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  1. I am not comparing Apple to Apple here, that needs to be said. The vaf are DC-x, so they are a bit older, efficiency is 94 db, a multi driver unit. dull in every way compaired to the ZUs. Better with the KT 88 but not as good as the ZUs. The other two are book shelve speakers and have not quiet as much bass as the ZUs. The Krix is translating more detail compaired to the Axis but again, not as much as the ZUs. It is really not fair to compair these speakers when hooked up to a 300B but it just shows that it is important to pair the right speaker with a low power valve amplifier. I also like to mention that I do not feel the need for more bass. Bass sounds natural to me and since I hardly listen to electronic music the ZUs on their owner are doing just fine.
  2. I do like the ZU speakers. I have some others, like Axis, Krix and Vaf's but the ZU's beats them all. I have some other valve amps but the 300B SET is the best fit for the ZU's. Shame you are not in Perth. You could have borrowed my 300B mono blocks for a bit.
  3. I will be looking forward to your review. I am also on the hunt for a high efficient full range driver to pair with my 8 watt 300B SET. I am looking at the Audio Nirvana drivers. I currently employ the ZU Soul Mk II and they do sound greate.......But one never knows!
  4. Ihearmusic

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    I would not consider class D as true analog...........in the sense of being linear.!?.😎
  5. Ihearmusic

    Free Solo (2018)

    it might be a long time before another human being can train mind and body way past it's normal limits to do what he did. I have not seen the doco yet but read a lot about him. I just cannot get my head around of what he has achieved.
  6. Ihearmusic

    Single Ended 300B

    You must have changed the name of your business!?
  7. But.......does it look to impress!? Audiophiles are only human. The ego has the final say.
  8. Ihearmusic

    Trade: Weston Topaz for 45 or 2A3 Amp

    If you are keen to listen to a 300B, I would not mind hauling my 300B mono blocks to your place and have a listen to your horns.
  9. Ihearmusic


    Well, at this point in time I do like the ZU's. The Soul MKII are a good mach for my amp and at a reasonable price at that. I would not mind hearing the amp through some horns though.
  10. Ihearmusic


    True, true. My bad. In the haste of replying, I forgot what the precise question was and therefor answered the question in such away as to propagate the idea of the 300B being a fine Tube..... Must be the closet politician inside me.
  11. Ihearmusic


    I do agree that theoretical matching might not give you the desired result. What would some of your favorite speakers be for a low power 300B. I would love to try some of the Klipsch Heritage Classic range.
  12. Ihearmusic


    With the right speakers they are a beautiful sounding valve. Mine have plenty of grunt and are not lazy at all. If you hear a lazy 300B it is because the speakers are no match or the amplifier is badly designed. If you were in Perth I would gladly have you over for a listen to my set up.
  13. Ihearmusic

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    Going for the Gothic look.........
  14. Ihearmusic

    Show us your tubes

    More 300B goodness...... Finally finished the twins.
  15. Ihearmusic

    Valve amp maker - melbourne

    Earl does not use ss rectification as far as I know. So no, it is not rebadged. The THD quoted in the specs is a bit enthusiastic and so are the 35 class A watts. Also the frequency response ....... Home made OPT that good? One should not criticise though without hearing it first. I am sorry for being naughty.