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  1. Ihearmusic

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Not mine. Spotted at the Melbourne car show. The car is a Chrysler 300B
  2. Dual concentric speaker. (Coaxial speaker) or single source driver.
  3. The VAF do go deep. For a smallish speaker they sound fantastic. Around $5500.- is not cheap but gee they were one of my high lights.
  4. I was sitting in the sweet spot and the speakers disappeared. Deep soundstage and rich presentation of sound. Holton and Hulgich on the other hand was disappointing. Sound was confined to the speakers and it sounded constraint to me.
  5. 2nd best and value for money. Smallish VAF'S SOUNDED amazing.
  6. Ihearmusic

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    How are the Elsinores going with the SE KT 88?
  7. Yes, bass would be the interesting bit. The ZUs are well balanced over the full range. I do not miss anything, but then one never knows what one is missing until one stumbles across it.
  8. Selling the Spatils!? Now I really have to make an effort and pay you a visit with my KT 88. It sound fantastic with my ZU Soul. I just wonder whether the Spatials could better the ZUs. PM received by the way.
  9. Ihearmusic

    The job of a pre amp

    Silly me, and I always thought that an amplifier design brief would include the aim to reproduce and amplify the original material presented in its most neutral form. As close to the original as possible. The flavor I thought would come with the mixing of different components from different manufactures to the listeners taste!? It must be hard to design flavor into a product that as soon it leaves the showroom floors gets mixed in with god knows what.
  10. Ihearmusic

    The job of a pre amp

    Very politician like start.....😀 Engineers don't go out to add flavour. But since they can not run a new design in every possible combination with all the equipment available to connect to.......... surely there will be different outcomes.
  11. Ihearmusic

    The job of a pre amp

    Absolutely agreed. Why else would it be that the best recommendation given when choosing new equipment, is to have a listen to it in your own system. System synergy is most important. Other factors to consider to explain the multitude of equipment out there are the looks of the gear. This might be subconscious but if one does not like the look of a component, it won't make it into ones listening room.
  12. Valves are highly suitable for open baffle according to Mr. Linkwitz! I would love to hear my KT 88 through your speakers.