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  1. Post some pics thread...

    Cool pic, tell us more about how you took it and the kit.
  2. Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    Not only VU meters, this deck had peak lights in between the VU's which were more accurate and quicker to react than the meters.
  3. Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    Were they called the MAX-G? I used to use ADX-90's and SAX-90's back in the day as well as some TDK MA and MAX metal tapes. I had a Hitachi D5500M which was a stellar deck from the 80's. It had an auto bias program that you could set for different types of tapes. It was much better than the general chrome and metal settings. Also had a remote control which used to slip out of the deck and took four AA betteries. The deck started to chew tapes in the 90's so I gave it away. Wish I still had it just for the looks.
  4. I've had one of these for a few years now. Initially paired with the elevator and a dl103 wood body and then just by itself with a 2M black. Great phono stage and a terrific seller.
  5. Sonique 750 Diamond Help

    John from Aranmar Acoustics does it this way. He screws a slightly over size screw into one of the screw holes in the frame. Not too hard, just enough so the thread grabs the frame. He then places a piece of timber over the speaker near the driver and uses a claw hammer to lever the screw up and lifting the driver up with it. The timber is to put the head of the hammer on to protect the speaker.
  6. SOLD: FS: ATC SCM40 Floorstander

    Because you'd like some SCM40 actives?

    Could be correct, I was going from memory. 6 sounds better than 5.

    The 40's are much better than the old 20's. I went from one to the other.

    I didn't know you had some mark 2'a Walter. I do wonder how the passive go with valves. I use a valve pre with mine just to give it some tububess which seems a good match. I've also tried an ME pre with my actives and it's a pretty good match as well.

    Even at RRP if you factor in the price of ATC power amps.

    The one in question is buying in country Victoria so isn't facing the run away prices of suburban Melbourne. I have another who will be looking to buy in Melb as some stage. I'm not looking forward to that deposit.

    Yeah, thanks John. I'd get more satisfaction from helping out to buy a house than I would with any hifi kit.
  13. Item: ATC SCM40A FLOORSTANDERS - AS NEW AND ONLY PURCHASED MONTHS AGO. Location: MOONEE PONDS, MELBOURNE Price: $14400 Item Condition: AS NEW Reason for selling: SEE BELOW Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Okay, for those looking for something cheap stop reading now, this won't interest you. This EOI is for those who were considering some ATC SCM40A's but have found that there is a wait list of at least three months and a pay up front policy for them. I'll start with my reason for selling. My eldest has just married and is looking at buying a first home. I would really like to help them out with some financial assistance to save them from the dreaded mortgage insurance and bridging loans. I can save money more easily than them and it does seem quite a luxury to have a pair of speakers that are worth what would be quite a bump along in a house deposit. Having said that, I'm not ever intending giving these speakers away. They are worth me keeping them rather than losing a bomb on them. I do have other ways of fund raising if I have to, selling the speakers is just one. Okay, I bought these brand new from Stereophonic in Melbourne only five or six months ago. I have to get a copy of the receipt as I forgot to grab it at the time. I've been a fan of ATC speakers for a few years now having owned 10's, 20's, 40 passives, 50 actives and now the 40 actives. They get better the bigger the number. The 50's were sold as I knew they'd send me deaf and I really wanted to try out the much newer 40's with the new tweeter. I still had and still have my passive 40's so knew what to expect. The active 40's are like the passive version but supercharged. They don't forgive poor recordings and as I've found respond to cable changes. Give them good source material and equipment and you will reap the benefits. These speakers are as they came out of the box but are run in now. They come with all packaging and I will supply a receipt. They have a five year warranty so heaps left on that. As far as I know Stereophonic aren't stocking the 19a or 40a now as they too have to pay up front and then wait for them to be ordered by the importer (a SA hifi dealer), to be made, shipped here and shipped to them. Add to this that the Aus importer only orders once they have a full shipment can make for a looooong wait. These speakers will only attract someone who was considering buying a new pair and were put off by the up front payment and wait. My pricing isn't cheap but when I bought them the advertised RRP was about $17,500 and once I bought them the price dropped to the current $15,999. I suspect this is because they don't have any, are pushing other brands and if someone wants them bad enough they'll be happy to put up the money and wait. So, mine are $14,400, a better price than what a dealer will sell them for. I doubt there will be any discounting off the current $15,999 pricing as the dealer may as well push something else they have in stock. The retail price dropping two grand takes alot of the profit margin anyway. I doubt wholesale cost dropped on these when I bought mine, it's not as if the Aus dollar went up against the GB Pound. I suspect the variable pricing was more about rationalizing pricing of non existent stock and other brands that are more available locally. Anyway, there you have it. If you want some SCM40A's and borked at the wait and parting with your money for months empty handed, mine are here and are new apart from being a few months old and run in now. Mine are the only pair advertised for sale that I've seen (apart from new by a dealer) since their release. It's much the same with the passive version. The smaller 19, 11 and 7's do come up but this fact alone is a credit to the larger 40's - people seem happy to hang onto them or strive to upgrade to them. If you're wondering what I'll listen to? I still have my passive 40's and due to a small accident they have a very small bit of cabinet damage so it's not financially viable to sell them, they are worth more for me to keep them. Reviews are at this page: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=scm40a+review&oq=scm40a+review&aqs=chrome..69i57.4695j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Pics below. Pictures:
  14. SOLD: FS: ATC SCM40 Floorstander

    You should hear the active 20's!
  15. Mystery solved, Aussie WEA. Did they press their own?