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  1. Hi guys, My ki pearl amp decided to let the smoke out of it. Where's the best place in Melbourne to get it looked at. Note, it's not sold or imported by Qualifi
  2. HI Guys, Can anyone advice me how to connect my 8 Ohm speakers to my AMP. AMP : KI Pearl Lite Speakers : Sonus Grand Piano (8 Ohm) Shall I just use A terminals or should I combine A+B somehow
  3. There's multiple programs that plays FLAC in android, just do a search in market with "FLAC"
  4. I'm in... :popcorn.. sorry out, not enough posts
  5. Saw him couple times in the 80s, what a singer. R.I.P
  6. When clicking at a thread, would it be possible to go straight to the first unread post and not had to click that tiny little icon next to it.
  7. HI All, Just found a great site that has free TONEAudio magazines with full of music, articles and audio reviews..every magazine has couple hundred of pages in PDF format http://www.tonepublications.com/ Go and have a look
  8. obviously it's Stairway to heaven by Led Zeppelin
  9. Not sure if anyone else is as exited as I am, but got my two tickets this morning. Last time when i saw them was 1988 in Helsinki Ice hall These guys will rock your socks off :D
  10. Browser window opens maximised and you cant select to minimize it to the size that you have your browser window setup for, you have to manually resize the window back to the original
  11. SNA seems to force the browser to open in full screen, its really annoying...anyone else noticing the same issue? :mad:
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