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  1. THOMO

    Isobaric Speaker Designs?

    I have done more experimenting with isobaric loading more drivers and every one of them sounds much better to me when used in that arrangement compared to either one or two used the normal way.I cant see how it cannot change the driver suspension/ motor performance.Even pressing the cones in feels very different .A bit like comparing a car with worn out shockies [the non isobaric] to one with new shockies.
  2. THOMO


    Item: SOLD SOLD Ortofon MC10 Supreme cartridge https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiaoZ3W-andAhWI62EKHXkSC9cQFjAAegQIBxAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ortofon.com%2Fmc-supreme-series-p-635&usg=AOvVaw1M_HpvkZw-1KiDe3lIEvJm Location:Busselton WA Price: $150 including free postage. Item Condition:Excellent.Hardly used.Estimated usage is under 20 hours.Includes the original Ortofon clear plastic container which ensures safe packaging. Reason for selling:I prefer my Nagaoka MP 500 but that is a $1000 cartridge. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Nice refined sounding moving coil cartridge.It worked really well on a Technics SL1200 but I sold that . Pictures:
  3. THOMO

    8 inch woofers for sealed boxes

    Well I am probably just a very fussy listener.I have owned so many speakers over 35 years.-probably at least 80 pairs. I probably concentrate too much on what is wrong rather than what is right and nowadays if the bass does not allow me to clearly follow rhythmical elements in the music then I lose interest very quickly.Unfortunately you can't unhear some things . I do not have a lot of faith the technical aspects of speaker design.I think it is part technical, part art,part luck and part experience.The big speaker manufacturers really should be able produce consistently great sounding products because they have a huge amount of technical knowhow and equipment but they don't.Every so often they produce a really good speaker but there is probably a fair element of luck involved in that too.Some of the smaller players like Harbeth and Spendor probably produce far more consistently good speakers despite having far fewer R&D resources.
  4. THOMO

    8 inch woofers for sealed boxes

    As I said it is a subjective thing. I have friends who play bass.They have also all bought Gale 401s when they heard mine. They say they like them because they have true pitch and they accurately reflect the sound of different types and brands of bass guitars being used on the recordings and they can easily follow bass lines. Acoustic bass might be different I suppose but I listen to a lot of that too.I have heard open baffles reproduce that very well. Ira Gale was a tympanist so perhaps voiced them to reproduce that sort of sound accurately. I guess there are always compromises.If I listened to mostly electronic bass I might prefer a completely different sort of presentation .
  5. THOMO

    8 inch woofers for sealed boxes

    Well timing is a very subjective thing.A lot of people do not seem to hear it.I suspect those that can't have no sense of rhythm [probably bad dancers]. Those driver parameters I posted are from some classic 8 inch woofers that give legendary groove,timing and slam. As used by Gale 401s which are famous for those traits.
  6. THOMO

    8 inch woofers for sealed boxes

    I have mounted these in one of my 50 litre trial boxes.Two mounted vertically per box. They sound very decent really.Timing is excellent which is number one criteria for me and they sound pretty clean and tight. A bit polite sounding perhaps and lacking a bit of slam but only in absolute terms.At least they are not blurring rhythms. Next is to try them in an isobaric arrangement.
  7. THOMO

    8 inch woofers for sealed boxes

    I have not been using those [highly regarded Danish] drivers in my own designs but rather in ones from highly regarded designers like Troels Gravesen and Jeff Bagby so am really amazed they would sound so bad.Certainly compared to the woofers with the parameters that I posted above and which you implied would have a weak motor.
  8. THOMO

    8 inch woofers for sealed boxes

    So these drivers probably would sound no good? Fs=37 Hz Re=5.8 Ohms Le=1.08 mH Qms=5.68 Qes=0.745 Qts=0.659 Mms=33.02 g Cms=0.56 mm/N Vas=34.26 l B*l=7.73 Tm=N/A Rms=1.35 kg/s
  9. THOMO

    8 inch woofers for sealed boxes

    I have drivers with very strong motors,plenty of excursion,that go low,that are massively built,have low distortion etc. They also sound terrible and produce very one-note ,smeared,rubbery sounding sort of bass.That is how most modern speakers seem to sound-especially ported ones.
  10. THOMO

    8 inch woofers for sealed boxes

    Maybe with equalistaion yes. I have tried a lot over the years and anything with a Qts much below 0.5 does not seem to work very well and the vast majority of modern drivers seem to have a Qts between about 0.2 and 0.4.
  11. THOMO

    8 inch woofers for sealed boxes

    Well I bought 4 of them so will give them a try. They manufacture drivers for Klipsch,KEF and Celestion among others so the quality control should be OK.
  12. Has anybody tried these Dai Chi Super Resolution Series woofers?Dai Chi are OEM suplliers of drivers for several of the major speaker manufacturers.Made in the Philipines. Build quality looks very good and they would appear to one of the few woofers available that are suited to use in a sealed box.The Qts figure is not quoted but based on its Qes it should be around 0.5 or slightly higher which would indicate its suitability for use in sealed enclosures.Maybe open baffle too. Probably suited as replacement in Gale 401s and some of the AR speakers if you can't get the originals.They look a bit old-school. Also cheap enough to try as multiples.Genuine 8 ohm so wiring in parallel should be safe for most amps. https://www.wagneronline.com.au/8-woofer-daichi-super-resolution-series/speaker-drivers/audio-speakers-pa/3146/fl/
  13. THOMO

    Drought crisis

    It is good enough.The problem is mostly eating too much of it and in a processed product not with the raw material.Of course you can always do better but who decides what that is?Nutritionalists cannot agree on anything much.The future of more healthy and more drought tolerant food is probably GM but progress in that has been held up by constant scaremongering without cause.
  14. THOMO

    Tony Abbott refuses to go gracefully

    I don't know why you blokes bother debating climate change.Some people will stand at the bottom of Mt Everest ,point to a flat spot and say Mountain! What mountain?I see no mountain!Look it is flat so how can it be a mountain? And no amount of reasoning with them will get them to shift their focus from the flat bit.
  15. THOMO

    Tony Abbott refuses to go gracefully

    It seems Tony Abbott has now dropped Dutton as his gimp and replaced him with Andrew Hastie.Plan B.He has been over here with Hastie giving talks on the importance of freedom of religion. Interesting that the new Liberal regime failed to give Hastie a ministry.He would have appeared to be the obvious choice as Defence Minister.I reckon they are really scared of him and do not want to give him any foothold. There is something really sinister about the bloke.I remember the photo of his baby dressed up in army camouflage uniform.