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  1. Ihearmusic

    To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius

    The magic of the violin is not so much in the sound (as there are lots of nice sounding instruments out there) it has more to do with the way a player feels about the instrument. The more advanced one becomes at playing an instrument the more he or she becomes aware of the fine nuances of a particular instrument. Like a painter that favours a certain type of brush over any other that to us amateurs would do the same job, so does the musician favour a particular instrument. Also, if you do not play violin yourself (I do) you might not hear the difference let alone fell the the difference between instruments.
  2. Ihearmusic

    Tube + solid state amp in one case

    Beautiful work. One can see how it took you six month to finish the amplifier. Beats the cheap metal box look some people go for.........
  3. Ihearmusic

    FS: 6 x ef86 valves mullard + miniwatt

    Hello Trevor. I have sent you am PM. You might have missed it. When did you send off those tubes? I have not received them yet. Cheers Stephan
  4. Ihearmusic

    SOLD: FS: 300B Tubes Matched Pair TRONAL

    No worries Steve, I will be in touch.
  5. Ihearmusic

    SOLD: FS: 300B Tubes Matched Pair TRONAL

    All right then. I will have them. Cash on pick up all right Steve?
  6. Ihearmusic

    SOLD: FS: 300B Tubes Matched Pair TRONAL

    I am thinking..............................⏳
  7. Ihearmusic

    Silver hifi?

    Ahhh, brings back memories. My first music system bought in 1980 was a Silver complete in a rack with TT, tape, tuner and amp. It cost around $1200 Swiss Francs at the time and I payed for it with the money I earned cleaning in hospitals during school holidays. I believe it is still at my sisters home back in Switzerland.
  8. Ihearmusic

    Learning about hifi

    If you want to learn, start doing! Start with one of Rod Elliot's creations. Make mistakes and trouble shoot. You will learn quickly. Unless you have a super brain, you will not learn just by reading. To many theorists on this planet already.
  9. Ihearmusic

    Audio Action - DIY Night

    Any feedback from the audience about the quality of the DIY systems presented!? Any surprises? Good or bad? Any of the DIY efforts rivaled hi end of the shelve stuff?
  10. Ihearmusic

    FS: 6 x ef86 valves mullard + miniwatt

    If you are happy to post, I will take them.
  11. Ihearmusic

    What did you pass your test in/on?

    Did my car/truck licence on one of these back in my home country of Switzerland. I did my apprenticeship on trucks so I was able to do my driving test on such and the car licence was just a matter of an extra payment. My motorbike licence was done on one of these........ The open licence came curtesy of a borrowed Suzuki DR 600 as I wrote off my GSX-R 750 on the day before the Test.
  12. Ihearmusic

    Show us your tubes

    Nearly half way there.......
  13. Ihearmusic


    Millions of jobs is leverage even by Chinese standards. The only reason ZTE is still in business is because Xi could not have a company with 70000 employees going out of business due to the Americans not supplying them with chips anymore. So Xi picked up the phone and begged Trump to lift the ban and just impose a fine instead. Yep, even the Chinese are slaves to economic forces. Democracy or not!
  14. Ihearmusic


    China and the US are just warming up...... It is going to be an interesting game. Lucky for Apple they employ a few million people in China so they do have a bit of leverage.
  15. Ihearmusic

    Is this a superior Amp design/build?

    Once you start looking around on the www, you will find there are a lot of smaller valve amplifier manufacturers that do a very fine job in building a quality product. There are certain individuals here that will say such and such builds the best valve amplifier in the whole wide world...... Such commends are not fact based, they are only opinions peddled here for one reoson or another. There never will be a best....