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  1. Accuphase seems to do digital especially well.Somehow they manage to get their digital stuff sounding beautifully natural and unforced.Op amps and all.From what I have heard very few other manufacturers manage to do that.
  2. Using Domino joints on mitres is probably overkill.A row of biscuits is fine and forms a very strong joint and they allow for some contraction /expansion.I sand mine down slightly which helps you get perfect alignment.Also try to use quarter sawn timber .I always do my mitre cuts on a table saw sliding table but even then you have to make sure the board is held flat and square to the fence.
  3. Shawn Colvin-Cover Girl Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis-Two Men with the Blues JD Souther-Natural History Lyle Lovett-Joshua Judges Ruth The Flying Bulgars- Tsirkus Where Joy Kills sorrow-Various Aussie Musos.[A cracker]. There are lots of them if you look.Al Schmitt tends to make recordings that excel at that open,airy ,vibrant sound and there are interviews with him where he explains the lengths he goes to to capture it-especially microphone type and positioning [and 40 years of experience].
  4. Well I have said this before but the secret to getting the Gales sounding their best is a good valve preamp.Something with a big open soundstage like the Suprateks.Or even one of the Ming Da D.H.T preamps.To me they are very much like the Magicos in their sound .Both can sound a bit tight and overdamped but when you get the preamp and power amp right they really free up.
  5. Well yes I agree that every system will be different.I have a friend who has owed all sorts of cables including various Jormas and we have compared a lot of them.In both his system and in mine the Jorma Primes sounded very strange.On orchestral music they sounded OK but on smaller scale well recorded music they sounded phasey.The Jorma Origo sound quite normal.Neither especially good or bad but normal.Other cables costing about 20% of the price sounded better.The Accuphase Super Refined for example.Or in speaker cables the Vermouth Audio sound much better for a lot less. Maybe I am biased
  6. Try -Clive Palmer Caravan Transportation Services. 1-36 Litigious Way Portlyville How many lawyers can fit in the back?
  7. It seems to me that a lot of the expensive cables are made to sound deliberately different from the norm.Which some people with some systems will conclude is better.The best example of that I have heard is Jorma Prime .The XLR interconnects retail at about $13000 a set.They sound very weird.Almost like something is out of phase and perhaps it is !Very strange stuff happens to the imaging with that cable which I guess some people might like. Another cable with specific type of sound is Antipodes Reference .That is by no means a bad cable but it is nothing like neutral.Also the Accuphase Su
  8. I have some DIY Klipschorns [just the bass sections].There are 15 inch Etone woofers in place but no crossover.Painted chipboard.Of course you need two corners.
  9. It happens all the time.Especially when engineers get involved who are more fixated on improving measured performance rather than sound and especially with speakers .It seems to me some of the very best speakers have a fair element of good luck with all the ingredients combining to produce something special.When that recipe is changed that synergy of components is lost and the result is something that is the sum of its parts rather than more than the sum of its parts. Gale 401 speakers are a good example of that. The next version the 402 did not have the magic although it was very decent.
  10. The wool is a bit weird .Mine are the later model with the black woofer surrounds and use compressed cotton waste type damping material.Probably nothing wrong with the wool however. The stuff on the cone is probably doping material.
  11. The Musical Fidelity is a good suggestion.I have an A5 power amp which is a pretty complete package-all the power and current you would ever need and a nice open and refined sound .The A5 integrated version would be a pretty safe choice.
  12. This is a classic example of what is wrong with most modern audio products.Speakers tend to be low impedance in the bass and electrically underdamped to suit the typical low/mid priced SS or Class D amp which have high damping factor/low output impedance/high negative feedback.So they tend to measure well and sound terrible.Two wrongs trying to make a right. When you hook up a pair of speakers that are properly designed [meaning having a flattish impedance curve,a flat frequency response, and impedance that does not dip below say 6 ohms] you will hear how those amps really sound.
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