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  1. Thanks guys , looks like PJ is still very good on price.
  2. Hi guys , as the title says the time has come for a new bulb for my HD250. Where is the best place to get a new bulb? Thanks in advance, Gordon
  3. Congrats on the new speakers Mel . I reckon that Roksan amp will be a great match for them.
  4. Thanks for the reply BW , the problem isn't htere all the time but is more visible on dark scenes when it is playing up. Will have a go with the 'hide' button and report back.
  5. Hi guys' we have a HD250 which is just over a year old. Recently we have noticed a halo effect( circle of white light ) in the centre of the image. The problem is not apparent all the time but it does seem to be getting worse ie brighter as time goes on. Anyone got any ideas what is causing the problem and how to fix it? Thanks in advance, Gordon
  6. Hi guys , I am after a pair of 500mm tall ,rigid , sturdy speakers stands for my new Gale 402's. Prefer local pick-up Cheers, Gordon
  7. Spare tips are avialable by special order from your local store. Maybe buy 2 or 3 sets so you can get good use out of the station. Tips for DSE's other irons and stations do not fit ,nor do tips for Jaycar's range .
  8. http://magazine-hifi.info/shanling-dac-50/ Price in the UK is 599 pounds.
  9. Oops , that price is for one amp only :bump:
  10. Lovely looking amps John. Coincedently, a few hours ago, I spotted a second hand pair for sale here in WA : http://simplyhifi.com.au/products-page/specials/classe-audio-omega-mono-amplifier/
  11. Very nice looking product , understated elegance
  12. Hi Al ,Steve needs a good BR player for the ht, will pm you.
  13. iT's good to know this option is available with the Audio-gd as many of the high-end USB boards can output via I2S.
  14. You could give one of these : http://hifimediy.com/?wpsc-product=hifimediy-direct-out-dac-cs4398-wupsampling-19224-cs8421-tcx0-and-te7022-usb#more-293 a try Sean. Big thread on diyaudio about it's developement etc. Happy to give you a hand with the technicalities. With one of these you may not need to upgrade so soon
  15. The Linn Kairn or Kairn Pro ( line level only) would be an excellent choice for use with the Arcam gear imo.
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