old and last of the series. Not so apparently.
  10. There’s an interesting comparison between the new model forester vs the last of the line outback at car advice. The findings and outcome aren’t what I expected.
  11. Are there any reliable sellers of NOS tubes in Aus? Looking at 12au7’s. Seems to be lots in the US but local would be preferable.
  12. I'm looking for some advice on 12AU7 tubes for the phono stage in my Modwright LS100. The LS100 has an internal phono stage and if using a MM cart it uses two 12AU7 tubes. My LS100 came with the factory supplied tubes which are JJ branded 12AU7's. I've tube rolled 12AX7's in a previous pre amp and found that there is a difference. I suspect the same will apply with 12AU7's and I'm looking for some advice from experienced tube users on what tubes I could consider as an alternative the the JJ's. I find my current turntable/cart/phono stage to be pretty good but it can at times be a little forward. I don't know how the JJ's compare to others in terms of warmth/detail. Does anyone have experience with the JJ's and/or have a suggestion on some 12AU7's I might find a touch more forgiving in the top end? Something which has warm traits rather than outright detail?
  13. I had a very interested person in Perth so I packaged it all up for a long safe trip. Buyer has since had other more pressing things for his hard earneds. Now in the original Rega box plus the upgrade pieces are in a separate box. Packaging is pretty much bullet proof so postage will be pretty safe. Can go via Aust Post or a courier service. Box sizes are 53 x 40 x 12 6 kg. 55 x 53 x 24 10 kg. I’m in Moonee Ponds 3039 so now you can do your own research.
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