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  1. I think the Yamaha would be the better choice with those speakers.Osborns usually sound good with valve amps and the Yamaha would be closer to that sort of sound.
  2. The original sounds very "solid state" with a coarse and zingy sort of treble.By no means bad and they sound nice and open but can be pretty relentless.The Yamaha M70s are quite nice and much easier to listen to for extended periods. Which is better probably comes down to your speakers.
  3. Yes I agree they have a bit of the point source type sound to them but closer in sound to a Goodmans Axiom 80 than anything else I have heard. Except the treble is much better [and probably bass is better too] .And those are selling for huge money nowadays[ $5700 for a pair here a while back]
  4. It is spreading! Some nice systems there. You might have noticed that I inverted the woofer and passive radiators in one pair of my SS30s so they are mirror imaged. That probably does improve imaging but it is a tricky job because they are glued in and you risk pulling away some of the front baffle material [chipboard] with the driver frames as you pry them out.Best to try to cut as much glue between the frame and the baffle with something like a marking knife first.
  5. You mean this Jimi?Very daggy but superb recording quality.
  6. Are they worth fixing when it costs that much?A used pair in perfect working and cosmetic condition sold for under $3000 recently.
  7. Listening to The Best of Lou Rawls which sounds great.Some of those tracks were 1960s recordings. And yes Lucinda Williams Live at Filmore is another good one.
  8. A wonderful artist and proof of how important a good bass player is. It was an important ingredient in the success of the Beatles .Paul McCartney is a great melodic bass player.
  9. Trimax EL34 monoblock EL 34 power amps circa about 1968 feeding Toshiba SS30 speakers circa about 1965. Some wonderful synergy here and the room suits the speakers. The Toshibas can sound jaw dropping in the right system and room.They are best in a smaller room where they benefit from some bass room gain.They are very efficient and sound lightening fast and dynamic and have superb imaging. I really need to find a 1960s front end to complete the system I suppose.
  10. Item: Tannoy 633 Floor Standing Speakers Location:Busselton WA Price: $450 Item Condition:Good Reason for selling:Spare Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Unassuming but lovely sounding compact speakers.Tannoy really got this model right.The vast majority of speakers sound wrong in some area which spoils their overall sound but these are surprising complete ,cohesive and fault- free sounding.All first order crossovers without even any attenuating resistors might explain that.The ideal minimalist crossover but very hard to carry off but here Tannoy have.2.5 ways with a sealed enclosure so the bass is tight and tuneful.Quite easy to drive.30 watts is plenty.They have excellent 3D sort of imaging. Plenty of favourable sounding reviews online for these. Made in Scotland. . I can deliver to Perth .Auditions welcome. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. I made a batch of stands to suit classic Yamaha speakers including the NS 1000,NS100M,NS690 and NS 75T. I wanted some for myself so thought I might as well make some extras.They are 320mm high which I believe is the best height.Many are too low . The design is based on the latest NS5000 stands . They are made from solid jarrah which has been ebonised and finished in 2 pack satin lacquer. The spare pairs are listed for sale in the classified if you know anybody needing them.
  12. Looks like a rebadged Jelco to me.Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  13. One of the better tweeters I have used is the Infinity Polycell .Which appears to use some sort of styrofoam like material for the dome. I also think the Celestion HF2000 which is polycarbonate or mylar is a beautiful sounding tweeter.It is a key ingredient in why some of the great vintage speakers like Gale 401s and Celestion Ditton 66s sound so good. I have also heard bullet tweeters sounding excellent.Even the ancient ones circa 1963 in my Toshiba SS 30 speakers. The Usher diamond tweeters are also excellent when used in a three way.
  14. That is interesting. I have tried all sorts of transports too including some serious dedicated transport only types.I could hear very little difference between them.Probably less difference than there is between interconnect cables but one is clearly better in my system and that is an old Pioneer PDS705 stable platter CD player with some modifications to the power supply.It also sounds much better with optical than coaxial. Like a lot of things what is best might just come down to synergy between components .
  15. That makes no sense. Surely having two volume pots on separate pieces of equipment will change the sound Which is why turning the gain controls up full should be best as you are getting minimal resistance then so as close as possible to nothing.
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