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  1. Good of you to point that out. It is so common for tube rollers (rectifier in this case) to overlook the fact that not all rectifier tubes can handle filling up big buckets (so to speak) without working themselves to a premature death.
  2. If you want to have long tube life you might want to be around 0.25mV witch equals around 250mA of current. The 6C33 tube runs on very high current compared to other tubes. AC fluctuation should not be a problem as your second 6C33 tube acts as a voltage regulator for the first 6C33. The higher you go the shorter the life of your tube.
  3. I think if you are serious about your hobby the answer is NO! My capacitance,impedance meter alone cost $200.-. Cheap crap like that should not be allowed to be sold. Resources were dug out of the ground, energy has been used, pollution created to make s..t tools to be used for a short period of time just to end up in land fill. Buy quality that performs and lasts you for a long time.
  4. $ 400.- would get you a pair of Gold Lions and I bet that they are of better build quality than the standard Shuguang.
  5. Would anyone know of a good tube amp technician in Sydney? Or is any competent hobbyist keen to sort out a tube amp? Thank you for any info. Stephan
  6. Further information: Comes with 1 year warranty and 6 month on tubes SET 300B 2x8W Superb sounding, well balanced 300B SET for under AUD 2000? You are looking at it. This latest release from Meixing is a fine sounding tube amplifier. Point to point wiring and quality components throughout makes this great value. Efficient speakers are a must however and 90dB is the minimum. The impedance ideally should not drop below 6 ohm across the bandwidth. Specifications: Input voltage: 300mv Output Impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω Distortion: ≤ 1% Input impedance: 100K
  7. Yep, sounds your regulator could be the problem. you need do measure the voltage coming of the transformer and then after the rectifier before the regulator.
  8. Next to the R6 resistor in the 3rd stage is a fat blue 100 ohm resistor. Measure on either site the voltage reverenced to ground. That will give us some indication
  9. What is the voltage on top of the 100 Ohm resistor in the first stage? Next to R6
  10. does not sound right. Have you checked your supply voltage yet?
  11. Go for Blue. You can tone the blue one right down so it is not blinding but you can easily see that is on. Since the blue led is clear when not powered up. With the other colors you can not tell, should sun light hit them, whether they are on or off. Plus blue is neutral. It is not a stop and go thingy... ?
  12. I would have one of these in stock. New and with warranty. http://undergroundsoundaudio.com/Shop/index.php/;focus=HSTPTP_cm4all_com_widgets_Shop_7128726&path=?subAction=showProduct&categoryId=35843&productId=144917#HSTPTP_cm4all_com_widgets_Shop_7128726
  13. Have you got a new puppy Dave or is your avatar poppy when a pup?
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