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  1. Cheers aechmea - will have a play with those settings. Had no idea that was tucked away in Utilities!
  2. Thanks for the tip Monsieur Grain - will give that a try.... Made any speaker purchases lately?
  3. Ah, that's interesting to hear GAT. I guess I can live with having to switch inputs on the DAC when I watch something - although rising from the couch always goes against the grain. But the volume thing bugs me. If you go into the sound settings on your Mini, can you slide the volume up and down freely? And I'm assuming you get a decent listening volume.... Not surprised I'm the only one with these issues - think I was cursed by some voodoo priestess in a past life - most anything with circuits and electrical input seems to bug out as soon as I try to use it. Might trying reinstalling the software.... Any other tips greatly appreciated....
  4. Hi All, Wondering if there's any Hiface usb/spdif converter owners out there that have experienced volume setting problems. I've recently gone to a Mac mini and after being underwhelmed by the usb signal out to my dac, I picked up a Hiface. Downloaded the software and have experienced a better sound (although software download was a bit weird - wouldn't let me pick the destination folder...) However, when using the Mac's sound settings to select the Hiface, it automatically sets the volume to Maximum and will not let me lower it. Interestingly, I still need to then crank the amp (dial getting towards two thirds of full vol) to get reasonable listening level - something I didn't experience when using usb. Having the amp cranked up that high means I occasionally blast the speakers when I switch to another source . Another issue - when using VLC to play video and sending a signal via the Hiface - the sound track is significantly delayed. Delayed enough to make it unwatchable. Anyone experienced similar problems? Any thoughts or tips greatly appreciated - I went for the Mac mini as one box, simple life solution so I'd like to avoid having to constantly change output devices and volume levels when I change source. cheers
  5. Just went mac mni myself and got a K400 logitech wireless keyboard with a touchpad - it's ugly and feels a bit flimsy - but it was $40 via the logitech shop via ebay. Plug and play via usb port and working perfectly so far.... considering the difference in price from the genuine mac version - I'm happy enough.
  6. Ah... a big week of work conquered... prawn tacos for dinner with a crisp riesling and a Punch 'Churchill' on the balcony for dessert. Baranows describe them as a cigar everyone should try once and I'm in emphatic accord. Mild but with lovely spice and an exceptionally pleasant finish. At 7" it's a meal in itself but not fatiguing. Went extremely well with a Hart Brothers Bowmore single from my local Dan M's. If only the Pies had found a little extra something in the fourth quarter it would have been the perfect Friday night. Oh, well, we battle on...
  7. Lucky you're on the right of him, apparently he killed, barbequed and ate the bloke on the left!
  8. "what loyalty and principles" Four words that sum up the modern ALP. Careerists and operators as exemplified by the member for Dobell. Bit short of readies when it comes time to pay your 'hostess'....no worries, just whack it on the union card. And these belly dragging scumbags end up sitting in our federal parliament? Something is deeply, depressingly wrong with that picture.
  9. Yeah, so according to the ABC, it's on. Part of me hopes krudd wins if only to satisfy that nagging justice/revenge angle. But I did enjoy the idea that we had our first female PM. What a disappointment she's been however. As some have put it, the midas touch in reverse, with all the charisma of a ticket inspector on public transport. The jockeying and intrigue of the leadership issue would make great sport/theatre. The only thing that holds me back from getting really caught up in it is that I keep thinking.... aren't these people supposed to be RUNNING THE COUNTRY!
  10. Remember that Young Ones episode. Rik says '...and that's about as disgusting as eating your own ear wax. Right kids?' Seriously though, given the timing, you'd have to suspect this is a strategic leak. Which just makes me think I'd like the ALP to decamp from Canberra, go to Central Australia somewhere - every one of them, from the lowliest shop steward to icons (Gough, Hawkey) - and just argue themselves horse until they actually agree on something they stand for. Then they can come back and actually run the country with a vague semblance of vision. On the way out there they could find a sewer to dump Craig Thomson in - his natural habitat. The only problem is, while they're away, the Coalition would have to run things. They'd pass laws legalising corporate labour camps, privatise oxygen so public respiration would hence-forth be subject to a fee (payable by credit card, money order, direct blood donation) and up the medicare rebate so steeply that anyone earning over two hundred thou would automatically be entitled to a 'happy ending' massage from anyone, anywhere, any time, provided they were in a lower tax bracket. The master/serf feudalist model worked perfectly well for at least 8 centuries - as they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The ALP right royally f*#ked themselves in the foot when they knifed Rudd. He may have been a megalomaniac, egghead knob-end but when was the last time a first term incumbent lost an election in Australia? His real problem is that he wasn't factionally aligned. His removal was p*%sweak student politics. And we'll all pay for it with another decade of Tory rule.
  11. This thread has truly turned to the dark side.....the love (of nicotine and all it's delivery systems...) that dare not speak it's name. I'll repeat - I'm a reformed pack a day man and anyone in need should PM me for the number of a guaranteed hypnotist. But if you're happy on the marlboros, bonne chance to you. Cheers Gimlet for the sourcing tip. In the past I've visited a certain merchant (who will remain nameless) on Toorak road and found them to be patronising, elitist and over-priced. Otherwise, I've been relying on some pretty low-fi tobacconists with either counter top humidors or small humidfied rooms. Perhaps not perfect conditioning but the price is right.... Looking forward to giving the marques you mentioned a spin. What ring gauge are the Partagus D and what do you think is a fair price?
  12. Was that on TV or online somewhere? Any chance of a link to where you found it? Travelled for a bit last year. You meet new people everyday - I got into the habit of hearing a new name and trying to immediately visualise another person I knew with that name. Then, when the new guy shows up again, you see the friend from home hovering over their shoulder...sort of. Became a pretty foolproof way of recalling names. Handy 'cause.... 'I'm no good with names but I remember faces (one, two, three) it's a shame about....' Oh, christ, I'll shut up now, but any info on this would be much appreciated. Interesting stuff.....
  13. Oooh, controversial! I run a Co-ax out of a SB Classic to an Audio GD NFB 3, into a Nad 325, via AudioQuest Opal interconnects - similar to your set up by the sounds Richard and it brings me much joy. Have a search around the forums for difference between co-ax and optical - I think the jury has come down heavily on the side of co-ax but it'd be worth experimenting yourself. Even with cheap cables you might decide there is some characteristic differences. Compared to speakers and amps, cables are relatively cheap, so maybe beg, borrow and steal a few and do some A/B testing for yourself. If nothing else, it's a cheap night out....(in?) good luck
  14. More than fair Turntable, appreciate your gentle response (was expecting hired goons at my door....) It all gets down to that little IMO in the end. As it should. And as you point out, he does what I'm talking about on older albums. The new approach just doesn't seem to make the most of his virtues - to my ears. Saw him live in London years ago, stage almost blacked out, back to the audience the whole show, no encore....heavy, man. Will happily give it a go this time round though. The guy's a survivor, journey man in the Cash/Van Zandt tradition (IMO!) and should be rightly respected. Wouldn't like to start an argument with him, either.....
  15. At the risk of resurrecting a dead thread (yes, a terribly dark pun perhaps...) I was wondering if anyone out there is enjoying these sublime little beauties? Recently spent time in Cuba and finally 'got' the appeal of a good stoogie. Which isn't hard given the context and the price. Wondering if anyone wants to share their favourites (and why...) and maybe some tips on where to buy them. And maybe selection tips (I learn that rolling it next to your ear is not only the domain of TV villains - apparently if it crackles too much, it's overly dry...) and storage. I haven't invested in a humidor for the den yet.... At forty clams a throw I leave Cohibas for Xmas, but enjoy a Punch or Partagas more often. R & Y no 2's are a favourite too. btw - I'm a reformed pack a day man and have never felt the urge to go back to the little white demons. I got hypnotised and haven't looked back - anyone struggling PM me and I'll send the details. Anyway, gentlemen, over to you....Smoke 'em if you got 'em.....
  16. Heard on the Skullcave (RRR for non melbournites...) tonight that all the Faces back catalogue is coming out, remastered with outtakes and extra bits. Liking the sound of that! Rod at his most rockin'....
  17. 'Kay, I'm going to crash this love-in and say I reckon the drum machines and synth loops have actually screwed up otherwise decent songs.... I'm listening to it as I type and keep thinking, if we could just p**s off the eighties synth and use a decent rhythm section, this would be a great album. Before you howl me down, listen to 'Quiver Syndrome' and imagine it with pounding live bass and drums, maybe a half a beat faster....it'd be one of the rock songs of the year..... And the backing on 'Harbourview Hospital' sounds like something U2 did in the early nineties (when they were already washed up and out of touch....) Just saying.... imagine if you would, these songs with a spare, acoustic backing....for my money, they'd be haunting and beautiful. Granted, in a big room played live with a powerful sound system, these arrangements would get an anthemic quality that would get you where it hurts (nothing like Underworld's 'Born Slippy' or some Fat Boy Slim - if you're going to go dance, why not just go the whole hog?) To me, you hear him at his best on the opening of 'Leviathan' or 'Deep Black vanishing Train' - darkly country tinged, sparely arranged goodness. Maybe he's just scared of putting out the same album over and over so he's tried to get down with the kids and their retro electro vibe. let me know if anyone wants to by a mint copy on cd.
  18. And yet, any of the rips I've done with Handbrake will playback fine in VLC on my MB pro..... so the bottom line is, the BDP just doesn't like files I've ripped when I ask it to play back from the HDD. Que?
  19. Wow, this is getting really annoying now..... Used Handbrake to rip an MKV to a HDD - got the 'file is corrupt or unsupported' message. Downloaded Smartconverter and turned the MKV into an MP4 - same result. According to the Sony user manual both those file types are acceptable to the machine. I'd assume there was a problem with the HDD except other files (not ripped my me) saved to the HDD play just fine. So my only conclusion can be that something is corrupting the files during the rip. This is puzzling the hell out of me. Any tips/thoughts greatly appreciated.
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