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  1. https://infostore.saiglobal.com/en-au/standards/as-nzs-3120-2011-117091_saig_as_as_267964/ AS/NZS 3120:2011 Abstract Specifies essential safety requirements for cord extension sockets intended to be used at extra-low voltages. This Standard is to be read in conjunction with AS/NZS 3100. Scope This Standard sets out essential safety requirements for cord extension sockets and inlet plugs, as defined in Clause 1.4, intended for use at extra-low or low voltages, and inlet p
  2. Communication has been good. Meeting delivery deadlines... another story!
  3. Feedback from Buchardt to my ETA enquiry. They receive them about 26 May. They do something for a couple of days. Then they send them to me, which could be 1 week or so. If you beleive that; I have some shares in Sydney Harbour you might be interested in...
  4. I wanted white, but I got told to get Walnut. Go figure!
  5. Half your luck. I ordered my walnut A500 pair late November 2000.
  6. Do other Australian customers waiting for their May-2021 (ahem...!) delivery have any update about ETA?
  7. This is the guts of it really for me. I keep thinking it's more "greed and ego", than "master & quality"
  8. I'm surprised someone wasnt able to tell you this before you started...
  9. Who the hell is Bills Cables? Are you in the right forum?
  10. Insufficeint funds in the MQA bank account?
  11. I don't expect you'll have too much trouble unloading this.
  12. My suspicions are confirmed; in a very nice and polite objective way.
  13. Do you know if ships with a wall wart? Or do we just need a relevant power cable?
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