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  1. Interesting.I have some smaller corner folded horns and they sound really good not in a corner.In fact I prefer them not corner loaded and they go down to a good 40Hz not corner mounted.
  2. Fantastic.But how do they work in that room with only one corner? I ask because I have a similar room with a doorway in the wrong spot and I also have some Klipshorn corner horn copies that I have not even tried for that reason .
  3. Some people have mounted them on their wall -loaded into a wall cavity .In fact I have been tempted to try that myself in my home cinema system where they would load into a passage way behind.
  4. I much prefer Tannoys on a wide baffle.They can sound decent on slimmer boxes but do not have the same sense of prescense as the wider models.As Troels Gravesen has commented -wide baffle speakers bring their own room .And in the Tannoy case you get that beautiful relaxed midrange and sense of ease.Narrow baffles give you are more studio monitor type sound which is fine if that is what you want .Indeed I sold some narrow baffle HPD385s to a bloke who used them in his recording studio.I also owned some Glenair Tens which were quite nice but did not have the magic of the bigger boxes. That's not a Tannoy.Now this is a Tannoy!
  5. I spoke to Mick recently and he is really busy with orders /inquiries so he might take a while to respond to general questions.It seems everybody wants a Supratek nowadays. My remote stopped working for a while but I gave it a clean and new batteries and now it works again!Also check the position of the detector on the bottom of the cabinet.
  6. The Cyber 845s were way too laid back and plodding for my tastes.Although I guess a lot of SETs can sound like that.Not the really good ones though.I was really surprised how slow and bloated they sounded because I have heard some of the consonance push pull amps which sounded quite good.
  7. Thomo's Tannoys are back at their birthplace. Sounding lovely with my Bakoon amp.I wish I had a Bakoon back when I started with vintage Tannoys.A match made in heaven. I just need to get my turntable set up in this system.
  8. Well after 9 years these speakers have returned to my custody because my brother is relocating and does not have room [apparently] in the new house.Well he has Magico S5s too and they do suit his new modern minimalist sort of house better. How nice to have them back! I had forgotten how huge and heavy they are.They took some getting down from upstairs!Like Super Sized Canterbury's. They are sounding beautiful with my Bakoon amp.I think the best I have ever heard them and there were some pretty high end valve amps used on them over the last 9 years.There are just some recordings that sound magic with Tannoys.A lot of 1960s jazz stuff for example. Looking back at the earlier posts Tuyen summed up their sound nicely.The music [with emphasis on music not just sound] does just flow out of them in a very relaxed yet informative way.
  9. Well there are a lot of crappy 30 watt push pull valve amps around.Especially the cheap Chinese ones.There are also some very good ones which should work well with the NS1000s.
  10. No.That would be just about the last sort of amp you would want for that sort of music with those speakers.You would risk damaging the drivers.
  11. Holy moly .Must be a killer sound with the Supratek preamp!
  12. I found an EL34 push pull valve amp sounded really good with my JBL Studio 590s If impedance dips too low in the bass region you might still be better off with a SS amp despite the good sensitivity. It would be tempting to try one of the Chinese made JLH 1969 class A amps like those sold by Nobsound or Weiliang for around $300.They also sound good driven by a Supratek preamp.There are higher resolution and far more powerful sounding amps but they just sound really nice and are very musically engaging.
  13. Troels Gravesen did a very thorough appraisal of the NS1000s and concluded they do not suit SET amps.He noted they drove his 45 watt SET amp into clipping.Using a SET on them risks damage to the drivers. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjuvqmi1NzpAhUEH7cAHU_qADEQFjAAegQIBBAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.troelsgravesen.dk%2FYamaha-NS1000.htm&usg=AOvVaw2m9inVw-QxH0su4grQ-3AN
  14. Bang for bucks you probably can't beat the Usher S520.Especially when you could buy them for $320.The breed as a whole will always be compromised but at least the S520s are relatively free of the fake bass approach that seems to be ubiquitous. The Mark and Daniel Maximus have been mentioned and I agree they are very good.Let down by lacking image height unless you buy the optional upfiring tweeter but still excellent. Best by far are the Dynaudio C1 but they are very pricey.You hear them and you wonder why other smallish stand mounts sound so bad and why the cheaper Dynaudio models in particular sound nothing like them.
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