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  1. Another review of the Mk8 GTi: https://www.caradvice.com.au/871903/2021-volkswagen-golf-gti-review/
  2. I gave up bikes in my late 20's. Jumped into MX-5s over the last few years and have an NA and ND. I'll look out for you on your bike (I'm close by in Croydon North:)).
  3. They're filling every niche they can to keep volumes up - probably not an expensive exercise as they have so much parts commonality across the R line of cars (eg same basic driveline). Most relevant manufacturers are flogging their sports line with lite versions of their full phat versions. It's the halo effect at play and for many it is attractive to look the part even if you can't actually be the part.
  4. Its simple economics for manufacturers - create a demand for a new product to meet our consumerism society. The general population don't get the more technical aspects of improving quality (eg nits) but know that 8K 'must' be better than 4K so they must have it. Nevertheless I generally remember many of us being wary of previous advancements (eg CRT to digital, 720p/1080i to 1080p to 4K, 5.1 to 7.1 to Atmos etc). In the end most of us eventually get on the bandwagon to enjoy the new technology. Tokyo Olympics was/will be a real kick along for 8K.
  5. Good recent YouTube video on the TR - referencing it as a GT rather than a sports car
  6. Countach, 512BB and 930 Turbo had my heart pumping, especially after a Road and Track magazine comparison of the three. More reasonable was the Fiat X-19. Now I have quite a list, including the Miura SVJ, Carrera GT, Manifattura Stratos, Singer 911 or Guntherwerks 400R, Eagle Lightweight, Alfaholics GTA-R and most likely Alpine 110. But I also really enjoy my 2 MX-5s as the NA was also lusted after back in the early nineties.
  7. If they land the TCR for that price then that's great..
  8. No - but it does means more power is probably just wasted. I could get side tracked to discuss the obsession with speed/speed cameras as a primary means to reduce the road toll but that would be unproductive and unrelated to this thread.
  9. I understand the standard model is keeping the 180KW engine though. The Mk8 TCR will be considerably more expensive than the i30N. Power wars are just silly really in our country with its speed camera obsession - but I get why manufacturers do it and consumers take the bait.
  10. Would add the LG BX to the list - not much of a difference in picture quality to the CX. Hunt and you may even find a 9 series LG around and could haggle that to a very good price (again little to differentiate in quality from the X series). Just comes down to the best price you can get and what you are prepared to pay:)
  11. Just checking - does this have the Audyssey and 3D upgrade?
  12. Speaking of the sound of Merlins - love the final scene of Saving Private Ryan with the P51 flying overhead after destroying the tank.
  13. That's a bit different - often you see riders giving up their bikes for a sports car as the start to realise their mortality. Have fun with the new toy! What series MX-5 did you have?
  14. in respect to great handling cars I expect the new Fiesta ST, regardless of it being FWD, will perform very strongly in Motor's 2020 Bang for your buck performance car comparison.
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