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  1. Item: Any brand considered, but must be 3m.
    Price Range: Up to $50
    Item Condition: Used
    Extra Info: Chasing a 3m (exactly) optical cable from any respectable brand. Liked the sound of an Audioquest cable but 1.5 was too short.

    Let me know if you've got something gathering dust. Cheers.



  2. Item: Consonance (or Rose Voix) powerboard/filter
    Price Range: up to $170
    Item Condition: Used
    Extra Info:

    Looking for one of these units to try in my system. Cosmetics not a worry as long as it works. Happy to pay postage.



  3. Item:  Quad 11L in piano black
    Location: Brunswick
    Price:  $250
    Item Condition:  Excellent
    Reason for selling:  Upgraded
    Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT
    Extra Info:  Due to upgrade, these beaut little speakers are sitting in their original box and bringing no joy to anyone.  Time to move them on.  Outstanding mid-range and decent bass for size, love jazz and vocals. 


    Can't find a scratch on them - still have all original packaging and bi-wire terminal connectors.  Happy to ship at buyers expense - can email more photos if required.



  4. Item:  Quad 11L speakers
    Location:  Brunswick
    Price:  $400 ono
    Item Condition:  Excellent
    Reason for selling:  Upgraded
    Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, Bank Transfer. 

    Pick-up preferred but can deliver to Melb. metro.  Have original packaging so will post at Buyer's expense.  10% of sale price donation to SNA.

    Extra Info:


    Selling my beloved Quads which I picked up from a fellow SNAer about five years ago.  Not sure how I've managed it, but I can't find a single scratch on them hence the 'excellent' description - always driven with quality amps and never thrashed (I live in an apartment and the neighbours keep me in line  :P).


    I'd say a deep soundstage, controlled highs and a really sweet midrange are these speakers strengths.  Bass is respectable for their size, but I ran a sub to fill things out.  They do like powerful amps (performed well with Nad, Cyrus and Emotiva for me) and benefit from careful positioning.  By way of comparison, I ran a pair of Usher 520's for a bit and while they imaged a little better, the Quads were far more warm and involving to my ears.  


    Grills unmarked and I still have the original packaging (even the white gloves!) 
    Pictures:  Sorry about the iphone photos - can't seem to upload larger files from my camera.




  5. Hi Jchaz,


    If you're still looking, I've got a pair of piano black Usher S520's I've been meaning to move on for a while now. 


    I bought them from a fellow SNA'er a couple of years back.  They came to me with a scratch on the inside edge of one box but you don't see it if you have them positioned properly - and you'll only hear it if you've taken mushrooms  :P 


    Otherwise they're A1.  I'd be happy with $280 if you reckon that's fair.


    PM me if interested.


    Can demo at mine if you like. 

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