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  1. Further information: My old faithful Tannoys up for sale. Long in the tooth now but as described, in excellent condition, cosmetically and sound-wise. I can't find a mark on them - drivers, dust caps, surrounds, even the grilles, are A1. I took them out of storage to test and was reminded of what nice performers they are - treble not the most airy or extended but 'correct' sounding with very solid bass for a small box. Their mid-range is the stand out for me - generous and involving. The front port makes them unfussy about positioning. Suit buyers chasing a bud
  2. Bought one of Ray's cables recently. It is performing well and he's a gent to deal with. Buy with confidence!
  3. Quite an endorsement! I can't wait to give these a spin!
  4. Good idea and in normal times I'd do just that - unfortunately our lockdown counts that out for now. And.... I just called Geoff and pulled the trigger on a pair of the AE100's. They ticked all the boxes on paper and with a bit of a discount, seemed like just the ticket. Should arrive by Monday. 😋 Geoff is a great bloke to chat with - anyone in Melbourne should put Hey Now on the list if they're shopping for gear. And thanks for your input Mick! Invaluable to have some real world insight as you wade through reviews and specs all the rabbit holes
  5. Cheers Mick! A What-hifi review advised a some moderate to low-ish powered amps too so I guess, I'll be okay. But there's nothing like a real-world opinion. Hey Now hifi are just down the road from me so I'll give them a call today.
  6. Can I ask what amp you are using? The AE100 have a lot going for them (look, size, reviews) just wondering if relatively low sensitivity 87db and 4omh will suit my little Emotiva with 50wpc. I listen at low to moderate volumes most of the time and wonder if they'll sound their best with my amp.
  7. Nice one! Another brand I've never owned - will check them out. The price certainly sounds keen.
  8. Thanks for the tip. Haven't hurt much about this brand, so I'll do some digging. At first glance I'm not that crazy about the look (and I'm a Collingwood supporter so should love the colours 😀) but that's what grills are for, I s'pose. They may be a little deep for the aesthetic side of things. But good to have a brand I wouldn't have considered thrown up - cheers!
  9. A little aside. Pulled out some old Tannoy mercury M1's that I had stored away. Front-ported and a fair bit smaller than more modern standmounts. I have them backed-up about 3 inches from back wall, low down on some tilted stands and I'm really enjoying them. No hint of boominess. Suggests that front port or sealed design might be the way to go. Also that more expensive or newer isn't always the answer!
  10. Yeah, my gear is warm enough I think. Emotiva amp, schiit dac. I'm about 7 ft from speakers. Can I ask what speakers you went for and how close to back wall they're positioned?
  11. Over the years, I've tried manufacturers bungs, packing foam, most things. But never socks. Perhaps this is the way forward! I'll try some experimenting.
  12. Item: Krix Atomix/Equinox, B&W 685 S2 bookshelves - or any small bookshelves for an apartment/small room Price Range: Neg depending on brand/age/condition. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Wondering if anyone have any of these models hanging around. Also open to any small bookshelves that will sound good close to a back wall - trying to strike the balance between saving space and maximising SQ! Cheers.
  13. What hifi seem to reckon the MA Bronze 2 need about 30cm from back wall to really sing - might count them out. And I've owned the Usher 520 before - capable and imaged really well but I found them a bit clinical. The Elac's may be an option - selling cheap on Amazon at the moment. The B&W's may have to be on the wishlist until after Jobkeeper ends! 😂
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