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  1. Do you have any pics of them and are they a single driver speaker ?
  2. Not a Prince fan but that was very very good..
  3. Not really an upset with Ports going down to Brisbane Wol. Should have been closer but Port were not alowed to play their style - in fact Brisbane played the style Port has been playing this year. The Power need to get home from the 'hub' . Not sure what happens next but a few home games would be nice after the next round with GWS. I feel really SAD for Collingwood and Richmond; how will they cope being away from the MCG ? Some eveness to the comp at last perhaps?
  4. Cheap! nothings bloody cheap in our hobby world. But it could have been a lot more expensive. I'm playing some vinyl right now and having a few beers and I just knocked my tonearm while trying to move to another track and a bloody horrible sound screeched from the speakers as the stylus scraped across the grooves - ouch! . No damage done though. Oh well on with the Hollies and another beer.
  5. Oh! sorry - no wonder you are lacking interest .
  6. who is your team Peter-F ?
  7. My Daughter is a Port fan-Power and Port Magpies, alwas was, always will be Wol. But my 2 Grandaighters were born in WA and one is a Freo fan, the other PortPower. Too early to gloat yet Wol, but I'm a Smiley Grumps at the moment. Hey Wol the @Grumpy didn't 'flag'in my notices
  8. The relay switching has always worked fine, just don't get the red light when switching off - only when switching on.The amp is 12 volt triggered on and off by the preamp remote. l disconnected the rcas when l plugged in the xlr cable : is that what should be done or is it ok-safe to leave both plugged in aswell ?
  9. Just another thought about this -- when using XLR's do you unplug the RCA that were in place or is it ok to leave them attached and let the unbalanced-balanced switch do it's thing? @Steffen, I'm not sure about the protection led. I do know that all the lights on the Rotel do come on and off as normal including the red protection light, although the red protection light only comes on when I turn it on.
  10. G'day ozcall, can you expand a bit on why you say the Rotel amps aren't a true balance connection - I'm confused, but you being around a long time know that is not hard fro me to do. thanks for your advice.
  11. G'day Aurthur K. Plugging the cables into my pre-amp there was a good solid click and connection, not so on the Rotel power amp. I did push them in as far as I could and they would not release until I pushed the tag in on the Rotel. I mentioned before though, that the connection to the Amp did not seem as secure as the pre. So maybe I'll try it again during the week, but I do feaar the 'crack' noise may damage the speakers.
  12. Ok! first off I want to make it clear that at no time did I think it was the XLR cable from Bill that was the fault, but maybe something I was doing wrong as a first time XLR user. Fiddled around with the set-up this morning and noticed that the input to the power amp seemed a little sloppy so tried reinserting everything again. First shut down was fine then the crack came back with every try. Both the pre-amp and power amp were bought used so maybe the inputs on the power amp had some use before. Oh well I always wanted to try the XLR connections and now I have . I have gone back to using plain old RCA's now and am happily listening to music as I write this. thanks for all the replies and advice. cheers.
  13. It's a crack for sure. It's the only pre that I have and the volume makes no difference. I'll check all the connections again tomorrow and if it's no different I'll return to the RCA's I don't think it's the cable as I did manage to play some music for a short while.
  14. Yes there is a Balance-unbalance switch on the Rotel power amp and I did switch it over. I wil give the switch a few back and forwards tomorrow. Thanks.
  15. I'm sure the cable is fine Bill , but thanks for your offer. I'll recheck everything tomorrow.
  16. Thanks for the replies . The 'crack is in both speakers . My pre and power are controlled by a 12 volt trigger which switches them off and on in the correct sequence. I doubt it would be the cable as they are brand new from Bills cables. Maybe the pre-amp has a fault with XLR's. - never used them before. I'll go back to RCA's tomorrow as the crack is too boody scary for this old fart.
  17. Looking for some help please . Just installed XLR cables between my pre and power amp and I now get a worrying 'crack' sound from the speakers when I turn the system off.. First time I've used XLR cables and never had this problem when using RCA's between the pre and power before. Any help would be great, thanks.
  18. Back in about 1974-75 my girlfriend at the time (still my partner) bought and had installed an 8 track cartridge set up for me as a christmas present in my 65 holden wagon. Bowie, Pitney. Beatles. wow what a blast. To me, at the time, the sound was amazing. Gee! did we all sound so 'proper' back then like in the video?
  19. The YES ALBUM is my favourite - Fragile the least favourite - maybe it will grow on me with more plays? .
  20. Ah! Linda, my go to girl for decades (along with Amy of course)
  21. Still trying to 'get' this YES album. I have and often play Close to the Edge and The YES ALBUM though
  22. Recieved my XLR cables yesterday ,thanks Bill. Look and feel bloody fantastic quality. Haven't installed them yet as I have a bad finger that gets in the way of things. Cheers Grumpy PS. Is there a thread or post that tells about what RCA's you make please. I will need some from my TT to my Phono and from the phono to the pre-amp.
  23. Congrats to you and the family Mark- No more Mono kid - Stereo Kids now. Al the best
  24. Just played MMEBs WATCH one of my often played albums
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