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  1. I also don't think anyone should discount how one part of a system interacts with other parts and its audio impact. Particularly the room. But, the middle aged audiophiles' bald spot isn't getting any smaller, and they knows best. 🙄
  2. I'll manufacture my own after they arrive. If I decide to keep them. Probably a solid hardwood design.
  3. Hi Al I don't even need one of these, but was tempted just because you did such a good job on the ad. Seriously, if Al owned this unit, it is better than new. No, seriously. Half price. Crazy!
  4. Received an email today from Buchardt audio In a nutshell; they're very busy, the A500's are 6-8 weeks overdue (you can pull out if that's a problem), you can get a cashback on the new Buchardt hub/preamp when it is released sometime in the future. I've waited this long... I can wait a bit longer. Quote "First of all, thank you all so much for the support, the A500 have become an insanely popular product, and by far already the best selling product we have made to date. We did not expect an explosion like this in sales, and we were caught completely off gu
  5. Hi @Luc I look forward to our next catch up over a few frothies later this year. We can discuss the current marketplace of Madame Mill's back catalogue. Can I offer a down payment; Jap master of DSoTM, & Jap half speed master of WYWH? Should get me half way there. Maybe more if I get a few dark lagers into you before negotiations start.
  6. Same, currently I am buying all my new pressings on line, mostly pre-order. Love it when they arrive. I despise flippers. Vermin is too good a word for them. IMO of course.
  7. Just received a response from Buchardt Delivery ETA 6-12 Feb 2021
  8. Hmmm, just had a thought. What if our speakers DON'T arrive!? Financial risk? 100% Mine! Opportunity to reverse risk? Zero! Has anyone on SNA who has ordered them, actually had any feedback from Buchardt regarding delivery date?
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