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  1. THOMO

    VAF DC X63 Speakers

    That type of baffle arrangement tends to give a narrow sweet spot and positioning is critical.My Sonique Encores were like that.Nothing wrong with it just a different sort of presentation.Imaging depth and height is probably really good which you will hear on some recordings more than others.
  2. THOMO

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Hyenas being attacked by a very angry bee swarm?
  3. Yes but the Bakoon amps are truly special sounding things.Those little 15 watters would have to be the best value ampification in audio.You need the right [highish sensitivity/8 ohm speakers though].
  4. They have a great midrange and imaging.Sort of like some of the best sounding point source /full range drivers .A very open and expressive sound.Well they use a wide range driver with no crossover .There is just a cap on the tweeter . The treble is also fine. If you can find a good sub to work with them up to about 80hz they could be really great.
  5. THOMO

    My wife hates them......

    You can always suggest she knits/crochets a pair of covers to fit like this. Perfect for covering unsightly things when you are not using them and your guests will not suspect that you have speakers at all!
  6. THOMO

    Upgrading Spendor BC1's

    The Rogers Studio 1s are a as close as you can get the the BC1s but have much better power handling [200 watts from memory].They use the same tweeters and super tweeters but the woofer used is the Rogers bextrene version which can handle more power.I have also owned the Rogers Export Monitor which predates the Studio 1 and is also very similar and sounds very good.
  7. The Pioneer HPM 100s are great for that sort of music and a lot better than the normal JBL/Cerwin Vega/Electrovoice alternatives.Much better than the JBL Century L100 for example on which they are based.Pioneer took the classic American rock speaker formula and did it better.Not the least bit audiophile but they are immensely engaging .
  8. THOMO

    Holographic Sound Stage Pre-amp

    Supratek is the obvious choice for holographic. No SS preamp I have heard or used does image depth and soundstage size like the Suprateks.
  9. THOMO

    Pre-amp budget and choice.

    You can never be sure what preamp will work best with your power amp.It really is a stab in the dark.The best way is to try a range of available preamps and see which combines best.
  10. That business has always been a model of good manners and fundamental decency and that is great legacy. Well done Frank Prowse.
  11. Nanci Griffith at her most compelling. Off the album -One Fair Summer Evening-one of the great live recordings for both the quality of the performance and the recording quality.
  12. THOMO

    Your favourite cover versions?

    The Mona Lisa Twins do some great covers-especially Beatles covers-
  13. THOMO

    Currently Spinning

    Willie Nelson -The IRS Tapes.Willie had to record this in 1991 to pay his taxes.Just Willie and Trigger in the studio.Beautiful natural recording-Willie is in the room with you.
  14. THOMO

    Hello from Canuckestan

    Welcome.I have friends from southern Ontario but not that close to Yankastan. Conveniently located half way between Detroit and Buffalo.Bet you don't see that description in the tourist brochures ! I can't imagine St Thomas is really the backwoods though.
  15. THOMO

    Speaker build idea.

    These could be a good start point. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/gowanbrae/speakers/rcf-speakers-and-yamaha-amp/1192438538 They use a pair of RCF L15/554K 15 inch woofers and15 inch drivers do not come better than them and they rarely come up for sale.Yes as Davewantsmore explains with that type of pro driver they do not go especially low but they produce beautiful tight,textured slammy bass and very nice midrange tone.Very high force factor and low/ medium moving mass probably explains why they sound so good.Also very high efficiency. They also respond well to a bit of bass EQ which I suspect for most people would give all the bass extension they would need [say flat down to 35hz]. They might even sound fine as they are.Unknown crosssover but it might be something designed by RCF to suit those drivers.Or not!