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  1. great thanks drizt, ill make mymind up between the Marantz and the CA..
  2. ok, but a 7.1 receiver will still use the 5 speakers no problems tho? a bit like having a 5 channel car amp and only using 2 channels if u will?
  3. wat do i need to run 2 towers, 2 rears, and a sub? 5.1??
  4. great thanks drizt, where in aus is a cheap retail outlet? do you think the marantz sr5600 would be good for my needs also? reading a few writeups on the cambridge, they say its difficult to set up and its not n00b friendly :angry:
  5. ok this is gunna be my first HT setup so im just starting out basic, nothing awesomely expensive please. my amp budget is $1200 MAX. its going to run a pair of towers,pair of bookshelfs and "maybe" a 12' sub (self amped) so far im leaning towards the Marantz SR5600, i can get this for $999 (rrp 1399) any suggestions helpful. thanks guys :blush:
  6. i was just talkin to a local sales dude and he said the denon arent quite as real with their power outputs as marantz. seems the SR5600 may be the way to go
  7. would the Marantz SR5600 be a good first receiver? i can get one for $1200 and that is my absolute limit price wise.. the marantz is 7x90w but im told the marantz would way over power an amp such as the kenwood 7x120w becuase the marantz runs more amperage?? see this is where it gets tricky to me, one would think but kenwood would be better as it has more watts per channel, but i know the marantz probly has a healthier stronger power even with less watts per channel due to their quality. edit: i just found that eastwood hifi have the marantz sr5600 for $999. i need an amp to power 2 front towers,2 rear bookshelfs and MAYBE a 12' sub if the fronts dont cut it. so does that mean i should be buying a 5.1 channel amp? seems 7.1 are most common now :angry:
  8. ok your all gunna slap me down now, but im not after uber-sound like you guys. "bang for buck" is my favourite quote. all slagging aside, would these be ok if i can snag them for under $500?? http://cgi.ebay.com.au/LOT-92-PURE-ACOUSTI...bayphotohosting
  9. ok budget, christ the hard part, audio doesnt have a budget!!! amp: 600 towers: dunno, find some i like first rears: 300 2ndly, in home audio terms what do u call the cd player/mp3 player unit?? because ill need that too.
  10. hey all, a few of u might remember me from CAA Forums,im fairly well up on the lingo on car audio so im not totally n00b here! I noticed Marc and mondie and a few others are here so i must be in the right spot to find out some info on home audio! Riiigghhhttt, to the point. i want a home audio setup thats got a bit of thump for the loungeroom that can be used for parties and just general tv/music needs. i want 2 towers and 2 rears hanging from the wall up the back (or on stands), and maybe if needed a dirty big sub if the towers dont cut it.. centre speaker doesnt really bother me, it would probably take up space and annoy me more than anything! now im looted up and ready to start spending so the main Q is, what do i buy first, towers and rears or an amp?? i guess its like car audio, u can never skimp on the main amp. would i be right in guessing i need a 5 channel for my needs? (2 towers,2 rears and a sub) unless the sub takes 2 channels if it needs to be bridged? ... i dunno!! suggestions would be great guys, nothing hugely expensive but some major bang for buck is preferred. :blush: thanks
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