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  1. Mark, Jason Boyd [The Speaker Doctor] in Perth should be able to fix that.The voice coil might be slightly cooked or just need realigning. I don't think much of VAFs idea of sticking felt onto the cones.That can't help with sagging/rubbing problems.
  2. Interesting review.I also find some types of bass delivery tend to give me a headache.I think ported speakers are probably more likely to show up these sorts of interactions.Perhaps the Job amplifier might be better with sealed box or open baffle speakers?
  3. This is pretty wonderful.Benny Andersson playing ragtime.
  4. Very nice.The boy has an ear for melody.
  5. The Gales should be used sideways with the tweeters at the top on stands around 660mm high.They also have a sweet spot regarding distance out from the front wall for bass balance. And used with a good valve preamp.
  6. The Bakoons are the best sounding integrated amps I have heard.By a large margin. They are not especially powerful and use no negative feedback however so speaker matching is more critical .I can't see the Harbeths being a challenge for them however.Mine [35 watts] drives Dynaudio Confidence C1s superbly for example and they are only around 85db sensitivity.
  7. Most vagabonds I knowed don't ever want to find the culprit That remains the object of their long relentless quest The obsession's in the chasing and not the apprehending The pursuit you see and never the arrest Tom Waites
  8. There of plenty of great live recordings.I think a good live recording like this one is better than any studio recording- And this one
  9. THOMO

    The Ashes

    My sister and my brother in law who is a complete cricket nut were there .Lots of good stuff there for his cricket scrapbook which he has maintained for 40 years.What a superb match for those of us who love test cricket
  10. With some recordings Tannoys are just magic. Here is one of the best examples-
  11. They are excellent.I prefer them to the HPD 385s and probably to the Monitor Gold 12 too. Really nice with a decent EL34 push pull valve amp.
  12. Third order crossovers sound like asking for phasing problems to me.First order would be a lot better choice.
  13. Any normal speaker cable will work with any speaker regardless of speaker sensitivity.Any claim otherwise sounds like marketing B.S. to me.
  14. Building a high sensitivity three way must be a hard thing to get right because there are very few of them made for domestic use.Well worth a try though.PHL make some very good medium sensitivity drivers that would suit.Even some in 16 ohm. It might also pay to consider using a larger mid/woofer down to say 100hz and then crossing to an active woofer below that Might be be easier to get right.
  15. Yes I agree that is at least part of what is going on but there used to be a way to play in English conditions-play late and use "soft" hands which does not seem to be very evident in modern players.Also a general lack of footwork. It would be interesting to see how a really good batsman like Virat Kholi would fair if he was in out there against the same bowlers.
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