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  1. Before Covid tax became a thing these were available 'cheap' as a second hand buy - between $100K and $120K for a low k example. I'd grab one if in the market for a nice GT around that price.
  2. I would probably suspect the Porsche would have a higher quality interior than the Audi but from all reports the Tesla's quality (and quality control) is a further step down from the Audi.
  3. Perhaps another option for you could be the new Audi e-tron GT due later this year?
  4. Further information: Projector has been uninstalled and boxed up ready for pick up/shipping as replacement projector now in its place. This projector has been calibrated by Tony of ClarityCalibrations and throws a lovely picture. Still on original lamp with around 1100 hours (always on low lamp mode). Comes with remote, original accessories etc. Donation to SNA on sale. Photos:
  5. Moderators are probably enjoying the Easter break like others however should I be concerned that my ad has been waiting approval for over 2 days now? Alternatively, are you notified is an ad is not approved?
  6. Nice effort by Hyundai - would be hard to choose between this or the Fiesta if in the market for a small hot hatch. Also looking forward to how the Kona N turns out.
  7. Reckon I'll stay with stay with SDR for the moment. Next upgrade (new PJ or Lumagen) can bring HDR to play.
  8. Thx - it has been these problems that has so far seen me stick to SDR with the X7000. That's where the Lumagen is so enticing.
  9. Great to hear about the lens! Thanks for the suggestion. A Lumagen would be nice but probably some (long) time off. Should I stick with SDR or play with HDR?
  10. Resurrection of an old thread! Just bought Micheledip's X9500 and HDFury linker to replace my X7000. Hopefully on the road from WA to me tomorrow. Wooferocau - do you have any other suggestions on how to get the best out of this projector combination (I had been using the HDR to SDR conversion option on my Panasonic 810 player as I figured my 140 scope screen was pushing the X7000 too much to get good HDR out of it but maybe I should switch this off now and go HDR)?
  11. Whatever else may be wrong with the CX30 I think it looks goods and has a lovely interior. That, matched with Mazda's strong reliability and generally good handling would mean it would get on my shortlist if looking for a smallish SUV/high riding hatch. I would not call it mediocre and its not as if there was a field of 'outstanding' cars released last year that it was competing against.
  12. Type R is only $1800 more for the updated 2021 model - and lot more bang for the buck. But I get why a GTi (ooops, I mean GTI:)) is preferable for some.
  13. I actually meant that the GTi is now in the price range of the Civic Type R - which, despite its polarising looks (I am not a fan but could live with a white or black one), is a step above the GTi as a hot hatch/driver's car. Based on the GTi's pricing it seems the Mk8 R may be in Audi S3/Mercedes A35 price range.
  14. So the Mk8 GTi is now in Type R territory in respect to its price (but not driving capability) Hate to think what the R will cost. Makes the current TCR a very inviting proposition if in the market for a Golf. https://www.caradvice.com.au/927085/2021-volkswagen-golf-gti-price-and-specs-new-hot-hatch-to-cost-nearly-60000-drive-away/
  15. Watched " Circle' last night. An interesting film that is worth a viewing (and is nice and short).
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