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  1. Keith_W

    What gang problem?

    Thank you for that insight. Just like the real predictor of a car accident is the presence of a car.
  2. Keith_W

    What gang problem?

    I might point out a something that seems pretty obvious to me - if you don't arrest and charge them, they don't show up as criminal offenders in the stats. Letting 100 of them run riot and then not arresting them means that they won't show up as "offenders". OTOH if you are arrested and charged for driving without a license, you would show up in the stats.
  3. Phil, would you be able to clarify if this is a universal fit IEM or do you need to send it back to be remolded?
  4. Keith_W

    Nikon FF mirrorless

    Good on Nikon! I have been following these rumours for a while. But - what will surely annoy Nikon fans is the announcement of a new mount. Hopefully Nikon's F-mount adapter will work better than Sony's (which has known issues with Sony's own A-mount lenses). I am really looking forward to the announcement.
  5. Keith_W

    Sony 48Mp sensor for smartphones

    There really is no point. Lenses in full frame cameras already have trouble resolving 48 MP, let alone the much smaller, less optically corrected, and cheaper smartphone lenses. Also, I do not want 48MP pictures! They take up more storage (especially on mobile phones), take longer to transfer, longer to process, and so on. All I "need" is 6-8MP.
  6. Keith_W

    SOLD: FS: Leica Summilux-M 50mm f-1.4 asph

    I have one of these, it is excellent. Do you have any other lenses for sale?
  7. Keith_W

    Big Green Egg

    Ah, I must have the older style of heat deflector then! Mine is only one large circle.
  8. Keith_W

    Hello, Malaysian In Brisbane here...

    Hello kawan! Selamat datang ke SNA!
  9. Keith_W

    Big Green Egg

    I would agree with TubularBells comments. I own a Kamado Joe as well. The main disadvantage over a Weber is that you can not set it up for two zone cooking. The charcoal is held in a bowl shaped receptacle with the vents in the middle - this means that any coal you light will always migrate towards the center which is where the draft is. The grille is positioned high enough so that all the food is evenly exposed to heat. Great if you want low and slow. Not good if you want two zone cooking.
  10. Keith_W

    Group Buy? (LG C8 OLEDs)

    I would be interested in the 77" C8. How much do they go for?
  11. Yes, it would be very interesting to have computer audio products which are designed for audio from the ground up, rather than tweaked by third parties and may have questionable reliability.
  12. Interesting. I did not know that the CEO of EVGA was an audiophile! I don't think I have seen them supply computer audiophile equipment though?
  13. Keith_W

    Audio Innovations Series 400

    My dearly departed best friend @snaggs used to own a pair of these. For years I lusted for them - clean but a little thin sounding. Sounded great with little bookshelf speakers, especially slightly coloured ones where it does a good job of spicing it up.
  14. Keith_W

    Are GTG's becoming extinct??

    I haven't hosted a "public" GTG for a few years now, but I have regular GTG's. All of them are from member's PM'ing me asking about my system. More than happy for you to come over and chew the fat. I am starting to think it is better to have maybe 3-4 over at a time. In the past I would have 10-15. I get to know you better, and I have time to chat to you ... instead of fretting over whether the food will be ready.
  15. Keith_W

    ME Monoblocks

    Yummy. You are lucky to own a piece of Australian history. Let me know if you ever get bored of them