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  1. There are two pairs of Spendor BC1s on Gumtree in Perth .Both under $1000.One of the all time classic BBC derived designs.You would have to pay many thousands for a modern speaker to beat them. Warm tone and nice airy treble from their tweeter plus super tweeter.You would just need to check everything is working as they are getting old.
  2. I recently had a good look at the crossovers in some DM4s.Which are very similar to the DM2. What is amazing is that B&W achieved such a balanced sound and such excellent driver integration without any kind of attenuation [use of resistors] on any of the drivers.That is both technically ideal and extremely hard to achieve.
  3. They are one of the better vintage speakers you can own.A bit like a Spendor BC1 but with transmission line loaded .bass and better power handling.
  4. If you like the sound of the originals you should use the same thickness chipboard.MDF is likely to sound different. Then maybe have them vinyl wrapped.
  5. That audio Synergy DAC is very special. I first heard it at a GTG a few years ago along with a group of very high end and other DACs and to me it was clearly better than any of them.
  6. This is the one I like.The Amati Futura .Unfortunately no longer made.The most beautiful of all the Sonus Fabers and as good on vocals as any speaker I have heard.The massive chrome steel column at the back was there for more than just looks.
  7. Yes I agree. I have owned all sorts of ridiculous wobbly belt drive contraptions and none of them come close to the SP10.
  8. Interesting in room measured response there.Pretty typical for that type of speaker with the fudged up bass being obvious. Here is the white paper for the Meniscus Kairos with in room measurements.Which is more how they should be and which attracted me into building a pair.Much more likely to integrate well with a good sub. https://meniscusaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Kairos-Write-up.pdf
  9. It always sounds better when you change components for more expensive ones.Well at least when you do not have another product the same with the standard components with which to compare it.
  10. There have been a lot of speakers sold based on a boosted [low] treble output because it can make the speakers sound more vivid and dynamic .Unfortunately that also seems to cause listener fatigue and after a while everything sounds a bit the same.What is impressive at first is not always best in the long run.
  11. How about some of the new Osborn Eos Reference Elite? Arguably the world's best tweeter [SEAS Millenium] combined with arguably the worlds best small mid/woofer [Scanspeak Illuminator]. I have not heard them but the Eos Reference are extremely good and these should be even better. Not exactly cheap but they seem to be exceptional value.A speaker using that quality components coming out of Europe would probably be three or four times the price [or more].
  12. You might be able to get a second hand pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor Ms. Their bass is not as fudged up as most and they are very beautiful.They sound their best pulled way out into the room though [say 1.5 metres away from any walls] which might be a problem.Very good with classical.
  13. Unfortunately the vast majority of compact stand mount speakers suffer from the same issue.Fudged up bass as Steve M calls it and that is a good description.Which is why I built some Menicus Audio Kairos kit speakers which can be used in a sealed cabinet and avoid that problem.They are on balance the best smallish standmounts I have used.
  14. The Amati Futura are worth keeping just based on their looks.In my opinion the most beautiful speaker ever made. Newer models do not always sound better.Quite often they are changed to be more "impressive" sounding or to measure better but that does not mean they are more musically engaging .
  15. A fantastic job.I am tempted to build a pair myself.One day!
  16. It depends what sort of sound you are wanting to achieve from your Gales. You can get them sounding very good with any decent high current amp-in a "hi fi" sort of way and for many people that is what they want.Or you can get them sounding quite different,and for me far more sophisticated,by using amplifiers that can reveal more subtle things like timbral qualities,lilt,decay and general musical expressiveness.In that regard using a good valve preamp is also important. You never know what amp is going to suit them until you give it a go though.They are a difficult speaker to drive which seems to magnify differences.One of the most surprising amps I tried was a Rotel 840BX integrated which was neither an expensive or powerful model but which seemed to drive them quite well and sounded surprisingly good.It is a high current design though.Certainly that would be a good stop-gap choice until you found something more serious.
  17. Mine sound really odd.It seems to emphasise some things that do not need emphasising and makes a real mess of timing and rhythmical elements. The $1 per metre solid core lighting cable you can buy at Bunnings is much better.
  18. I think the Yamaha would be the better choice with those speakers.Osborns usually sound good with valve amps and the Yamaha would be closer to that sort of sound.
  19. The original sounds very "solid state" with a coarse and zingy sort of treble.By no means bad and they sound nice and open but can be pretty relentless.The Yamaha M70s are quite nice and much easier to listen to for extended periods. Which is better probably comes down to your speakers.
  20. Yes I agree they have a bit of the point source type sound to them but closer in sound to a Goodmans Axiom 80 than anything else I have heard. Except the treble is much better [and probably bass is better too] .And those are selling for huge money nowadays[ $5700 for a pair here a while back]
  21. It is spreading! Some nice systems there. You might have noticed that I inverted the woofer and passive radiators in one pair of my SS30s so they are mirror imaged. That probably does improve imaging but it is a tricky job because they are glued in and you risk pulling away some of the front baffle material [chipboard] with the driver frames as you pry them out.Best to try to cut as much glue between the frame and the baffle with something like a marking knife first.
  22. You mean this Jimi?Very daggy but superb recording quality.
  23. Are they worth fixing when it costs that much?A used pair in perfect working and cosmetic condition sold for under $3000 recently.
  24. Listening to The Best of Lou Rawls which sounds great.Some of those tracks were 1960s recordings. And yes Lucinda Williams Live at Filmore is another good one.
  25. A wonderful artist and proof of how important a good bass player is. It was an important ingredient in the success of the Beatles .Paul McCartney is a great melodic bass player.
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