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  1. At least they inspired a great song by Joni Mitchel-Bose Sides Now. She wrote that after attending a party where she found herself sitting on a sofa sandwiched between a pair of Bose 901s .
  2. Molly Tuttle.International Bluegrass Music Awards -guitar player of the year for last two years running. This is her playing claw hammer style but she does great flat picking too.
  3. Thanks for the advice.I contacted Telstra and basically said I was not going to pay the $50 change of plan fee .After some haggling they agreed to give me $5 a month credit for 10 months off my new plan to make up the $50.After more haggling they then agreed to credit that in advance off my next bill.So at no time have they really admitted that it was wrong to charge that $50 in the first place but rather that they are doing me a " one -off favour" due to their wonderful customer relations !I bet a lot of others just can't be bothered and cough up the $50.
  4. There are very few non-ported stand mounts.ATC make a few.I built Kairos Meniscus kit speakers because they can be used in a sealed or ported box and they do sound better to me when sealed.As ported bass goes the M&Ds are pretty good and they really do go quite low. By far the best stand mount speakers I have heard are Dynaudio C1s and they are ported.It must be extremely hard to build really good two way stand mounts because the C1s are the only truly convincing ones I have heard.Even the slightly cheaper Dynaudio Contour two ways are not quite right.
  5. The trouble is I live in the country and often travel in more remote areas and the Telstra network provides by far the best coverage.I could change to Aldi which uses the Telstra 3 G network and pay less than a third the price but the 3G network will be shut down soon.
  6. Telstra recently texted me to inform me that my mobile phone plan [I am not on a contract] would now have more data allowance.I never used up my previous allowance.When I received my bill they changed my plan to another more expensive one and then had the hide to charge me a $50 change of plan fee.At no time did I give them consent to make these changes and at no time did they inform me that this charge would apply or that my old cheaper plan was being deleted so I would have to take up a more expensive one. I wonder how this is even legal.Especially in light of penalties and findings which have surfaced from the finance sector royal commission dealing with overcharging clients and charging them for services which they did not use.
  7. Mark and Daniels .
  8. When it comes to digital there have always been some cheap CD players that sounded better than far more expensive models.Often from the same maker.Most of the expensive Sony ES players for example did not sound as good as their relatively cheap players like the CDP 715.Same goes for many of the Marantz players.So the same thing is likely to apply to DACs and so the claim that modern cheap DACs like the Toppings sound better than most of the older expensive DACs is just telling you that a lot of those expensive DACs were not very good and concluding that therefore modern DAC design must have improved is not really valid.That is just a coincidence . My conclusion for some time has been that the vast majority DAC/CD player designers/builders really have very little insight into what makes a good sounding digital source and if they do make something good it is probably just a fluke .One company that does appear to have cracked it is Accuphase but that probably has a lot more to do with their expertise in power supplies and output stages than digital processing.
  9. Yeahno.Audio Gd must sound better because they use fully discrete output stages and Accuphase DACs must sound like crap because they use op amp output stages.Did the Stereonet golden era of DAC of the month not teach us anything?And where are the Killer DAC people when we need them?
  10. Getting them to integrate with other drivers has always been the problem.
  11. I agree with Al M. that it is a pointless exercise.Without level matching and appropriate positioning and using an amplifier that suits each speaker it is worse than useless because it is likely to misrepresent the potential sound quality.All this is made worse by using a crappy old recording that is probably not even recorded in stereo.A bit like test driving a car in a car park.
  12. These sorts of clips should come with a dumbarse content warning.
  13. I have a review of the matching AHB2 power amp in Hi Fi Critic June 2016 which had similarly low distortion measurements.They said "Most results were at or below measurement thresholds"And ..Its possible to hear one of the lowest possible distortion audio systems around.." They also said it .."but it failed to impress in terms of musical involvement,attaining an overall score of just 45 points"
  14. Having owned the Studio 590s a comparison would be interesting.The 590s were really excellent and one of the few mainstream speakers that were genuinely valve amp friendly.They over- loaded my medium sized room which is the only reason I sold them.Rear mounted ports do not help. I sold mine to a fellow member who had nice big room and they sounded fantastic in there.I suspect the 698 and 690 might also need a big room to sound their best. The tragedy with these speakers is that most will be sold and used with mid priced receivers whereas they are deserving of much better sources and amplifiers.They are only so affordable because Harman can mass produce them.The research and design expertise that goes into them is probably not much less than those of Harman's expensive flagship JBL and Revel speakers.Maybe even more effort is put in to get them right because most of the turnover comes from selling speakers in this sort of price range.
  15. Excellent move.Much better for parking and passing traffic than former locations.
  16. I wonder if the early to late 90s was really the golden age of both CD players and CD recording?Although I also have plenty of great CDs from the 2000s. I good indicator of that was the Sony CDP715CD player which cost around $700 in 1995 and which sounds wonderfully transparent and 3D.Very very few modern DACs sound as good as that player. There were also some very good sounding Marantz and Accuphase players from that era. Also some terrific recordings like Shawn Colvin-Cover Girl,James Taylor -Hourglass,Lyle Lovett-Joshua Judges Ruth and Lisa Ekdahl-Back to Earth.Recordings with convincing presence and harmonics which most of the earlier digital recordings seemed to lack.
  17. If you want to hear a good example of bad timing just listen to the Rolling Stones. On most of their recordings the rhythm section is all over the place and not keeping time with each other .This has been termed the Rolling Stones wobble and it sounds like bad wow and flutter. Some people seem to like that sort of sound however. Or are at least indifferent to it. I just find it annoying. Especially when on some recordings they have played tightly together so they can do it.Start Me Up for example.
  18. Bad dancers do not believe it exists.A lot of wealthy audiophiles seem to be bad dancers.
  19. Yes I love presence too.You should try to hear a Bakoon amplifier as they have heaps of it and sound remarkably vivid and 'lit up from within" and yet also smooth and natural.And they are class A/B although the Satri circuit is unique ,uses no negative feedback and is also current drive so is a long way from your typical class A/B.A bit more like a SET really.
  20. I also owned a First Watt F5.That was boring/lacking in vibrancy even on lively sounding speakers.I borrowed a massive hot running Jean Hirage Le Monstre class A amp which was not boring at all but sounded very transitory so more like an old school class A/B in sound -a bit like an old Phase Linear in sound really.I also owned an HSA single ended class A amp that looked and acted like room heater and that sounded OK but nothing special. I have heard nothing to indicate that there is a typical class A sound and there are good and not so good sounding ones just like class A/B.The Accuphase class A amps certainly sound nice but so do their class A/B.
  21. I owned a Marantz PM 80 SE and I generally preferred it running in class A/B than class A although the difference between the two was quite small . That was on a range of speakers. I have also owned other class A only amps and they did not sound better than some of my class A/B amps.More boring and lacking in vibrancy if anything.
  22. The dowels sit in the V groove which locates it .A matching V groove in the bottom of the shelf spacer component then sits over the dowel leaving a gap of about2mm .The weight of the shelf units combined with the stopped V groove locate them . I experimented with all sorts of locating devices but preferred this method as it is simple and also provides some isolation from vibration between each shelf compared to a completely rigid bolted or glued together arrangement.
  23. I have just finished this rack for a member here.Solid jarrah. Each shelf unit can be lifted off for easy access to equipment and is located by horizontal dowels which sit in V grooves routed into each shelf and which aligns with another V groove on the bottom rail of the shelf spacers.Each shelf spacer component can be removed via three furniture bolts which fasten into threaded inserts located in the shelves.So the whole thing can be flat packed and assembled with one Allen key. This is a more rigid alternative to the Podium type racks which use vertical legs and which can have trouble with alignment of those legs .This construction is also more likely to hold the shelves flat but allows for some natural expansion and contraction. Shelf spacings can be customised to suit user requirements.
  24. I think the Vermouth Audio Red Velvet is a really excellent sounding cable and is not too expensive.Some of their cheaper cable might also be very good but I have not tried them. Other than that the $1 a metre solid core copper lighting cable from Bunnings is better than most so called audiophile stuff. I have a friend who loves to buy cables and I get to try a lot of them.Some are good but many are not as good as the cheap solid core stuff and certainly much less neutral.
  25. Jeez! The courier companies are completely out of control nowadays.I have had a shocking time with Toll .Must be the worst company in the world and user reviews are almost all bad with the most common one being I wish I could give them less than one star. I have spoken to WA consumer affairs and you can lodge a complaint with them via online form letters..Despite what the company might say they ARE legally responsible for taking good care of goods in their possession regardless of insurance status and do have to pay for any loss or damage.
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