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  1. You need to be really careful with non Aus compliant plugs if you have a house fire. One of the things that fire investigators will look for in the charred rubble is power cable plugs and power boards. Even after a fire it's pretty obvious whether they are Aus or not. It's something that could affect an insurance claim.
  2. The late great Mark Hunter doing some solo stuff backed by the ABC show band.
  3. I bought this direct from Dan Wright at Modwright late last year. The Modwright LS100 optional phono stage is a well regarded $1995 option which can be optioned on a new LS100 or user installed at a later date. Installation takes all of five minutes and most of that is taken up by the pre amp cover screws. It can be used for both MM and MC carts and has comprehensive adjustment for cartridge loading. See the manual here for instructions and specs: http://www.modwright.com/products/ls-100-tube-preamp.php It comes with a warranty from Modwright. I have to say Dan Wright is one of the nicest people I've dealt with in hifi, he's a real quiet achiever who bent over backwards to help me with I was looking at the stage. I'm selling as I've been offered a stellar deal on something much more expensive and if I go that way I won't use the MW phono section. So, rather than leave it in the pre amp I'll either remove it and store it for a rainy day or offer it for sale. As usual in this game I'm losing quite a bit if I sell this but I guess that's the hobby. It will come with tubes originally supplied by Modwright for MM and MC and also a pair of Miniwatt NOS 12AU7 from MM use. The board is currently installed in the pre just in case anyone wants to hear it running. I'll remove it in a week or so and can then take better pics. In any case it's just like other pics on the internet. I have included one as it's currently installed in my pre. Can post at buyer's cost. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Terrific tuner and if you can find one will work with a Denon system remote control.
  5. Damn, just came back from Hobart this morning. Could have squeezed them in my 7kg carry on luggage!
  6. My Scm40a’s drop off gently at about 45 hz down to 25 hz or so. Not much action down at the bottom end though. They are matched with subs which are set to roll off above 45 hz at 24 db. It all makes for a reasonably flattish frequency response. I did have some older scm50a’s which didn’t go a whole lot lower than the 40’s but they sure hit a whole lot harder but over the long term would have sent me deaf. At lower volumes the 50’s weren’t all that impressive, it was more when they were wicked up and then they sure begged to be played loud. This might be partly room related too as most speakers I’ve had over the journey have performed better once the room was loaded up a bit. God I miss the 50’s!!
  7. No, not an FX, was never officially called an FX by Holden. It was a 48-215. The FX moniker came along some time later. Surprisingly the 48-215 isn’t worth as much as you’d think now even though they were the first model. They’re called ‘Australia’s own’ but they were designed and approved by GM in the US. They did a pretty good job though. My old man has had his since 1966. It’s one of the last before the FJ and built in 1953. One of the first things he did was had seat belts fitted to it. An early adopter before people realised they worked.
  8. Taken from the above linked channel 9 article: - FJ Holdens (particularly 1953 models known as Australia's first holden. What does this make my old man’s 48-215 Holden worth if it was built prior to Australia’s first holden, the FJ? If you are going to report on something at least do your research and get it right.
  9. What about; - an army of caps - a parade of caps - a surge of caps
  10. I think they use the passive version, makes it easier to test power amps as well.
  11. Great with low powered phones as a source.
  12. There is a way to get into the service menu which gives you the service hours and number of times it’s been switched on. I found it on a google search of Panasonic plasma service hours or something like that. It’s on a US AVS forum but works on our tv’s.
  13. Having a listen to this on Tidal (at work and only have my phone and headphones). Terrific album Keith.
  14. Don’t assume that all MC’s are expensive and all MM’s are cheaper, although generally true it’s not always the case. I’m using a rather expensive MM cartridge that punches way above a lot of equally priced MC’s. It’s really all about what you like. Not all carts and not all phono pre amps are equal. It’s hard to try out carts before you buy but easier to sample phono preamps at home.
  15. Doesn’t look like the jc2 has a phono preamp. With the quality of kit you have I wouldn’t bother using the phono in the MArantz as it will only be adequate. Take a look at Graham Slee products on Whyndham Audio page, Keith has a loaner programme and is more than happy to let you try things out, even if you don’t buy. Once you try a GSP there won’t be any ‘not buying’ as I’ve just found out.
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