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  1. Schiit have no ETA yet. " I'm very sorry but we do not have an availability date yet for the Sol in 230V. I'm sorry I am unable to assist with the question. " It seems 230V 50Hz may not be on the horizon yet. I can wait.
  2. Can you get a wall wart power supply that is 230V 50Hz in, but switchable to 16VAC 60Hz out? Serious question.
  3. G'day all I just read over on https://darko.audio/ about Schiit's new turntable 'SOL'. https://darko.audio/2019/09/schiits-first-turntable-sol-drops-for-799/ It has a lot of desirable features, & looks like a turntable I would like to own. Cast chassis Outboard motor Big inverted bearing Uni pivot arm I contacted Addicted to Audio, but they have no local-release info at all ATM. Hopefully it gets released here in the not too distant future ie 3-6 months. Does anyone else have any insights re local release?
  4. I was impressed with the PSB M4U-2 over ear cancelling headphones when I was looking.
  5. Paul Kelly: Live, May 1992 Reissue on vinyl sounds fantastic https://www.paulkelly.com.au/music-paul-kelly-live-may-1992
  6. Are we looking or listening? I've seen some really beautiful speakers that I don't like the sound of. And Terry's Frankenstein MDF monstrosity speakers in Bathurst were the initial prototype for his current speakers, which many say are up there with the best. Me included. I'd rather the latter be in the comp. But, that's just me
  7. Dunno, but there is a sticker on the front that states; "40TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION ON 180g VINYL includes Kashmir & Trampled Under Foot Remastered & Produced by Jimmy Page" Mr Page needs to retire. It really is shite. That's $49.95 I could have spent on beer & pizza!
  8. I have the remaster of Physical Graffiti that I bought from JB HiFi. Played it once, never again. It is pus.
  9. All good ideas @mwhouston I sincerely hope it is a winner. Nothing beats 'getting involved'. Be even better if some of the MAC members interacted with new faces. But, then again, I was hard to look at back then.
  10. MAC & entrance fee in the same sentence!? Their bald spot isn't getting any smaller you know! Be a good thing if they could present it.
  11. It was actuall ylast nihgt, but 12% really sneaks up you on
  12. I jus nockd bakc foor ov theese :)D Luberly
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