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  1. Enabling "anamorphic" on JVCX9500

    I was very happy using my A-lens when I had a projector. I knew there was some degredation, but all this was forgotten when a scope image started playing
  2. Enabling "anamorphic" on JVCX9500

    They played a valuable role, in their day.
  3. Another full range driver cabinet

    Why not build a sub-woofer box instead?
  4. Holden to Close

    Your single-minded posts fail to consider flow on manufacturing, technology etc, to more than just the auto industry. It is difficult to quantify such things, but the "global trade" concept seems to favour global players outside Australia, at our expense. The end of the Australian auto industry will result in bigger problems than "how much is my next new car"!
  5. Holden to Close

    A very single-sided view in my opinion.
  6. Bathurst 2017

    What happens @ Bathurst, stays at Bathurst!
  7. Bathurst 2017

    I love the Bathurst weekend 360 days to go
  8. Bathurst 2017

    I'm so excited, a little bit of wee came out.
  9. Bathurst 2017

    3 cars?
  10. G'day If still available... Godley & Creme, Freeze Frame Jeff Beck, There and Back 10cc How Dare You I live on the Sunny Coast, so can pick up, or meet you at the QAC Cooroibah GtG
  11. Bathurst 2017

    Gday Paul Mal has already got me covered. Thanks [emoji1303] It's so close, I can smell it [emoji481][emoji445][emoji594][emoji481][emoji485]🥓[emoji488][emoji506]🥗[emoji481][emoji481][emoji485][emoji481][emoji102][emoji849]
  12. G'day Greg If I choose any LPs, I can pick them up from the QAC GtG, if you choose to attend.
  13. Twin 15" subwoofer

    Great router, the Hitachi TR12
  14. Bathurst 2017

    Here is the perennial list of things to take to Bathurst... Manners & tolerance (it’s a long drive) Blow-up bed for floor Foam mattress for floor Sleeping bags, liners & pillows Glasses (prescription???) Sunglasses (prescription???) Wallet (kinda important) Cash (kinda important) Race Tickets (does anyone go to the race anymore?) Car Fuel (fill up prior) Wiper washers (fill up prior) Tyres (pump up prior 38+psi) Spare tyre (pump up prior 38+psi) Oil (check prior) Auto Transmission (check prior) Directions (now submitted to memory) GPS (magic maps in phone) Snacks for car trip (lots) Water bottles (not so much) Mobile phones (charged) Car charger for Phone Headphones Music Thermos & coffee bags Laundry bag (remember to take home again, unlike 2007) Socks Jocks T-shirts/shirt Jeans & belt (I’m gunna need a bigger belt) Trackie dacks Shoes (runners and other) Wind cheater/hoodie/Jacket Poncho (it might rain) Hat, cap, beanie (including burning-hat variety) Esky Ice things Beer for us Beer for Terry (XXXX Bitter, NOT that XXXX Gold shite) Flowers or chockies for Lyndi Stubby holders Red wine (hello @Paul47 ) Back Packs Cameras (charged) Spare batteries (charged) Battery Chargers Memory cards/USB Memory card reader & cable Headlight (charged) Torch FM radios (listen to race). I always forget this... Something to read (never read it though) Board games (always forget to take) Playing cards (always forget to take) Soap Shampoo Flannel & Towel Toothbrush Toothpaste Aftershave (why?) Sunscreen
  15. Bathurst 2017

    is it just me...?