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  1. I liked The Queen's Gambit - yes it was predictable (although I wasn't sure as who would win in the end) but the ride along the way was enjoyable. The Midnight Sky was a very poor adaption from the book and I am not sure why they made the changes they did. I am enjoying The Detectorists at the moment. Besides a quaint storyline the picture quality is great.
  2. Watched this last series via streaming. The story line has a good premise however I don't think they succeeded in the detail or nuances. Bit like the last season of GOT - a disappointment IMHO.
  3. LOL - that would have been excusable but it was unfortunately at a Hoyts Extremescreen session.
  4. I found the dialogue muffled/unclear/muted in many parts, making it hard to follow the story line. Otherwise I enjoyed it despite a number of plot holes.
  5. Another impressive restomod (albeit it would want to be for the price).
  6. Thanks for the review - been meaning to watch this so reckon I will do that tonight.
  7. I've been eyeing off that seating option too - while I can't comment on their longer term comfort I like the fact that the headrests can remain lowered (so they do not block the sound from the rear speakers). I did however note that on the display stock in the store I visited the recline mechanism on one seat was broken. Hopefully this was an aberration and not reflective of quality issues.
  8. Sounds like spin to me - albeit probably appropriate up to a certain HP.
  9. This looks good (front bumper is better plus all the other goodies): https://www.carscoops.com/2020/10/2021-vw-golf-gti-clubsport-announced-with-296-hp-and-a-trick-new-diff/
  10. If you enjoy driving a car with good dynamics and delivers thrills I would suggest not getting fixated on how a car may be labelled and focus on what it delivers.
  11. Now don't go giving the MX-5 a hard time:) https://www.roadandtrack.com/reviews/a34192817/miata-better-than-s2000-review/
  12. If upgrading check that the receiver can power the additional 2 channels as a separate zone to the main 7 channels (ie they can be run a L&R channels in the 2nd zone and are not restricted in only being a surround channel pair in the main zone).
  13. The Autocal function was excellent but obviously you need to incur the additional costs of the software and a quality meter. I am still thinking of a Radiance Pro myself (I am starting to keep an eye out for second hand units) and if I go down that path will spend a lot more time to better understand the unit. Kudos to Lumagen for being an industry stayer and a manufacturer committed to firmware updates to fix problems and add features. This history/service should give confidence to buyers.
  14. I had a similar experience to blonk - having used a couple of the older Lumagen series with the main functionality I appreciated was the autocal feature. I found the user interface of the Lumagen clunky and too complicated for me. I also never utilised it's full capabilities and would have appreciated access to local expertise. I guess, in knowing it's market, Lumagen devotes it development costs to hardware over any improvements to a user interface that is now decades old.
  15. Granted the Yaris is a smaller class than cars such as the Megane, Golf et al the additional engineering appears to be a step above most of them> If you can get $10K off the performance pack version that would make it a great car at a competitive price. (albeit probably not a DD for a person with a family - something I don't think it is marketed to:)).
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