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  1. Like that'll help... You charm women like I drink gin. It doesn't happen.
  2. Like that'll help... You charm women like I drink gin. It doesn't happen.
  3. Like that'll help... You charm women like I drink gin. It doesn't happen.
  4. If your AUS GPO is approved to AUS Electrical standards (as it should be by law, but some imports aren't) , you don't need a better GPO. The approval requirements are incredibly stringent, incl pull strength, materials, etc. As an aside all HPM 10A, 15A & 20A AUS GPOs have a 20A internals/rear. It's only the plastic cover that differs.
  5. I'm on the Sunny Coast. Can I ask where you ordered it from? A week before XMAS I visited 2 hifi shops in Carlton & South Melbourne in hope to demo & buy. No-one knew anything about the C658.
  6. Does it run cooler with the HS fitted but not enclosed? I ask, coz enclosure looks too not-ventilative. I think I just mad a new word
  7. As an engineer in a previous life working in a related field, I had many conversations with others where they thought their confidence over-ruled my competence. Me stating clauses to them from Aus safety standards did little to change their "opinion". People can have their own opinions, but they can' t have their own version of facts. It was particularly scary when these people are importers or distributors of product that don't comply (isn't sufficiently safe) with mandatory standards. It wasn't uncommon to hear something like "those standards are over written to stop stupid people hurting themselves." "I can't afford to engineer all that into it." "I'm trying to compete with imports that don't have any of that stuff, I'll go broke". My response was usually something like "if everything complies, no-one gets hurt". I may have been known to be difficult, but we didn't have safety recalls. Unlike some of our competitors, who "couldn't afford to engineer all that into it."
  8. You can get locking IEC 13 to IEC 14 systems.
  9. I had these guys repair a NAD preamp for me. Happy with the work. WATSON ELECTRONICS Pty Ltd Unit 2, 6-10 Argon Street Sumner Park QLD 4074 ABN 12 011 058 290 Phone: +61 7 33766771 Fax: +61 7 33766772
  10. I am aware of very good cathedral ceilings as sound rooms, but the speaker are oriented 90 degrees to yours ie they aim down the ridge, not across it.
  11. I have all my vinyl over-insured as one collection. That way I don't have to maintain a list. Maybe I should though... Also, as we have security cameras, our power meter box has an approved padlock on it; so they can't turn the power off to disable the cameras. This happened to someone local we know.
  12. Also try https://www.queenslandaudio.club/contact-us
  13. Based on the info provided so far. I would consider the following: Remove tin roof, and lay sarking/thick batt then reapply roof. Add batts between truss frames for added insualtion. Line ceiling with 13mm plaster, cathedral style. This is your 'best bang for buck' approach to all things. Then, once the room is complete, you can treat any internal surface, including the cathedral ceiling. I think an insulated cathedral ceiling will offer you a far better result than any tiles will, for likely much less money. It will look a **** lot better as well.
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