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  1. Ihearmusic

    Mosfet Amps

    I runn KT 88 in my push pull and 300B in my prototype that I am converting in to the proper article (Will take me a while though) plus I have a small 6L6 to fill in every now and then.
  2. Ihearmusic

    Mosfet Amps

    Did I hear MOSFET!? My interpretation of Rod Eliott's P101 from years ago. Still works and sounds ok but I prefer my valves now.
  3. Have you ever had more bass? Have you changed something in the system? How do you know the bass is not enough? Have you heard different somewhere else? Some folk mistake good natural bass for what they experience in a movie theatre.
  4. Ihearmusic

    The job of a pre amp

    I the apcence of facts we have do deal with assumptions. (Unless one believes that measurements translate accurate into what we actually here. That would be factual) What you are describing as accurate is to me the pleasure of listening to a well engineered recording. Live events to me sound not very detailed due to the acoustics of a given venue and or amplification and speakers involved. That might just be me though. ops, getting late. Still have to do the dishes. And then go and practice my music.
  5. Ihearmusic

    The job of a pre amp

    Thanks god for valves😀
  6. Ihearmusic

    The job of a pre amp

    Yes, that is stating the obvious 😌 I am just intrigued on how some will say that a pre amp is supposed to be a wire with gain. You won't hear anyone say an amplifier should only be wire with gain to drive speakers. Most will accept that amps have their own sound.
  7. Ihearmusic

    The job of a pre amp

    This has always been a cunandrum for me! Giving that the preamp is well matched to the source and the the power amp, who is to say the preamp is not coloring the sound in some way? Without extracting the recorded sound through some electronic device, it can not be known what it might sound like. A pre amplifier to me is like an amplifier in the sense that the information extracted has to travel through various components and like an amplifier they alter the sound in way that suits our taste. How far it diviates from the recording is anyone's guess.
  8. Ihearmusic

    Show us your tubes

    If you are not in a hurry for work to be completed, I am happy to look at it for you. I am into building valve amplifiers and I have done a number of repairs and modifications to valve equipment for some Perth members.
  9. Ihearmusic

    Elsinore Speaker Project

    Thanks for sharing your opinion. One of my questionable criteria when assessing a new amplifier build is always how well does the speaker reflect the quality of the amplifier. I have a range af speakers I can hook up to a new design but always think I should have something better. ( don't we all) Not having endless funds at my disposal, I have been looking at the Elsinore for quiet some time now. I might just have to bite the bullet one day,
  10. Ihearmusic

    Mcintosh iV MC275 Mono Parallel connection

    Lost in translation.
  11. Ihearmusic

    Current of Amp

    Some just do not like valve amplifiers......
  12. Ihearmusic


    This is a complex topic and if you do a bit of research and also have a look at the article here.. http://www.tronola.com/html/unloaded_vt_amps.html you might find that there is now simple answe. Depending on what the weakest link is in a given set of circumstances damage may or may not occur. It is save to say that best practice is not to turn a valve amp on without a load. I have yet to come across a valve amp with damage due to no load turn on.
  13. Ihearmusic

    Elsinore Speaker Project

    Same here. I often wonder what they would sound like at my place hooked up to my gear. Joe Rasmussen is certainly a very interesting character, thinking outside the box unlike some others that are just stuck in 2nd gear. I look forward to some more impressions ones they have found their place in your setup.
  14. Better late then never. Good on you EU! Now on to Facebook and show Mark ****erburg the door.
  15. Yes, it is a bit like that. The thing with tube amps is, you can have a nice sounding amp for reasonable money. For a great sounding one, you will have to fork out a lot more. Good iron is not cheap. The bit I like about tube amps is the fact that you can customize the sound to your taste quiet easily. And with a bit of skill this is not limited just to tube rolling. Point to Point wired amps are not hard to figure out and a capacitor change for a different flavor of sound can be tackled by a handy person most of the times. Be adventurous and embrace the glow! Just not this kind....