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  1. I recommend you search for someone to do your re-veneering work at http://www.woodworkforums.com/ Lots of veneer experienced guys over there.
  2. Ditto If we don't contribute to retailers' existence, in the future we won't get to hear anything before buying.
  3. Did you talk to @cheekyboy ?
  4. I cannot ID that these are legal in Australia ie 3rd party compliance to relevant mandatory Australian Standards, specifically AS/NZS 3112, Approval and test specification - Plugs and socket-outlets The test specs are quite rigorous, electrically & physically.
  5. State certification for electrical items is recognised Australia wide
  6. Auto rescan channels. Should fix problem.
  7. This is what I presumed. I also "presume" not certified to mandatory Australian Standards. Presumption is the key word. But, most Chinese products plugged into 240V have form. https://www.productsafety.gov.au/news/check-your-homes-for-unsafe-power-boards-and-double-adaptors Dont buy powerboards that dont comply with this. It's the law. https://www.standards.org.au/standards-catalogue/others/sa-slash-snz/as-slash-nzs--3105-colon-2012
  8. You need to talk to cheekyboy, a SNA member who does this stuff professionally.
  9. Curious, which brand powerboard had the offending USB outlet?
  10. Yes, it was "such a night"
  11. I still drive a big V8. If you want a big fast car, don’t complain about fuel. I don’t. Recently when fuel was at its highest, it cost $137 to fill. Whatever...
  12. I regret selling my '62 Bel air 4-door pillar (283 with slide-n-glide), but not as much as selling my '68 Impala 4-door pillar (350 with slide-n-glide). I didn't mind so much with the '67 pillar, or the '67 pillarless. *stock photos
  13. 2 questions. What was wrong with your amp? How long did it take to fix? Thanks
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