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  1. Nothing wrong with a bit of free self promotion!😂
  2. If they are the original caps they might be leaking and should be replaced. You won't necessarily see a bulg on a faulty cap. I have a 303 and have yet to hook it up to some speakers.😃
  3. Well...., some folks on this forum believe if you can hear a difference than that difference can be measured. I say, go and measure! If you can't measure a difference than it must be a physiological change (happening within those hours) in your hearing-brain interface or it might just be your imagination.
  4. I have a pair of 'matched' 300Bs. One tested 104% of nominal plate current and the other 91%. So much for matching. I do use them in a SET mono block with negative bias so it is not much of a problem to me.
  5. Test the tubes in another tester and you might get a different result again. Power supply might not be regulated for starters so you will get voltage variations. Older testers lose their tolerance and bias voltage might fluctuate and so on...... Your tester will test the tubes at one operating point only and it is not necessary the operating point the tube runs in your amp. If you truly want to mach tubes you will have to match their curves as well. And you will not find many sellers that will provide that service. So just enjoy your new toy for what it is.
  6. Anyway, we had a good outcome with the OP's amplifier. A shame about the tube failure since the other three tested very strong. The amp did sound very good once we put a set of EL34 in (I only had a pair handy) My 300B was just a bit cleaner and had a bit more base other than that, a very nice amp from Earl at Weston Acoustic. Money well spent and most important, the money did not go to China.😁
  7. A valve is usually biased in such a way that the positive and the negative phase of the sine wave have the same amplitude. To little bias and your negative swing will start to bunch up and visa versa. If you have a look at valve curves you can see where the curves start to get closer together, (or where the valve gets into positive grid current, usually around the lower end of negative bias) That is Class A In Class A/B your change of bias will change to crossover point of the valves (one doing to positive cycle the other handling the negative cycle). It will show up as a bump on ether side of a since wave when seen on an oscilloscope. What I am saying is that a valve is biased at a certain point for a reason and unless you know what you are doing you should not touch it. If you fiddle around with your bias on your hifi amp you just might end up with more distortion, (which some like) Guitar amps are different altogether. They like to brake up early and have good distortion.
  8. If there is no heater supply, there can be no emissions and there for there can be no sound. The story is of course different when you have only the odd valve with an open filament. Which is what you might referring to.
  9. No heater = no emission and therefore no sound. Low heater = low emission = bad performance.
  10. I can run your tubes through the tube tester to be sure.
  11. You should take it around my place and we hook it up to speakers that are made for valve amplification. At the same time you can have a listen to my 300B. I do not feel I have an issue with bass.
  12. Why include GNF at all! I have never used it in my builds. On the subject of Triode sound, if you what the sound of a triode, use a triode amp. No partitioning noise.
  13. There is no rule for the Triode strapped Tube NOT to have GNF.
  14. Pictures don't tell the whole story. Just look at the internals of a Supratek pre amp. Anyway, the important bits are the OPTs. It looks like he might wind his own. They look to be of a good size. Construction and finish is not to bad. The price is about right. unless you can compair the New Valve and the Weston side by side you will never know. I owned one of the later and I have moved on, it was not my cup of tea. To much hum and to hissy. But each to their own. It could be a greate amplifier...........who knows. I am sure you will get plenty more opinions and that is all they are. No one knows for sure and everyone has got a different taste. Enjoy the journey and don't get to much hang up on it like some! 😀
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