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  1. Agreed! My cinema room was also my digital stereo room. Otherwise it would only have been used for movies a few hours a week.
  2. Do not use 0.75mm2 cable on a 10A plug. The minimum legal requirement is 1.0mm2. I m talking about the conductor (the metal stuff), not the insulator (the plastic stuff).
  3. I consider myself more of a melophile than an audiophile, so whilst quality hardware is nice, having music I like is more important than the hardware it is played on.
  4. This actually happened in my home cinema, when running the 2 x Celestion pro 18" subs, powered by 2 pro sub amps (plaster on 1 wall wasn't glues to studs). One of the few things I miss . Greatly outweighed by the current positives though
  5. I think the centre channel wave guide needs to be bigger. This is going to be VERY dynamic, audio wise.
  6. I would not presume that the all power plugs that 'look' compliant are compliant.
  7. They only sell it, because people keep buying it.
  8. Apart from Intellectual Property theft, ie branding without owners approval; It is ILLEGAL to sell a socket, plug or lead set in Australia without all components passing mandatory compliance. There are no exceptions to this. It is the law. I would not be purchasing an illegal 240V product and putting life and asset to risk, to save a couple of hundred dollars. Think about that. Ignore it. But then think about it again. Purchasing illegal/copied products condones & supports all that is wrong with illegal, inferior & sometimes unsafe copied product. Legit manufacturers/distributors will cease to exist or give up if too many people goes down this path. Then, you will only have online access to potentially inferior product that may not be/probably isn't what it claims to be. Think about that too. If you buy unauthorised/copied product, YOU are part of the problem. If you buy legit product, you are part of the solution. Be part of the solution. The extra cost goes further than you think.
  9. Further information: I am wondering if anyone here has a copy of Beatles LOVE on Vinyl. Condition should be excellent or better when it reaches me . It can be bought for less than 100 online, so keep this in mind https://vinylsqueeze.com.au/beatles-love-vinyl-lp/ Thanks
  10. I am a massive fan of Bent Spoke beers.
  11. Interestingly, we have found a twin pack of thin pizza bases that are very suitable, for when you just want pizza without the dough hassle. under $7 for a twin pack. It works.
  12. Not BBQ related, but outdoor cooking it is. Having been 'worded up' by my son in Germany, I now own a UUNI 3 pizza oven. This portable, lightweight sucker heats up to 500C in ~15 mins, and my first pizza overcooked in about 1 minute. I now cook them regularly in about 90 secs. Beats waiting! They have all been fantastic. Tomato, chorizo chunks & goats cheese (with fresh basil leaves after cooking) is my current fav. I am still crap at making dough, but practice or get someone else to make it! I haven't cooked meat or vegies in it yet, but I did get a skillet & wood platter doover.
  13. G'day Marc Just an additional thought. I don't know if you rememeber my cinema room; but I had the screen recessed 300mm back from the 700mm deep false wall (filled with 72 batts). This recess was then lined with appropriate black velvet to absord any reflected light off the screen, giving it a floating effect. As importantly, the screen being recessed stopped the 'halo' effect of light reflected off the screen to the ceiling, walls etc. If I was to build another room, I would recess the screen again. Any amount of recess is better than no recess, IMO. I always notice the halo effect when I see projector/screen set ups. Bloody annoying observation. Have fun.
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