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  1. Get an MX-5 to enjoy great drives at slow speeds:)
  2. Certainly doesn't light my fire. Not sure about the ID3 replacing the Golf for a while - rumour has it that product may be delayed by up to a year due to software problems.
  3. I thought Dark Fate was the third best movie in this franchise (behind the obvious T1 and T2). Nothing really special but still enjoyable. I reckon I'll purchase the disc as some point.
  4. Lovely car - I'll be looking for one in about 6 months time so this is a bit early for me. GLWS.
  5. A beast in its day - could be put to good use as a multi channel amp now by someone. GLWS.
  6. This year's show was step down from last year for me. Did Storm Audio end up opening their room today (was closed yesterday when I went to visit a number of times yesterday)? Found the Wing speakers to be quite interesting.
  7. Saw it and enjoyed it. Some parts were meh/clunky and/or silly but overall good to follow the journey and development of the main character.
  8. Which series are having their lamp's discontinued?
  9. BMW have a great offer on the M240i: https://www.caradvice.com.au/782302/bmw-m240i-drive-away-offer/ Probably able to haggle the price down further.
  10. I don't know of any 4K disc rental offer. Quickflix has Blu-rays but they seem to be winding down with very little/no new releases in their inventory. Unfortunately I think we are left with the streaming services and the reduced quality they have on offer
  11. The ACT-4 has had very positive reviews from users with only the current lack of a high quality Room EQ holding it back somewhat compared to similarly priced units. No current reports (that I am aware of) on how well the Aspect EQ works. This pedigree likely bodes well for the Muse.
  12. I think DeTomaso has a basis for claiming the P72 is an evolution of their previous designs even if they were also influenced by the Ferrari designs. Saw the P72 in the flesh at Goodwood - it is stunning and sounds wicked.
  13. I preferred Endgame to JW3 - felt JW3 was just more of the same from the first 2 outings.
  14. Apparently not coming to Australia - will be interesting to see how it handles compared to the GT: https://www.carscoops.com/2019/04/kia-stinger-gts-boasts-eye-catching-paint-job-and-new-dynamic-awd-system/
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