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  1. The wool is a bit weird .Mine are the later model with the black woofer surrounds and use compressed cotton waste type damping material.Probably nothing wrong with the wool however. The stuff on the cone is probably doping material.
  2. The Musical Fidelity is a good suggestion.I have an A5 power amp which is a pretty complete package-all the power and current you would ever need and a nice open and refined sound .The A5 integrated version would be a pretty safe choice.
  3. This is a classic example of what is wrong with most modern audio products.Speakers tend to be low impedance in the bass and electrically underdamped to suit the typical low/mid priced SS or Class D amp which have high damping factor/low output impedance/high negative feedback.So they tend to measure well and sound terrible.Two wrongs trying to make a right. When you hook up a pair of speakers that are properly designed [meaning having a flattish impedance curve,a flat frequency response, and impedance that does not dip below say 6 ohms] you will hear how those amps really sound.
  4. Some things can't be unheard.
  5. I have owned some pretty decent electrostat speakers but on balance have always preferred the Gale 401s.They are probably far more amplifier fussy than the average electrostat however and you will not get the best out of them with just any amplifier.A good modern valve preamp also helps unlock their full potential.
  6. They look like GRF Rectangle cabinets.Back loaded "J Bin" type rather than a complex folded horn. If the cones have inverted V shaped ribs on the inside they are most likely HPD .
  7. Perhaps if you search google images for Tannoy you might be able to work out which cabinet design they are.Most likely would be GRF Rectangle but they might be one of the larger, more complex and much more desirable folded horn designs like the Westminster.The 16 ohm voice coil sounds a bit unusual.The Reds were 16 ohm but pretty sure 8 ohms was standard on the Golds.Although perhaps there was a 16 ohm version used in the folded horns? Also if they were ten years old in 1970 they would be more likely to be Reds.The Golds came out in 1967.
  8. Firstly you need to determine what model the drivers are.That information should be on the back of the drivers.They might be Monitor Reds,Monitor Golds or HPD 385s .The older the model the more they are worth.They also should have original crossover networks.As an indicator the Golds are worth around $2500 -$3500 if they are in good working and cosmetic condition.The Reds perhaps two or three times that much.The cabinets may not add much to those values unless they are well built and a proper Tannoy design.
  9. They sound fantastic with my Bakoon amplifier.That has really lifted their performance to another level.It seems the Bakoon must have the ideal electrical traits of current drive and just the right output impedance and damping factor to get the bass and frequency response just right.My bass player mate came for a listen and commented on how good the bass on Tin Pan Alley sounded.Just how a Fender P Bass should sound. I know a lot of valve amp users will struggle to believe that a SS amp can sound so good with the Tannoys but the Bakoons are very unusual SS amps and operate more like a SET electrically and seem to share a lot of the clarity and purity you get from a really good SET.They do not have quite the same tonal qualities perhaps but they somehow seem to have the essence of a good SET.
  10. They are best in a big slot vented box.Anything less than 200 litres is not big enough and above 250-300 litres is optimal. Wide baffles are also best. The best I have heard them sounding is with Bakoon amplifiers.Which operate quite differently electrically to the vast majority of SS amps.[High output impedance current drive]. It seems you need an amp with lowish damping factor and highish output impedance.More current drive than voltage drive.Which rules out most SS and Class D amps.Most people seem to use medium powered push pull valve amps which can certainly sound very nice.As can a SET but many of them are not powerful enough.I have used an Almarro 318B SET which sounded pretty nice but I think at 15 watts that is about as low in power and current delivery as you can go.
  11. Not all large high efficiency speakers work well with low powered valve amps though. My Edgar horns only sound their best with over 20 watts and they are over 100db/watt sensitivity.Vintage Tannoys are like that too.
  12. Fantastic.So many modern speakers have low impedance through the bass which means they are not going to work well with high output impedance valve amps[especially SETS].The challenge is going to be finding mainstream modern speakers that will get the best out of them.I am sure they exist though.
  13. This is one of the better designs I have seen.A very simple box design and a proper tweeter. http://www.humblehomemadehifi.com/Twenty-Five.html Or see if you can find a pair of vintage Toshiba SS30 speakers.They sound superb and are happy with two watts.I ran a Sonic Art Legend amp with them which was a single ended EL 86 and about 2 watts and that combination was fantastic.
  14. I have owned E202s.They have a nicely balanced sound with a lovely refined treble.They are not especially speaker fussy and tend to sound smooth and composed on most speakers.They deserve a speaker with high quality drivers. Osborn would be a worthy choice for that reason. That is if you do not want Gale 401s because that is a special combination.
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