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  1. We use Zoom for orchestra practice (community orchestra) and it is crap. Even when only the one violin is playing and the rest is muted you get latency and the beat is all over the place which makes for fun playing.................
  2. Don't pull the trigger just from hearsay. I have my reservations about builder that use cheap Chinese Iron and undersized output transformers. You have to listen to an amplifier in your system. I am sure them custom tube amp builders In Melbourne will be happy to take a unit to your place for a demo? That is what I do anyway.
  3. I use a 6C45 to drive the 300B. I like the simplicity of a triode driving a triode. The reason for a lot of capacitors is that I use a completely separate power supply for the two tubes. Hence also so much iron on top.
  4. I am happy with the result so far....... Comparing favorably with more bass to the Micrex I have sitting here at the moment. But still early days. See what it sound like in a few days.....
  5. Not so easy to find a properly matched pair of twin triodes. You have to surf the net and put your trust in the seller. I get my tubes from all sorts of places. What ever is convenient for me.
  6. 12AU7 with active load for the gain and E180F with ss CCS for the "buffer" .
  7. Nearly finished. Pre amplifier with two outlets for mono blocks (soft start and DC blocker integrated for the lot)
  8. Rod Coleman DC supply on my 300B mono blocks. DC supply done the right way. http://www.lyrima.co.uk/dhtreg/dhtRegIntro.html No hum on my 99dB speakers.
  9. Banksia Cone on Mount Hassell two month after the bush fire went through Sterling Ranges National Park in WA.
  10. Are you working on a SET tube amplifier Roman?😅
  11. https://au.mouser.com/datasheet/2/88/300-301-1702536.pdf 10000uF 75V Radial https://au.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Cornell-Dubilier-CDE/300R102U075GL2?qs=d0WKAl%2BL4KYozAkhdvKvXQ%3D%3D Special order 🙁
  12. The 71V are not importantm just do not go lower. Finding a quality cap with the same size and a rating of 100V should be not to hard. The cap that is getting warm is leaking.
  13. You will not have a problem with over voltage in Perth with a tube amp designed for 240 volt mains. Tube filaments can tolerate 10% +/- volt without causing any harm. Plenty of Earls creations in WA running without any issues.
  14. A very generalized statement. Properly rated components can handle wandering line voltages. Your amp may have another problem or it is just a bad design.😉
  15. Very nice looking speaker. If you would have read the article you would have noticed that he states the minimum wattage required to drive the speakers is 20W not 2W. The review he is giving is as independent as it gets. It is not like he makes money by selling his speakers and I do not think he is particularly biased towards his own creations unlike some.
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