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  1. I read couch as cooch then Joz!!! Really should get my mind out of the gutter
  2. Reviews are an interesting read and nothing more. I used to avidly buy and read What HIFI (remember buying paper magazines?) but became very cynical several years ago when i found sombre products that they gave only 3 stars too being better than the award winners to my ears... Also, they do no bench testing or technical review whatsoever - subjective reviews that don't even have the reviewers name credited and almost always put 'British' product on a pedestal. Some have noted that frequent advertisers typically review well too... Long story short- trust your own ears I'll be playing with some Aventage receivers next week and will make my own decision. Ill also post my opinion - as nothing more than my own findings...to be read with a pinch of salt One final point @TerryO you have warned people off the 3070 on multiple threads because one (not very credible) review had some criticism and it looks childish and fear mongering and does nothing but galvanise fan boys and start controversy
  3. Cheers @Fitzroyalty I used to covet the Audience series Dyns back in the day... I think once you but Dynaudio they have you for life! Audition the X18s - they are great Good luck on the uograde path
  4. So here's the latest... (TL:DNR - Still a way from deciding who gets my money) I did check out the 758v3, although not in the flesh as nobody in Adl seems to carry it. Had a good chat with Andrew at Vision Living/HiFi though - who is happy to order in but isn't carrying the NAD HT range at the moment as it is unproven and has had a (recent) history of being buggy and some lax product QC. Following the AVS threads it also seems NAD are expecting their customers to be beta testers to some extent. That, coupled with less hdmi inputs than my now ancient T747 are kind of deal breakers...which is a shame as i naturally wanted to want the NAD. They make great sounding and likeable products butcurrently there are too many clouds... in 6-12 months once it is mature and has runs on the board this may be the best option for someone in a similar circumstance to me... I think i will have to rule the MC-700 out at this stage also. Doesn't seem to be carried locally here so would be a order in and pray i like it deal... Combined with the AVS forum and even Emo Lounge experiences - i just don't think I'm ready to be a beta tester and unlike US there's no money back buy it and try it guarentee. Again - a shame as on paper it would suit me perfectly and i could see a long term upgrade path being built off the back of it. Maybe next time round? Yep, no argument here Al - I love the Arcam gear generally. I was lucky enough to have use a=of an AVR600 for a time and could probably 'steal' an AV9 pre pro from my old man... The AVR600 was a great piece of kit and grunty as all hell (for an AVR - really didn't need extra amps, even with my hungry dyns) - but kind of glitchy and I didn't get along with the way it had to be remote controlled (no knobs on the front panel). The AV9 is no doubt a great sounding pre/pro but too old hat now to be seriously looking at it. As for the current range - it's just too exxy for me (being that i have upgraded the PJ, front speakers and added a heos system all this year)... even with the trade in deal (that i think has now wrapped) it's at a real world price premium of 50% more than any of the other options can be landed for... not knocking it, just out of my league I hear you on the real world power issues with Anthem, Denon and Marantz. The Anthem is a whimpy 500w power supply, take off the pre/pro section and thermal loss and it doesn't leave a lot to drive 7 channels The Marantz and Denon fair a little better with a 680 710w supply respectively - even though they seem to use switching PS not toroids (even more surprising in the Anthem). Fortunately, the front LR pair are driven from a very beefy power amp anyway (the 1080) which has plenty of headroom and takes a decent load off the AVR - but still... So I'm currently down to three Options... The superseded Anthem 710 has become the dark horse as it's not really auditionable and the 720 that replaces it has an inferior power supply, more up to date DACs and DSP and is aligned now in some ways with a different market segment than the 710 was - so seems like a pointless exercise to try and compare. The Marantz 6012 is probably top of the list now... But is out of stock locally, so mid next week i will do an in store comparo alongside some Yammie Aventage product. I guess it will likely come down to a 6012 or 2070 (If Yamaha's 'Euro Tuned' 70 series is as good as I'm told). Either of the Marantz or Yam should be as future proof as i can reasonably expect (should go another 7 years like my 747 has!) and offer up to the minute processing etc... will be interesting to see if the latest 32bit DAC implementations are all they've been hyped to be. So - now to sit on my hands for a week
  5. Hey Mate, I'll flick you a PM Fair enough - I'd be interested to hear your opinion if/when you do. Not looking for validation though, there's not really right or wrong answers here Hi Rantan - did you end up with the Seranades? Interesting looking speakers and nice to see a local guy doing such great quality looking work. I'm not often in or near Andrews Farm but will keep an ear out for Hulgich Audio
  6. Hi @Fitzroyalty - Forgive me for the cheeky post but I have the previous model to the X18, the X16 For Sale at less than half the price of the new ones on the forum here May not be what you are after...but no harm in letting you know Cheers
  7. Thanks @Snoopy8 I've been reading through the Anthem MRX 310/510/710 thread on here and every review i can find and the AVS forum wealth of knowledge... I initially thought the 510 would be right for me BUT even though I won't be using the front LR amps i do prefer the thought of a nice big Toroid As the 710 is available for 'only' $300 more than the 510 now, I am most likely to just buy that and be done with it! Thanks for your help on both threads!
  8. Thanks for the quick reply Snoopy! More confused than ever now though!! The new 520 doesn't fit my needs, the 720 seems in some ways an upgrade and some a downer compared to the 710. I'm concerned that you would look to the 720 for stereo as that is now outside my budget... So the question remains as to whether the Marantz 6012 or Anthem 710 will perform better with music (digitally) or if the Emo will slay them both and if so how reliably and solidly will it perform?
  9. Hi Club Anthem...Can you help me please? I'm looking for a new AVR at home. I have a thread on this here: But in short my front room houses a PJ setup (no likelihood of 4k in the next few years) and 7 channel surround (the 4 surrounds are in ceiling and the front 3 are not changing any time soon, so not worried about Atmos etc) along with my diy subs. I have a decent 2 channel poweramp for the fronts and the whole system is probably used as a 60/40 split for music/ht. That said at least half of both uses is 'non critical' - i.e midweek netflix viewing and regular music playback that is often for ambience etc... So - I have a shortlist of AVR type solutions and i think the 510 or 710 could fit my needs (no need to go to the '20 series as i am not upgrading the pj to 4k anytime soon or worried about the new formats of Atmos and DTSX etc). Can anyone advise me of which will better fit my system and needs? The 710 can be had refurbed with warranty for $1500 and the 510 just under $1200. I'm looking to pull the pin shortly and want to know if in my circumstance i should spring the extra for the 710? Appreciate any advice or experiences... TIA
  10. Hi Snoopy, Thanks for the recommendation....I'm seeing some excellent deals on the now replaced 710 and 510 models. In your experience what are the advantages of the 710 over the 510? It seems the 510 is more aligned with the 720 in the new lineup??? Is the difference between the 510 and 710 purely on the power output stage? If so the 510 looks a bargain - esp as I already have a 2 ch power amp for stereo listening... Also - I assume it is relatively straightforward to integrate subwoofers via bass management into 2 channel listening? Love the Arcam gear Al... seems beyond my budget however Hi CWT - The MC-700 / A500 has turned my head... Do you have any experience with these? I'm very interested but hoping 'everything just works' as expected with the better known stuff. Seems a bargain.... So Here's Where I'm At - Cambridge and The Denon 3400 have been struck off the list. The X4400 remains interesting but seems over priced as internal photo's show it is the same under the skin as the Marantz 6012 (with the exception of the Marantz having improved 'HDAM' preamp modules) at a 50% price premium here in Aus - I can't get my head around that one..? The 6012 seems to be the most future proof all rounder that has the latest chipsets and coding and seems a popular pickup at the $2k price point - i will try and audition this next week and imagine we could have a happy life together The Emotiva looks great - Separates for mid tier AVR money seems like a bargain...just wonder if anyone has actually lived with them?? At the same price point as a 6012/ Yam 1070...do they trade features i don't need for increased performance? Do they operate like a properly finished product? Hard to know As I can't get an audition in SA... I will further look into the Yammie Range - despite my pre bias that Marantz should be more 'musical'. The A10-3070 series seem to be more competitively priced here than most of their competition, esp as they are normally easier to get a generous discount on. Could be the Dark Horse The Outgoing Anthem's seem to good to be true - trying to do some research on these in a hurry. Only drawback seems to be 24bit Dacs and DSP as opposed to 32bit in all the latest gen gear. Does it really matter? Hard to know - esp as i doubt i can demo one of X10 series Anthems easily. So the Anthem's are the most Wallet Friendly on the list currently, The Marantz seems the most 'polished and future proof' and the Emo gives the perceived performance boost of separates...(and the Yamaha remain on the list until i do further research and audtioning)... Tough decision as Half of the shortlist can be auditioned and half can't!!! HELP??
  11. Now priced at $850...come pick up a bargain! ?
  12. Hi Grizzly, u just realised you are in S.A. You are welcome to pay me a vusut sometime if you find yourself down south! I'd be keen to talk about the Grizzly Constructions stands also... Hi Audio_file - funny, subjective hobby isnt it... when i listened to them side by side my impression was that it was the 40's that had the brighter, more energetic treble but the whole soundstage was more cohesive and enjoyable with the LE I agree that the LEs are gorgeous tho look at too. I also have no idea about which speakers have the superior xover either but imho the LEs present as more than the sum of their parts... comparatively at least Thanks for sharing your feedback Hi Harry, I have no idea if DW would be further negotiable as i was very happy with the price offered... tbh i have never asked for discount there as they have always offered me pricing better than i have seen elsewhere and so havent had to ask I know stock of these is very limited and has sold very well at end of line price...but it cant hurt to ask; Marek, Denis and Rob are all very approachable and happy for a chat. As for interest free, it isn't for me! I either save up and buy or in rare circumstances like this lay buy so as not to miss out! I do believe the credit provider make their money from account keeping fees and probably missed payment penalties etc... Home trial wasn't offered (nor asked for) in this case but again you can always ask...i have built a relationsgip with these guys over several years and in doing so, found them to be very accommodating
  13. Hi All, It seems the bug has bitten me hard again and after several years living very contentedly with my HT setup I am replacing a lot of it piece by piece I have recently upgraded my PJ to a 1080P model that is 3d ready (so only a few years behind the 8ball now - no 4K for me!) and I'm not too interested in Atmos etc... (7.1 is plenty immersive enough for me). Currently, I run a Nad T747 AVR which has been great in it's simplicity and 'music first' approach. Coupled to a Rotel RB1080 power amp it has produced great results for both Stereo listening and HT. I know that conventional wisdom tells me a 2ch Integrated or Pre with HT bypass is the best way forward BUT I utilise my subs for both HT and Stereo listening and the bass management of an AVR is a godsend. I send a lot of music from a HDD over Ethernet to a Heos Link and currently coax out to the AVR which does a good job - esp with HD music. Unfortunately the NAD is experiencing annoying HDMI handshake issues more frequently now (since i have gone to the Panny PTAE 7000 as a display and Xbox One as source) and so it may be time to bite the bullet and move on up! With that in mind - and my aim of a 50/50 Music and HT system I am interested in any opinions the following: Cambridge Audio CXR 120 - $2999rrp; Top end of the budget (assuming a bit of a hagle) but I'll go there if it's worth it. Seems an obvious choice as it's almost a spiritual successor to my NAD - light on features but quality above quantity... Curious as to how bass management is implemented and it looks like it may not have pre-outs (which would just be ridiculous!) so may be a deal breaker there! Denon 3400/4400 I see the 4300 reviewed very well as an all rounder round these parts... Heos implementation is neat as I already use it. Not too sure what the differences are beyond the extra amp channels that i don't need... Are their any quality differences in the DAC implementations/Preamp and processing stages? Big price hike so i assume so but keen on any reviews from those in the know. Also - more than happy to turn up a 3300/4300 if on clearance and they are much the same from a quality point of view. Does Denon Allow sub bass in Pure direct? Marantz 6012/7011/7012 Not too sure what the differences are between the 7011 and 7012 as the 12 doesn't seem to be available in Aus... Also curious as to where the extra $$$ go from the 60 to 70 series. Like Denon - Heos is a plus and historically i have enjoyed the Marantz sound. What else am I missing? Anthem seem to rate a mention but I don't know where to start...interested in any experiences though. I've not given Yamaha a look in since I ran an RXV 1500 well over a decade ago (moved it on in for a Marantz 7500 which i enjoyed more in in 2ch operation) - are they worth a look? What else can you recommend as a music first Receiver that does a quality job in 2 ch (when feeding an external amp)? TIA
  14. Now on gumtree also... https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/seaford-rise/speakers/dynaudio-excite-x16s-in-maple/1165436851
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