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  1. I advise making up several experimental cabinets made from different materials and thicknesses.That could include ply,chipboard,MDF and jarrah blockboard as sold by Bunnings. Sometimes a very heavily built cabinet using thick MDF and lots of bracing will sound worse.It is the overall acoustic that matters and every box will have a sound.
  2. Exactly how I feel about the Dynaudios too.I recently had a pair of Contour 1.3 Mk 2s .Zero musical engagement for me there but some people seem to like them.I much preferred the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor Ms.
  3. You could consider some of the classic BBC derived designs like Spendor BC1,Rogers Export Monitors or B&W DM2 or DM4. The cabinets might need some restoration work and they might need the crossover capacitors measured and replaced where required but this is well worth doing.Something like the BC1 is really remarkably close in sound to the modern Harbeths .A good pair of them might cost you under $1000.[The Harbeths are an evolved BBC design].
  4. The Stanton 681EEE moving iron cartridge always sounded really good on a Grace 707.
  5. Yes I agree with that.I believe I have owned and used some of the better two ways around and frankly none of them compare two a decent three way.The problem seems to be that the mid/woofer is simply being asked to do too much. Having said that I do like the Tannoy dual concentrics but they cross over between woofer and tweeter much lower at around 1000-1500Hz so the woofers do not have to reach up into the area between that and 3000Hz which is where all the problems seem to happen because that is where the ear is most sensitive. I also believe the BBC design inspired speakers using a tweeter that goes a bit lower and a super tweeter for the highest frequencies is a more successful approach [Harbeth and Spendor still do that].
  6. Or nearly two weeks after it ends apparently!
  7. Coles 4001 Super Tweeters 16ohm

    I think you can still buy a new pair from Falcon Acoustics in UK.
  8. The midrange is the PHL 1130 and there are three PHL 1230 bass drivers below that. These speakers are owned by a friend .They are basically a failed project .I was listening again last night with a friend trying to get our heads around what the problem might be but they sound so strange it is a bit hard to tell.To me they sound a bit like a cheap PA speaker .They throw the sound way forward and right in your face so it really is like singers are shouting at you.Timing is not much good either.Surprisingly they sound a lot better on classical music than other stuff . Not sure about the crossover design but do wonder if something is wired out of phase for it to sound so bad.
  9. Yes I suspect trying an L pad on the midrange could be the first thing to try. I suspect efficiency has been the main goal with these speakers as they were used with 15 watt Class A amps. My suspicion is that there could be some overlap at the crossover point . The whole thing sounds a bit forward,dry and lean but not really cold.Voices are expressive but just a bit too emphatic. They image very well though so phasing should not be too bad.
  10. I have a pair of speakers for assessment which use a PHL 6.5 inch midrange in combination with a Raven Point Source ribbon tweeter .To me they sound a bit too forward and a bit shouty and was wondering if this is typical?Not unusual for high efficiency paper coned drivers I suppose and I usually do not mind a bit of that character but these take it a bit too far.
  11. Amp for Turntable

    I have a Sansui AU317 spare.Lovely sounding 1970s amp with a really excellent sounding MM phono stage.Old but it has been refurbished by my technician.A much better sounding amp than the NAD 3020 which I have also owned.
  12. Best MC Cart under $1000 ?

    I had the EAR 834P which was a pretty good match but now use the Realistic 42 2101A which probably the more accurate of the two.I think the MP500 is very natural sounding and has very good timing and musical engagement but this might be masked by phono preamps that impose too much of their own sound-which I suspect is not an uncommon thing.The Realistic would seem to get out of the way and to me the combination sounds very natural.
  13. Peerless speaker kits Ebay

    The ones with the soft dome tweeters could be OK.I am not convinced by the Fountek ribbon tweeters though.They might be OK in a three way crossed over higher up but are very insipid and weak sounding used in a two way.
  14. Can someone assist with speaker selection

    Buy second hand.For $4000 you should be able to get something that retailed at more like $10,000 or much more new which should give you something pretty good .Most of the speakers you have mentioned are cleverly voiced to impress in the showroom [lots of mid bass ported boom and treble tizz] and really voiced more for home theater- but you will probably tire of that sort of presentation for music.
  15. Nissan Stagea + MacQuarie Pass = Heaven

    And I hope the pie was vegan?