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  1. Trojan What are you looking to get for your Thor?
  2. I upgraded with the new firmware yesterday - went OK. I then created 2 test weekly timer events for later that day, and they worked. So I then set up a one off event and a weekly event for this morning - Saturday. The one off event fired OK, but the weekly event didnt. Only missed the Car Show! Looks like there may be other issues with this release. Anyone else experienced this yet?
  3. My 9022, also purchase a couple of months ago is also displaying the same system info: Boot Version LdVer2.10 S/W Version MDS-106d-2087L S/W Build Date Feb 14 2007 H/W Version DVer 1.3 Model DT9022 HDMI PVR Fantastichi This is the firmware it was supplied with, so the problem is with the factory shipped firmware, not any beta versions loaded later (up till now there have been no firmware updates for the 9022).
  4. I have read a lot recently about polerisation and the purple snake problem, posterisation is also used to describe it. Is it something which is only a problem with Panasonic, or will all manufacturers set show it? Plasma or LCD - will both do it? What are the best DVDs that can be used to illustrate the problem - and thereby get a set which does not have the problem?
  5. Are you saying there is an earlier firmware version which fixes the timer problem? If so what 'fixes' does it undo? I guess a few more days should be enough time for a fix to be posted, then its time to start making noises. Being able to make multiple (40) weekly timers was one of my main reasons for buying it, if it cant do that......
  6. Just to let you know the same this is happening to my 9022, Im eagerly awaiting the update. I have to say OPAC were very quick responding to my initial query when it started last week, then I thought it was a one off but is been happening all weekend as well.
  7. Hi, I got mine thru Harvey Norman Moore Park as well. Just started playing around with it and so far no problems - but as I dont have an HDMI display cant duplicate the issue raised with that. Took a while getting the better half used to the old PVR, a Digicrystal 9000 (great little unit), so will have to be very familiar with it before I hand it over to her! Picture quality is better with the Mediastar. Im impressed with it so far, no probs with recording 2 different channels last night both with timers - and thats what I mainly got it for. Need to get a long USB cable so I can check out the MP3 capabilities. The only thing I have any issue with is the universal remote! Shape and size not wife friendly! Programmed it for my Pioneer DVD, but cant get the arrow keys working to move around and select within menus. Time for a 3rd party universal maybe.
  8. Whats the best price people are getting in Sydney now for a 5000? Best Ive been quoted so far is $699, and thats after knocking NH down. The Masterpiece is only a bit more expensive but seems much better value.
  9. The 9022 is on Mediastars website. Has anyone seen one yet?
  10. OK, I see there are lot of issues with this PVR, but at the end of the day would anyone who bought one want to change it for another brand? From what I can see there is no HD PVR which works without problems. I've currently got a Digicrystal 9000 which i bought as a 'see if I like it' purchase, and it has worked with no problems since. It has its idiosyncrasies, but I guess the most important thing is not to mix major errors/deficiencies with wish list items. Is the Teac a true twin tuner, how many timers does it have, will it chase play (I see thats one problem), can you delete/move chanels (or does it have favourites).
  11. After spending ome time on the forum, I decided to buy a MediaStar - having seen all the good reviews and it having most things on my wish list After having to return 2 units having found they were ex demo / returned units reboxed, I was told they are now no longer available. Damn, now back to square one again. Whats the closest twin tuner HD PVR to this one? No point spending close to $1000 in another brand for a SD PVR if I can future proof myself and get a HD one instead - and record SD untill I get HD TV etc.
  12. We were sitting in row A of section 5 , slightly elevated above floor level and just a little off center. This was actually lucky as there was a thick cable running from the mixing desk up to the ceiling - for those bubbles!. If we'd been more central it would have got directly in our line of sight.
  13. Hmmm, sounds like Im going to be the only one not raving about this concert. Having seen him do the 'In the Flesh' tour, I was expecting great things. I really enjoyed that concert. The first half was mostly stuff he'd done in the first concert, now I know you go to a concert to hear the artist play, but not a repeat. Surely there's enough Floyd stuff to be able to do 'new' tracks'. I felt the sound was lacking. Vocals, except for the women sounded a bit muffled and it all seemed too loud - yeah I know concerts are loud, but Ive been to enough to know when its too much. At 'In the Flesh' it only started getting cranked up at the end. Never thought I'd say the acoustics at the Entertainment center were better then somewhere else. He even sounded a hit croacky to start with. There wasnt must stage action either - check out "In the Flesh" and Pink Floyds "Pulse" on DVD to see what can be done. Did like the flying pig and spaceman, but the bubbles and paper didnt really excite. If he came out again would I go again - not at the moment, and I didnt think Id be saying that.
  14. The better half and myself will be there. Saw him a couple of years ago at the Entertainment Center and it was well worth it. Wonder what the parking etc is going to be like though, coz the Big Day Out is also at Olympic Park?
  15. Isn't Dolby Digital mixed to increase the frequencies filtered out by playing thru a screen in a cinema? My receiver has a setting to undo this effect and supposedly normalise playback.
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