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  1. Thanks Bunyip - yeah, I like the Mav if only for the range of inputs etc. Seems like a versatile place to start. Any adjectives that spring to mind when you think of the sound? Did you notice a instant difference when you added it, or did it need time to run in? And yeah, I'm hearing you on the player/land fill aspect. It kind of appeals from an experimental angle, but if I see a quality player at a reasonable price on ebay, I'll grab it. A pretty reasonable sounding Nad went off last night for around $200 - but if I add the Mav to that, I'm getting up there budget wise....'course, I might just be satisfied with that player's sound, no DAC required....which leads me back to the original conundrum....
  2. Thanks kdoot. Yeah, it's a tricky one. At the outset - I'm budget minded (okay, some would say tightarse...) so that's colouring my thinking quite a bit. But my thinking (such as it is) - the technology in most cheap DvD players is all pretty well much of a muchness - but even the cheepy ones give you optical/co-axial out - and that's a pretty pure digital signal, right? So I'll upgrade audio performance with a standalone Dac and get good sound cheaply. As I've said - visuals aren't much of a priority for me. But maybe the digital signal from a cheap player is inferior and even the best DaC won't help it? Anyone out there with thoughts/experience on this? My prediction - I'll probably go the cheap player/DAC road - get a crap result and end up shelling out for a decent player. But stuff it, it'll be a fun process - and yeah, I will let you know....
  3. Thanks David - and Drizzt too!
  4. Thanks VF - was prattling really - might start a thread in the speaker section.... cheers
  5. Thanks Grainy - just when you think you've heard 'em all.... I'd love to hear your source set up - i'll pm you soon. cheers
  6. Thanks for the welcome and tips so far! Actually, the sub isn't too much of a problem with the neighbours - I've cranked it 'til fairly early in the morning and after a shamed-faced approach to the upstairs neighbours found out it's not an issue for them.... They are funny things though - I find mine sounds much more 'boomy' from the next room than when I'm siting right in front of it. In terms of listening volume, as I said, the real aim is to get a nice, full detailed sound without it being too loud. Sometimes it feels like I have to really crank it to get a reasonable mid-range response - and then the trebles get a bit 'screamy'. Is it amp power that gives low volume detail, or is it more speaker dependent? (or is that just a typical chicken/egg question?) On speakers....would it be fair to say the size of drivers haves a lot to do with mid-range response? A friend has a pair of ancient Rotel speakers with bass drivers that are at least ten inches and the midrange response is really impressive. Similarly, I demo-ed some Wharfedale Diamond 9.3 standmounters a while ago - the only one in the range with an 8 inch driver - and the mid-range sounded much better than the 9.4 (floorstander with two smaller drivers). I know the fashion seems to be for ever slimmer speakers, but I wonder if the mid-range expressiveness is being sacrificed. Any thoughts?
  7. G'day, I need to add a DVD player to my system and have been reading up on DACS - but I'm fairly new to the idea of them as a stand alone component. Basically, I need an economical (both in $ dollars and space) solution. I"d like to have one player (for CD and DVD) and the audio performance is the highest priority - as long as the picture quality is watchable, I'm happy. I have a few questions about which direction to head in.... Would I be better off spending money on a good stand alone DAC (I'm considering Maverich TubeMagic D1) and a el cheapo DvD player? And when I say cheapo, I mean it, like a 40 buck wonder from Dick Smith.... Or... would I be better off with a reasonable DVD player from Nad or Cambridge Audio? And rely on the on-board DAC? Any thoughts, greatly appreciated....
  8. G'day, I've been stalking SNA for a while so it's probably only polite to introduce myself. I hail from Brunswick in Melb and have had an interest in hifi since my teen years - never particularly high-end stuff - I've always tried for the best sound I can on modest budgets. That said, I know the occasional lash out on the right piece of quality kit always pays. Having mis-spent my early twenties drumming in a couple of pretty loud bands - I'm sure my ears aren't quite as....'discerning'....as they could be. At the moment I'm holed-up in a flat (listening position only about 2.5 metres from spkrs) so primarily interested in bookshelf 2.1 set ups. Particularly interested in ways to achieve a detailed, involving sound at low volumes (so the neighbours will keep saying hello to me...) - if anyone has tips on that, cheers. At the moment my sources are limited to an Ipod and playing CD's through a MacBook Pro so I'll be looking for guidance on sources and Dacs pretty soon. Any tips appreciated. The description of my system probably tells the story - I have fairly modest requirements and there is big gaps in my knowledge when it comes to adding different components and how they're connected and switched (TT + amp + speakers was so simple back in the day!) - so please be patient with my dumb questions. I am definitely starting to feel the 'upgrade fever' (a disease that seems prevalent among plenty of posters here...) Most of all, I'm impressed by the generous, down to earth discussions and sharing of knowledge on the forums here. Feels like a good place to be. cheers. My system (such as it is...) Source: Ipod, Macbook Pro. Yamaha RXV-559 HT receiver Tangent Millennium active sub Tannoy Mercury M1 bookshelves Picked up the Yamaha for a good price on ebay - found it has better detail than the old Nad 3225 * I was using - but would like something a bit warmer. Considering a newer Nad or Marantz HT receiver (need something I can connect a sub to) The sub - picked up dirt cheap from online auction site - I've been impressed so far. Bass is quite tight and musical compared to other sludgy sounding el cheapo subs. Tannoys - quite nice (great vocal reproduction) and improved out of sight when I got them up a bit higher on a pair of home-welded stands. If anything, they're a bit bright sounding (might be the yamaha perhaps?) If I've got any consistent beef/ambition with this system (and it's evolving incarnations...) - I'd like to get more midrange - but maybe that's an inherent drawback of the 2.1 approach. Anyway - time to stop crapping on....catch you on the forums!
  9. There is SO much more experience on show in all the other replies.....but, for what it's worth....I needed an FM antenna for my yam receiver and after stuffing around with bits of wire and co-ax and stuff....got one of the old T shaped antennas from Jaycar. It does get interference until you find a sweet spot (and I'm inner-city where signals should be pretty good) - but it was cheap as chips. Perhaps worth a try before you start shelling out for the higher end stuff.....
  10. Yeah, it definitely said Boston Acoustics - might be they're making alternative badges for some of their products. Think I'll be leaving it alone. Anybody bought a cheap subbie they reckon is worth the money lately?
  11. Hey Folks, Just need a bit of an opinion from anyone who cares to reply. Am after a sub at the moment and just checked out a second hand boston acoustics model number SW 200. Can't find any mention of it on the net, reviews or otherwise and am getting the feeling it's not the real deal. Sounded a little flabby when I demoed them - but my ears are a bit new to subs and it could be just that? Counterfeit stereo equipment - surely not! It's seriously cheap - $220 without a scratch. Sound fishy? Or am I just missing all the right web pages? cheers.
  12. sounds like a reasonable result. Thanks to you all - you've helped solve my first audio dilemma. Sure to be more.... cheers
  13. Cheers for your thoughts guys. I will probably look into a repair and bang them on ebay. Drizt - see you sold some ATS 4's a while ago - was it a reasonably easy sale? I've just really got no idea how well known/popular Aarons are and ease of offload might effect how much I spend on the repair. Also - thinking of getting into building speakers as a project, but am an absolute beginner. Anybody got thoughts on were I could start? Any good books, shops (I'm planning a trip to Jaycar as a first port of call) that you would recommend? And Tom - cheers for the info on the cross-overs - with a bit of luck some time in the future it won't all look like another language to me!
  14. G'day, Complete noob to this site and bit of a hifi illiterate but I've got a pair of Aaron ats 3's that were blown up at a party a while ago and I'm trying to work out what to do with them. Can't see any tears in the cones or other obvious damage so repair may be quite easy, but to be honest I was never that blown away by the performance. Was running them with a Rotel RA-930AX amp and have been told it's not the best match so that might explain underwhelming performance. Wondering if anyone's got an opinion on these speakers - thinking of recycling the cabinets with new drivers? (would be my first adventure in speaker building - so any tips on idiot proof guides to the subject?)Or maybe I'd be better off fixing to manufacturers specs and getting another amp for better performance? Any thoughts on this subject greatly appreciated. Cheers....
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