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  1. 2010. https://www.juliusmedia.com/richard-priddle/
  2. Item: Lenard Audio Opal Class System Location: Sale Victoria 3850. Auditions welcome. Will help with shipping to any location. Price: $65,000 please read description Item Condition: Fully refurbished as new condition Reason for selling: Needs a new home Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD. Extra Info: This Lenard white Opal system was commissioned in 1988. The charter was for the system to be (a) of the highest fidelity (b) the best JBL classic speaker components and (c) be capable of giving an experience of actually being at a real concert. The original commission budget for this this system in 1988 was $65,000. Lenard systems are brought into the world by those with the means to do so. It is difficult to put a value on something that is virtually never sold in the secondhand market. The true valuation can only be set by the new owner and will be respected. Anyone who knows Lenard systems will tell you their owners keep them for life. The person who charted this system also had his music room acoustically designed by the late Richard Priddle. The passage of time and an unforeseen change in circumstances has resulted in this system looking for its new home. The new owner will immediately recognise this system and will have an environment that is perfectly suited. Most of all he/she will be passionate about music and been longing for a system that transcends all limitations. This Lenard white Opal system is 4-way active. Each speaker stack has two x 15", a 12", a compression-driver horn and a slot radiator. Beside each speaker stack are the amplifier towers. Each amplifier tower has five 100 Watt valve amplifers. Each amplifier is Ultra-Linear, Class AB push-pull. All twenty KT88 valves have been renewed and the system is in as new perfect working order. Each amplifier tower also has solid-state amps. The towers can be switched between valve amps and solid-state amps in real time. As yet no one has been able to pick the difference between the valve and solid-state amps. This being one of the many astounding achievements of Lenard design. The cabinets were originally diamond white. The system had been moved and stored and now resprayed satin white. This decision was made so the new owner could change the color to suit his environment or return it to its original diamond white with minimal extra cost. The system is being looked after and located in Sale Victoria. One cannot speculate as to how this system performs, it must be experienced and will be made available for audition to all interested parties. This system belongs to a dear friend of mine, I am listing here on his behalf. Please PM me if interested and I will put you in direct contact with the owner. Pictures: There are only 4 of these valve towers in existence. 2 with the Canberra Opals, and these two. Built to last a lifetime and infinitely serviceable. System when it was originally commissioned.
  3. With Lenard's input sensitivity controls you can match any source. Whether it be an iPod or a high gain pre amp or mixing desk. You can get enough voltage straight out of an iPhone to run these to levels far above sensible.
  4. The target price for a pair of Symphony's is <60k. Mondies pair are in the current run of pre production stock which will determine the cost of production and the final finish. Using stupidly expensive TAD & AE drivers in Mondies pair will also give a reference to which all other driver combinations will be referenced. From this point the most economical performance based set of drivers will be rationalised and the price point set.
  5. Los

    Lenard Opal Speakers

    Hi Steve, John has a lifetime in the building & development of live audio sound and now has his focus set on finalising his high performance Lenard designs and audio standards. A bit over a decade ago I connected with John to build a large scale active system for a live music venue I'm involved with. We now work together developing acoustic and audio solutions for large venues in an attempt to save the population at large from 'bad sound'. As time permits we are finalising the development of Johns design's and building the odd customers system. I concur with with your conclusion. An amplifier should simply amplify a signal, no more, no less. Active systems certainly make the most of available amplification. Cheers Paul
  6. Los

    Lenard Opal Speakers

    Hi Thomo, Lenard planned the use of current drive way back when solid state first came on the scene though it was not fully resolved until the 90's. It is merely a tool to create more bass energy at the lowest octaves in a sealed system. Horn systems are usually compromised due to size, and trying to push them beyond their effective bandwidth. When implemented correctly the amplifier used should have no bearing on the sound, unless the amp is compromised. Horn systems must be 4 way and active to get the best performance. Cheers
  7. Los

    Lenard Opal Speakers

    Thank you for the writeup Steve, John Burnett and I went to considerable effort to further resolve the original Opal design into the smallest footprint possible for David's system. The AE 18's are custom spec to perform in this sealed design using current drive amplification. They do it very well! The 4 bandpass gain controls can obviously have a large impact on the way the music is presented. It can take some time to become accustomed to having this feature, although eventually the listener will find the setting that suits them and seldom change anything from then on. Lenard designs are purely performance based, the more time you spend with them the better they become. It was like losing a love when we shipped these over to Perth. Cheers Paul
  8. Los

    Lenard Opal Speakers

    They look fantastic in your room!
  9. Yep. I still have them....
  10. Item: Aura Sound 1808 with brand new TC Sounds Pro5100 Baskets Location: Sale Victoria 3850 Price: $950 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup, cash, bank transfer. Extra Info: Original Aura 1808 neo underhung motors fitted with brand new TC sounds replacement baskets essentially creating what TC called the Pro5100. These are no longer available and were about $1500 each when last in production. Specs here. I still have the original Aura baskets which come in the deal if you want them. One is still in good operating condition and the other has a split surround and open circuit voice coil. A working original 1808 basket in itself is serious unobtanium! I purchased the replacement baskets around 6 years ago when I noticed the split starting in one of the originals but it kept on going until only last year! That whole system has now been replaced with a new horn loaded design so I have no further use for these monsters. With over 60mm peak to peak excursion and high relative efficiency on of these will give you similar output to that of a serious dual 18 cabinet. The new baskets are dual VC and can handle much more power than the original 1808. The baskets are BRAND NEW and were installed and tested in cabinets only last week. Plenty of info on the net about these. I'll ship anywhere at your expense. Pictures:
  11. Los

    Show us your tubes

    A pair of KT88's in the correct conditions can achieve 100watts from a 580v DC power supply. 400vdc - 500vdc will achieve 60-80watts. The 42 watt rating relates only to the static (quiescent) anode dissapation. When applied in an audio amplifier this must not be exceeded. The power supply in this system is designed with the ability to select 400vdc, 500vdc and 580vdc. This enables the KT88's to be run any condition the user chooses. The class status (quiescent anode dissipation) can also be changed if one chooses, to Class A push pull, Class AB and class AB1 The output transformers can be selected for Triode, ultra linear & tetrode application.
  12. Los

    Show us your tubes

    5 x 100 watts in fact....
  13. Los

    Show us your tubes

    Just for anybody who might be interested in this kind of thing Putting the final touches on some 4 way active valve towers..... 10 x KT88's per side, 100watts per channel.
  14. Regardless of how good they are, Barefoot didn't build monitors 'till 2004, so I doubt any of those artists were mixed on them. And I doubt most studio mastering is done on them....
  15. Pretty much sums up the Sarabands, and how I felt when I got mine. If you get a pair you will forget all about the BS audio world and just enjoy the music for the rest of your days. Its a no brainer. If anyone is ever curious about these I'm happy to entertain a demo or GTG or whatever at my place in Gippsland,Vic. PM me if interested. Cheers Paul